China’s Private Security Sector Booms as Overseas Investment GrowsChina’s Private Security Sector Booms as Overseas Investment Grows

Security guards from Zhongzhou Bodyguard pose in suits and shades in the company gym in Shenzhen. The firm has been looking after China’s business leaders for the past 11 years. Photo: Handout

In its article “A peek into China’s top ‘bodyguard factories’” today, SCMP describes China’s booming bodyguard firms and schools due to the demands for protection of China’s investment, firms and personnel abroad.

The article describes Zhongzhou Bodyguard, a private bodyguard company that “has provided minders for thousands of clients, including many of China’s top businessmen” for the past 11 years. The company trains its recruits to master the art of hand-to-hand combat, knife-throwing or marksmanship, etc.

It says, “One of the company’s top trainers is Wang Yuhao, a former soldier with 12 years’ military experience who was once part of a team assigned to protect then Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

“He joined the company in 2011 and now, aged “nearly 40”, splits his time between looking after elite businesspeople at home and abroad, and teaching others how to do so.”

Source: SCMP “A peek into China’s top ‘bodyguard factories’” (summary and excerpts by Chan Kai Yee, full text of which can be found at

4 Comments on “China’s Private Security Sector Booms as Overseas Investment GrowsChina’s Private Security Sector Booms as Overseas Investment Grows”

  1. PaveEagle says:

    Today most top rated security firms hire people with recent combat experience. Since China has no people filling that requirement just how good are its private security organizations?


    • Joseph says:

      Oh China has a lot of people filling that requirement, all right. With 2.2 milliom strong military personnels, China will have no shortage of qualified people. As usual, security companies are never well known. Unless they have their security personnels’ burned corpses dangling on the bridges after committing attrocities like the Blackwater personnel in Iraq. But beaten to death by locals is not the sign of professionalism. It is a sign of total clumsiness and bullying behaviors. When I first met Chinese security services, I didn’t even know he’s a bodyguard at all. An easy going companion of a Chinese businessman with army cut, he was not looking menacing at all. Very different with the bodyguards of the European who trying best to look menacing with big moustache and clothes to show their muscles. So when I was introduced to this ‘bodyguard’ after we get well acquinted, I didn’t believe it. After all, we were doing legal business. I teased him of being from Shaolin, but he said he was a sergeant for 3 years. Gun is not allowed in Indonesia, so I gave him a pen to test him to the dart board. Well that’s the only thing in my desk. He jabbed the pen easily to the middle board, imagine if it is somebody’s forehead. He didn’t make a scene and looking tough for sure, but enjoyed good beer.


      • PaveEagle says:

        I am speaking about personnel with recent combat experience. Western companies recruit from SAS, Delta, GSG9, Mossad and groups like those. What Chinese companies have experienced people of that caliber in their ranks?


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