China air force says to continue with flight drills at sea: CCTV

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – The Chinese air force will keep conducting drills at sea regardless of whatever interference it may encounter, China’s state broadcaster reported, following reports that Chinese warplanes flew near Japan and Taiwan in recent days.

“The air force’s distant sea training has become normal, systemic and practical,” China Central Television quoted air force spokesman Shen Jinke late on Thursday as saying.

The operations “have faced and dealt with a variety of forms of interference and obstruction, but no matter the obstruction we will carry on just as in the past,” Shen said.

“No matter who shadows us we will fly often and frequently,” he said, adding that the flights were legal and reasonable.

The air force said on its microblog earlier this month its planes had recently flown through both the Miyako Strait – which lies between two southern Japanese islands – and the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan and the Philippines.

China’s long-range flight drills at sea, which started three years ago, were not targeted at any specific country or region, Shen was quoted as saying.

But the flights have raised concern among China’s neighbors.

On Tuesday, Taiwan’s defense ministry responded to a series of recent flybys by Chinese fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, saying the self-governed island was prepared to defend itself against China.

Beijing claims Taiwan as a part of China and has never ruled out the use of force to bring Taiwan under its control, warning that any moves towards formal independence could prompt an armed response.

Japan’s air force regularly scrambles jets to monitor and chase away nearby Chinese military planes, fearing that China’s probing of its air defenses is part of a push to extend its military influence in the East China Sea and western Pacific, where Japan controls an island chain stretching 1,400 km (870 miles) south towards Taiwan.

Reporting by John Ruwitch; Editing by Michael Perry

Source: Reuters “China air force says to continue with flight drills at sea: CCTV”

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8 Comments on “China air force says to continue with flight drills at sea: CCTV”

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  2. Joseph says:

    This article is ridiculous. The American is conducting military operations not only at sea, but anywhere in the world, whether the locals like it or not. Why would the Chinese be any different? Just a few days ago, Western media boasted how the Chinese worried about their ‘exercise’ in their bay of Bengal. But then it was them who was worried about Chinese exercise with Russia in the Baltic Sea, ignoring the fact that the Chinese ships had interactions with Danish navy, the local. The Australian had tradition of sending spy ships to China and said China might do so if it wants to. But just after shamelessly being rejected to take part in the exclusive India-Japan-US exercise against China, they would complain that China is sending spy ship to observe Australia-US exercise. In all its economic difficulties, the Australian is more concerned about giving their mother country Britain more jobs of building warships.


    • Simon says:

      And biting the hand that feeds her. Without China’s economic benefits Australia would be just another basket case economy.


  3. Simon says:

    The only country that share the same destructive and irresponsible rhetoric as America is North Korea. Chinese military commanders should say they would nuke American homeland without hestitation on President Xi’s orders.


  4. Steve says:

    Only yesterday, US navy fleet commander Swift said he would nuke China without hesitation on President Trump’s orders, when he attended a security meeting at the Australian National University. China’s airforce commanders should also be forthright with this flight drills at sea indicating that PLAAF airforce will bomb Japan and without hesitation unify Taiwan militarily when ordered by the Chinese President.