Chinese military developing unmanned supply truck

A still from a video released by the MND in Beijing showing what appears to be a prototype of an unmanned supply truck being developed for the Chinese military. Source: Chinese MND

Gabriel Dominguez – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly 18 July 2017

The Chinese military is developing an unmanned supply truck. Video footage recently released by the Ministry of National Defense (MND) in Beijing shows what appears to be a prototype of an 8×8 unmanned supply truck conducting trials at an undisclosed location demonstrating its ability to navigate obstacles and control speed.

The footage, which does not provide further details about the truck or the programme, is part of an English-language video entitled ‘PLA Today’ that showcases China’s growing military capabilities, including in so-called battlefield smart supply vehicles.
The MND released the video on 16 July, two weeks ahead of the 90th birthday of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The prototype shown in the footage appears to be somewhat similar in appearance to the US 8×8 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT).

In the past China has used technology from Western suppliers as the base for its logistics vehicles. For example the SX2300, which is built by the Shaanxi Automotive company, is based on technology from Steyr, and Shaanxi also signed a co-operation deal with Germany-based truck manufacturer MAN in 2003.

The result is that the origins of the new unmanned vehicle are uncertain. However, the prototype does appear to be optionally manned, and may employ a leader-following system or way points and GPS to navigate roads.

Forerunners to this prototype include the Norinco Crew Task Support Unmanned Mobile Platform, which is capable of autonomous operation, teleoperation, follower behaviour, and waypoint navigation. With this technology already having been developed and tested by the Chinese defence industry, it is possible that the system has been transplanted onto the recently shown prototype truck for trials.

Source: IHS Jane’s “Chinese military developing unmanned supply truck”

Note: This is IHS Jane’s article I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the article’s views.


8 Comments on “Chinese military developing unmanned supply truck”

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  2. Simon says:

    Like the way China gave Vietnam ultimatum to stop drilling in SCS and to attack their bases if it continue. Now do the same with India.


    • Joseph says:

      These China giving neighbours ultimatums are Western media-concocted fake news. I don’t think that China is that petty. Not that anyone would listen to ultimatums anyway, for pride-sake. It is only a way to ruin relationship. Truly Western fake news favourite.


      • Simon says:

        Fake news or not the way Vietnam crumbled is a cause for celebration. That news would have sent shockwaves to India and Phillipines that they need to abide to China’s threat of attack against any countries who dares to ignore China’s demand. Some countries only want good relations when they fear you.


  3. Joseph says:

    China’s heavy vehicle technology has matured over the years. I remember the time when Indonesia was still under American control. All we had was Mitsubishi trucks that broke easily and the expensive GMC trucks which were even more unreliable as spare parts were expensive. I remember spending hours in Chinese machine workshops to replicate the parts for my dad’s few trucks. Yes, Chinese machine works, because no one else can replicate the parts. Not Indian, not Indonesian, certainly not White as White behaves like overlords than useful member of the society. Now I have a fleet of Chinese-built Foton trucks. Life is certainly a lot easier. Those trucks are not easily broken as Mitsubishi or GMC, and the irony is, my Western customers like them.
    Unmanned truck is good. I can make a use of them in difficult terrains. It may be useful for use in planetary exploration too. Since China has to compete less with bankrupt America, more and more resources are being used to develop equipment more useful than for war. At this rate, I may be able to purchase tanks for joyride.


    • Joseph says:

      In my youth, life in Indonesia was really colourful. We have Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and people from various part of Indonesia. The Chinese opened shops, workshops, and various business, the Indian opened fabric shops and contracting business, the Arabs opened lending money business. What missing was European. They have foreign companies but did not contribute to the society. They lived in walled compounds, guarded by armed guards, sometimes soldiers with APCs. We often wondered what made them so scared of us. Crime rate was low and we did not beat up Europeans. Make us wonder how the Dutch ruled Indonesia before. Only ‘adventurous’ one ventured outside the compound, with 2-3 guards. Today, the walled compounds are a lot less. No more soldiers guarding the compounds, only cheap security guards with blunt knives. The Europeans go out more often too. We now have more Whites living in the slumps. But people do not like them more. They dress impolitely, they have local girls but do not marry them. They live freely in the girls’ houses like overlords but do not work or earn as if they are too good for our works. Even the most Western-loving locals are weary of them. Now they proclaim that Chinese is far better them. Time certainly has changed since my youth. Only these Europeans cannot accept changes.


      • alking1957 says:

        Yes, only people who keep looking in rear view mirror while driving forward think europeans are superior, they are still living in the past.


        • Joseph says:

          What ridiculous is, the Europeans, especially American, had been living in fear while prosecuting Chinese in the past. Now, they think they are popular in Asia, while people are thinking more favorably differently about the Chinese. The Chinese is winning people’s hearts and minds, while the American continues their arrogant approaches. No wonder their SCS policy, along with their pivot to Asia are so confused.


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