China, Russia to Begin Joint Mass Production of New Heavy Helicopter

According to Russian’s report on July 18, China and Russia have jointly developed a new heavy helicopter with takeoff weight between 38.4 to 40.9 metric tons, commercial load between 10 to 15 tons, maximum range of 630 km and speed of 300 km/hour. The helicopter adopts the advanced technology of Russia’s Mi-26 helicopter and is able to operation day and night in all kinds of weather.

Due to conscientious cooperation, it takes only one year to finish the design and resolve all the technological problems since the cooperation development agreement was signed in June 2016 when Russian President Putin visited China.

Russia is in charge of technological investment, proposal of technological suggestions and some specific systems of the helicopter while China is in charge of the design and manufacture of the prototype, test flight, certification and sales.

Mass production of the advanced heavy helicopters will be carried out in China.

Source: “Russia media: Technological problems resolved in China-Russia joint development of heavy helicopter: China is in charge of manufacture” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “China, Russia to Begin Joint Mass Production of New Heavy Helicopter”

  1. Joseph says:

    The Russian built these helicopters to conquer hard terrains in competition with American money machine. The American will poach these innovativon for ‘American ingenuity’. Ironic that these machines will be in use for the Chinese with its Russian inventor approval. At least the Chinese do not poach them, although the West will certainly cry ‘reverse-engineer’ garbage.
    I remember the story among Indonesian, where the American gold mining company wanted to lift 200t equipment to the top of the mountain. Their engineers work out the price for $5 million and 6 months. But an Indonesian lowly-educated bulldozer operator shrugged it off. He said, give him a 40 tonnes bulldozer and fuel, he will get it up the mountain in a week. The American engineers was enraged, but the mining boss was intrigued. In the end, the boss gave him three 40-tonnes bulldozers, for safety, as it still only costed him $100 thousands. And he still get the machine up in a week. It proves that even lowly educated person could still best American ‘gifted’ minds.