Chinese President Xi Jinping Popular for Hardline Leadership

Airport on China’s artificial island built on Yongshu Reef (Fiery Cross Reef). Photo from CCTV footage

Chinese media is full of praise of Xi’s hardline leadership in dealing with China’s maritime territorial disputes in East and South China Seas before the 19th CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Congress with major leadership reshuffle because what Xi has done is popular among CCP elite and common members and Chinese people in general.

SCMP says in its report “Xi personally behind island-building in the South China Sea” yesterday:

An editorial on Friday in Study Times – put out by the Central Party School, the Communist Party’s top academy – was the latest to lavish praise on Xi for his tough stance on territorial issues with the country’s Asian neighbours.

“[President Xi] personally steered a series of measures to expand [China’s] strategic advantage and safeguard the national interests,” the article said.

“On the South China Sea issue, [Xi] personally made decisions on building islands and consolidating the reefs, and setting up the city of Sansha. [These decisions] fundamentally changed the strategic situation of the South China Sea,” it said.

Study Times does not do so alone, according to SCMP, on July 27 PLA Daily also praised Xi for doing so. So did State Councillor Yang Jiechi in his article published in another party mouthpiece, Qiushi magazine, in early July.

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  1. Steve says:

    Excellent news and its true that President Xi’s hardline forward thinking and reformation has fundamentally changed the strategic status quo of the SCS.