China Criticizes CIA Director Comments

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang at regular press conference

Foreign Ministry denounces Pompeo for calling Beijing a greater long-term threat than Russia

BY: Bill Gertz July 28, 2017 5:00 am

China on Thursday accused CIA Director Mike Pompeo of disparaging China in remarks describing Beijing as the most significant long-term security threat to the United States.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing in response to Pompeo’s interview with the Washington Free Beacon the comments reflected the CIA chief’s Cold War anti-communism.

“If I follow his logic, the conclusion seems to be that the most economically and militarily powerful country will bring the biggest threat to the international community. Is that right?” Kang said when asked about the interview comments.

Kang, following frequent propaganda themes, insisted in a lengthy rejoinder to Pompeo that China will not threaten other states or undermine foreign nations’ interests.

He also repeated frequent assertions that China’s takeover of American high technology companies or cyber attacks aimed at stealing commercial and military secrets pose threats.

The ministry spokesman then warned that China “will not allow other countries to threaten China or undermine China’s interests.”

“So, the key is to look at state-to-state relations from the perspective of building a community of shared future, rather than cling to the mindset of zero-sum game that belongs to the Cold War,” he said.

A CIA spokesman said: “We stand by the comments made by Director Pompeo and [CIA analyst] Mike Collins at the Aspen Security Forum.”

Pompeo said during the interview that China poses a more significant long term security challenge to U.S. interests based on its large economy and growing military power, when compared to Russia and Iran.

“I think China has the capacity to present the greatest rivalry to America of any of those over the medium and long term,” he said, noting China seeks to counter U.S. military power around the world while stealing American know-how.

“So you see that, whether it’s going on in the South China or East China Sea, or the work they’re doing in other parts of the world,” Pompeo said. “If you look at them, they are probably trying either to steal our stuff, or make sure they can defeat it. And most often, both.”

Chinese propagandists such as Kang frequently use the term “Cold War mindset” as code for anti-communism. However, during the Cold War, the United States achieved unprecedented close ties to China’s Communist dictatorship as part of a strategic initiative that sought to cultivate Beijing as hedge against the Soviet Union.

U.S.-China relations, however, have not been reset since the tilt toward Beijing, despite continued threatening behavior from Beijing.

China remains a major proliferator of nuclear and conventional arms technology and goods to rogue states such as Iran and North Korea. China also is trying to covertly take over strategic waterways in the South China Sea and East China Sea contrary to international law.

Kang insisted U.S.-China relations over the past 40 years have showed common interests and cooperation.

“China and the U.S. should follow the consensus reached between the two leaders and pursue the sound and steady development of bilateral ties along the right track in the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.”

Kang also challenged Pompeo’s claim of sub rosa commercial activities aimed at taking over companies, noting that for nearly four decades “businesses on both sides have been conducting normal commercial activities following the rule of the market.”

“We believe that if it had not been for the interests of the U.S. companies, they would not have bothered to do it,” he said.

On cyber espionage, Kang said China opposes all forms of cyber espionage.

“We would like to work with the international community, including the U.S., to forge a peaceful, secure, open, and cooperative cyber space based on the principle of mutual respect and mutual trust,” he said.

China was blamed by U.S. intelligence officials for what they said was a damaging cyber attack against the Office of Personnel Management, the federal government’s repository of personal information. Some 22 million records were stolen by Chinese hackers and U.S. intelligence believes the data will be used for new and potentially more damaging human and cyber espionage operations.

Collins, the CIA assistant deputy director and head of the CIA’s East Asian Mission Center, said in a speech in Aspen that Chinese cyber theft is continuing.

“We know the Chinese are very active in targeting our government, U.S. industry, and those of our partners through cyber espionage,” said Collins said. “It’s a very real, big problem, and we need to do more about it.”

The Foreign Ministry comments were followed by a report in the hardline Communist Party newspaper Global Times that quoted Chinese government experts who also criticized Pompeo.

“Such voices have existed for long, and in terms of the overall national strength, China is indeed the only country that could compete with the U.S.,” the newspaper quoted Jin Canrong, associate dean of the Department of International Studies at the Renmin University of China, as saying.

“However, China being powerful is one thing, and how China will use that power is another. Different from some Western countries, China is not a country which advocates expansionism,” he said.

Ni Feng, deputy director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government-controlled think tank, said the CIA chief’s comments reflected the thinking of the U.S. strategic community in viewing China as the most significant threat.

Source: Washington Free Beacon “China Criticizes CIA Director Comments”

Note: This is Washington Free Beacon’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


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  3. johnleecan says:

    Lies after lies after lies. American government is about lies. Big American businesses are about lies. Both American government and businesses thrive on lies. They believe they can always get away with their lies. The sad thing is, many people are duped by their lies.

    China needs English language experts at their English language TV network to bombard their programs with the West’s garbage like mass media lying and fake news, cyber attacks, spreading malware and viruses, spreading biological viruses and bacteria, spying, stealing, murderous rampage, constant false flags, illegal drugs dealing, illegal arms dealing, terror plots, terrorists training, formation of terror groups, regime change, chemical pollution, mining pollution, water pollution, human rights abuses, racial discrimination, corruption being disguised as lobbyists…

    Just look at CNN, for more than 6 months already, they kept on reporting Russian government interfering in their elections. If there were indeed any proofs, these would come out already. Yet, not a single proof and many Americans interviewed say they are concerned with this news. CNN is not concerned about their constant lies, propaganda, and interests. Why do American mass media keep on attacking Russia? Why the west Russian sanctions?

    America and their allies know they can’t easily defeat China because of its huge economy and how majority of countries rely on China’s huge, mind boggling cheap, mass produced and now better quality products that the west salivate when they see their profits or would be profits. These Chinese products that the world’s population keep on buying yet many keep on complaining yet they can’t stop their impulsive buying of cheap, unbelievable prices China can produce. Even the Indians who have very low wages, 1/3 of China, and a huge population can’t replicate China world’s factory. Indian media constant demonizing China can’t even stop their own people and themselves buying Chinese made goods.

    The west knows China is passive when encountering conflicts unlike the Russians. So the best way is to destroy or heavily weaken Russia’s military and economy first so that China would be alone. That is the objective of the west on how to defeat China.


  4. Simon says:

    Sounds like a declining state desperately trying to stay relevent by creating a fictitious external threat. The only threat to America is America themselves. They put themselves in other parts of the world were their present are not needed and unwelcome. America is the biggest sponsor of rogue nations and terror groups, morally, politically and financially bankrupt and the biggest threat to world peace.


  5. Steve says:

    China’s return fire on Pompeo is like a Pekingese toy dog barking at a Rottweiler’s rudeness. China definitely need a panel of offensive mouthpieces shooting dragon fire at the Scoundrels. The scoundrels are extremely good at speaking combative dog language. In history, the US empire was built on the foundation of genocide, looting and military invasion, as seen in the invasion of Vietnam, Iraq sponsored genocide and looting of oilfields, Libya, Syria and now Yemen the poorest African member state. The US are masters at creating anarchy and military intervention into states not prepared to obey US policies unquestionably. The United Scoundrels of America has being a world threat for decades and only now the military ties of Russia and China are standing up to the US to forge a peaceful relationship for world peace. The US hegemonic mentality has being a threat to itself, relegating its financial status to bankruptcy with over 19 trillion $$ in debt. China should just power full steam ahead with its financial and economic global power leaving the scoundrels in a dust storm.