China says India building up troops amid border stand off

FILE PHOTO: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping leave after a group picture during BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Benaulim, in the western state of Goa, India, October 16, 2016. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui/File Photo

Ben Blanchard  August 3, 2017 / 8:50 PM

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday said India has been building up troops and repairing roads along its side of the border amid an increasingly tense stand-off in a remote frontier region beside the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

The stand-off on a plateau next to the mountainous Indian state of Sikkim, which borders China, has ratcheted up tension between the neighbors, who share a 3,500-km (2,175-mile) frontier, large parts of which are disputed.

“It has already been more than a month since the incident, and India is still not only illegally remaining on Chinese territory, it is also repairing roads in the rear, stocking up supplies, massing a large number of armed personnel,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

“This is certainly not for peace.”

Early in June, according to the Chinese interpretation of events, Indian guards crossed into China’s Donglang region and obstructed work on a road on the plateau.

The two sides’ troops then confronted each other close to a valley controlled by China that separates India from its close ally, Bhutan, and gives China access to the so-called Chicken’s Neck, a thin strip of land connecting India and its remote northeastern regions.

India has said it warned China that construction of the road near their common border would have serious security implications.

In a separate statement, China’s Defence Ministry said China had shown goodwill and that its forces had exercised utmost restraint, but warned “restraint has a bottom line” and that India must dispel any illusions.

“No country should underestimate the Chinese military’s confidence in and ability to fulfil its mission of safeguarding peace, and should not underestimate the Chinese military’s determination and will to defend the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” it said.

Despite China’s numerous diplomatic representations, its foreign ministry said, India has not only not withdrawn its troops but has also been making “unreasonable demands” and is not sincere about a resolution.

“If India really cherishes peace, it ought to immediately withdraw its personnel who have illegally crossed the border into the Indian side.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to visit China early in September for a summit of BRICS leaders.

Indian officials say about 300 soldiers from either side are facing each other about 150 meters (yards) apart on the plateau.

They have told Reuters that both sides’ diplomats have quietly engaged to try to keep the stand-off from escalating, and that India’s ambassador to Beijing is leading the effort to find a way for both sides to back down without loss of face.

Chinese state media have warned India of a fate worse than the defeat it suffered in a brief border war in 1962. China’s military has held live fire drills close to the disputed area, they said last month.

On Friday, the official China Daily said in an editorial that China was not in the mood for a fight, noting how the stand off has been “unusually restrained”.

“However, if good manners do not work, in the end, it may be necessary to rethink our approach. Sometimes a head-on blow may work better than a thousand pleas in waking up a dreamer,” the English-language paper added.

Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Clarence Fernandez and Michael Perry

Source: Reuters “China says India building up troops amid border stand off”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


10 Comments on “China says India building up troops amid border stand off”

  1. Fre Okin says:

    One more thing: China probably have enough votes in the UN General Assembly to condemn India for Colonizing Bhutan. Chinese ambassador to UN should investigate how to frame a resolution to put India on the spot. NEVER MIND Chinese build road in Doklam. India’s resolution if any cannot win this argument.Tell the world India steal AP/S Tibet and Bully Bhutan with thousands of troops inside her territory under pretext of protection.

    HELPLESS Bhutan Dare Not do it. China Must Do It. Bhutan will probably just abstain as a displeasure to India. Right now the world Never hear of AP/S Tibet. Put it in the Frontburner, Headline News.These useless bums should do some serious work to give China a Political Win. This might then force India to withdraw.


  2. Steve says:

    Nice commentary…

    Bhutan has always being an independent and sovereign country with its own territory, identity and leadership. It’s not a protectorate of India nor a vassal state of any country. Bhutan should leapfrog India and allow China to set up a Chinese embassy. China should provide free infrastructure cost to Bhutan and technological access (such as internet provision via China recently established) including military support. I believe there will be war between India and China should Bhutan’s rulership continue to support India.

    Not only Indians have low national pride, but religious filiality…Just recently, Malaysia’s PM Najib declares that Indian muslims will be given equal rights to Malay muslims known as Bumiputra, transliterated as Son of earth or son of the soil, neglecting all other muslims that is non Malays or Indians. As a consequence of Najib’s declaration, there will be thousands of Hindus changing faith in Malaysia and slaughtering eating cow meat. Even the Singaporean Malay muslims are shocked by such acts of discrimination in Malaysia.


    • Fre Okin says:

      Chinese leaders and Bhutan Must See there is OPPORTUNITY in this Crisis. Opportunity for Bhutan to get rid of Indian troops. Opportunity for China to establish diplomatic relation with Bhutan. China can ‘guarantee’ no troops, road building in the meantime in Doklam. That is OK as China will now see Indian troops kicked out of Bhutan by Bhutanese New Law and India is Forced to comply. So China should use the Bhutanese Legal Process to do the magic. Diplomatic relation itself is insufficient but only to warn India of further consequence that will be bad for her if she don’t withdraw.

      I see Doklam road building as a consequence of Indian troops, Brahmos missiles movement into Arunachal Pradesh/S Tibet. The new bridge in Assam to AP/S Tibet allow Indian troops to move heavy equipment into AP/S Tibet. This I think is big reason why China want to build the Doklam road to make the Indians feel uncomfortable. BTW Japan don’t even dare to disturb Diaoyu/Senkaku. This Indian snake Steal AP/S Tibet hydropower, try to Hindunize AP/S Tibet with Hindus from neighboring Assam so they can have majority Hindus to Control AP/S Tibet destiny to be part of India forever. This is Really how this Modi Loot East sneaky strategy is: Steal resources and Hindunize AP/S Tibet which is about 35% Hindu now.

      Dealing with a non cooperative party requires a Carrot and Stick approach. Bhutan is of course coerced by India Not to have diplomatic ties with China, so here China MUST be TOUGH on Bhutan, to Force Her To Have COURAGE to Stand Up To Indian Coercion: The Moment War is imminent, China give Bhutan 24 Hours NOTICE to accept Diplomatic Relation with her OR China will start attacking Doklam and Even Into Bhutan itself with earthquakes that can damage her buildings in the mountains. That is Fear they must take into account!

      Of course, as I said, China MUST make An Offer Bhutan Cannot Refuse, Like The Godfather Movie, China MUST Play Tough. This means at least $5 Billion economic deal, Security Guarantee, Honest Good Faith Negotiation to settle the border After Diplomatic Recognition.

      Faced with this option of war, destruction or a peaceful future, Bhutan will be forced to make a decision and I think if she is Wise, Brave, she will sign on to have Diplomatic Ties with China. THEN Bhutan can Pass Law to Force India to Leave as there is no more need for her fake protection. The diplomatic relation will Give Bhutan Cover to make law that say ‘China is no more a threat, thus Indian protection is Unnecessary. Indian troops are no more needed on Bhutanese soil and Must leave Immediately’. Magic!

      So The Sequence to end the stalemate is: First Diplomatic Relation with Bhutan,
      Next Bhutan pass law to Evict Indian troops. Next Indian got No Choice and have to leave. Next Chinese troops withdraw. Problem solved!


      • Steve says:

        Agree – you are knowledgeable in your research. As for the Indian troops stationed inside Bhutan, I would have thought it is a strategic planning between Bhutan and India. India may appear to be the protectorate acting on behalf of Bhutan, but still requires Bhutanese legal agreement or legal authority from the King of Bhutan to station troops inside Bhutan territory. I don’t think Bhutan will be inviting China to open a Chinese embassy anytime soon. The problem for Bhutan is its age-old free trade agreement on commerce and transit between India and Bhutan. Bhutan tied itself into knot giving India the upper hand.

        The Question: Can areas or parts of Bhutan annexed by India like Russia did to Ukrainian territory of Crimea. It is a wrong question, but when push comes to shove and a territorial war is raging between India and China and considering that Bhutan has no diplomatic relations with the 5 permanent members of the UNSC, who will stop India.


  3. Fre Okin says:

    China should Stay Calm, Play Smart, Play Long Term, even over a year. The trick is to Establish Diplomatic Relation with Bhutan. Bhutan is Key to solve this Mess.

    Establishing diplomatic relation with Bhutan can be Before war start, or when war is Imminent or Right After first few hours of war. THEN Bhutan will Feel The Heat and be Forced to establish diplomatic relation with China as a Slap on India. India will be Forced to withdraw once Bhutan Tell India to withdraw and China can Fill The Vacuum if India try to strangle Bhutan’s economy. The Bhutanese Frog have No Choice but to sign up Diplomatic ties with China or she will Boil together with the Indian frog.

    The Key is China MUST make an OFFER to Bhutan That She Cannot Refuse.

    The more Indian troops there, the More Bhutan feel uncomfortable. China Must remind Bhutan she is Not off limits. Not just Doklam, China May have to attack Inside Bhutan to finish off the Indian troops and Bhutan will be a Killing Field, collateral damage to Bhutanese and No Tourists will dare to go to Bhutan.

    China Must give Bhutan Economic Help. What is $5 Billion dollars to start to help Bhutan get rid of Indian colonialism? Bhutan GDP about $2 billion a year and depend on India for much of her export, about $600+ million for hydropower. China Must guarantee she will buy Bhutan’s hydropower if India threaten to strangle Bhutan.

    Further China should tell Bhutan to follow Sri Lank example, as a Fellow Buddhist country, Follow Middle Way, BALANCED, Have COURAGE to take on India otherwise King Wangchuck will be the last king of Bhutan, much like Sikkim and other NE states were swallowed up by India.

    China Must sign a peace treaty with Bhutan, tell Bhutan she seek Honest Negotiation In Good Faith without Indian interference.

    Of course China can and Should also play the Kashmir card by dropping light arms to the Kashmiris Freedom Fighters to give India an indigestion she will never forget.

    For public relation purpose, Useless Chinese foreign ministry Must tell the world, India Bridge in Assam to AP/S Tibet is a major reason why the Chinese build her road in Doklam. India Use this bridge to send Heavy military equipment to AP/S Tibet. India blockade at Doklam is her Fear of Chinese invasion of AP/S Tibet, Not to protect Bhutan. Useless Chinese foreign ministry, propaganda dept do a Very Very Very Bad Job in Communicating to the Western world and Asians, so even though India is Wrong Legally, these fools just cannot explain Clearly why China is right! They don’t have Good English language Communicators?

    As I said, China should fight a Necessary SLOW war to Cause public relations to go against India but her Communication Must improve. GO TO UN General Assembly to embarrass India. Bring in India’s involvement in NK rapid ICBM development that is now able to hit NYC, Washington DC with precision. Even ex Indian ambassador admitted to Indian involvement as late as last year and UN also investigating. India’s help to NK started way back in 1996 and the world Must Know India is a nuclear proliferator and will soon harm Israel as well when NK transfer the technology to Iran.

    Indians Must know Modi/Doval is Using Them as their cattles to stir up nationalism. Doklam is their excuse to try to make Indians more nationalistic. Indians going to movies have to stand up in silence or be fined when their national anthem play. So Modi/Doval do not have a lot of patriotic Indians and Doklam is Their dirty scheme to whip up nationalism against China. Indians have No national pride and they are not even allowed to have State flags for fear of secession, so Modi/Doval try to find excuse like Doklam to install pride among Indians. The world should expose this Modi/Doval = Hitler/Himmler team like before WWII. These guys could start WWIII with their evil scheme.


    • johnleecan says:

      Hopefully influential mainlanders read this and can influence the Chinese government on these proposals. Decades have been wasted because Chinese mainlanders doesn’t know how to communicate clearly with other nations in better English. Otherwise, many nations and nationalities could have sided and even defend and voice out their support for China.

      It’s about time that Chinese big businesses with international exposure help the Chinese government with their English communication gaps. Look at how CGTN market itself. I thought they were going to be different but sadly, it’s still the same. How RT became successful in America shows what their doing is right. Even Al Jazeera is very successful that one of Saudi Arabia’s condition for lifting of trade and diplomatic embargo against it was to close Al Jazeera down.

      There should be a new channel dedicated to show the position of Chinese government in any situations and also show problems in other countries by doing investigative journalism.

      If China is afraid that showing problems like American government trying to silence critics will affect its governance in China, a simple explanation is that America markets itself as a country with freedom of speech. China meanwhile has rules and laws that regulate citizens’ speech. Even America has limits to its freedom of speech and not an absolute thing. That’s why people will be sued for libel.

      This channel should also show Chinese achievements, inventions and successes in business, technology, medicine, scientific research and others as soft propaganda just like Japan’s NHK.


      • Steve says:

        The Dragon is starting to wake up, but need scholars in particular branches of study such as history, sovereignty issues, international relations, etc.


      • Fre Okin says:

        China NEED a Guerrilla Free Spirit like Me, No worry about jobs, reputations. So famous people, celebrities, political leaders, doctors, rich people,academics, they have a Reputation to protect, and because of this they Dare Not speak out Even if their English is proficient. They Really Need to have a Freelancer like me where there is No Worry about reputation, job security and EXPOSE the Defects in the other party so the Public Can SEE China is not that bad after all.

        And Yes, lace the comments with Insults and FEAR, no need to be too polite, but insults With Style, not Crude and your enemy will Respect You albeit grudgingly. FEAR is an excellent tool to make the Clueless enemy public sober up and stop their nationalistic behavior. This is what I am doing to India Right Now telling them of Earthquakes with DF 15 C bunker buster bombs up in Doklam, inside Bhutan if needed, New Delhi under 15 Minutes from Destruction to wake them up, their fighter jets cannot take off. Make these fools Sleepless.

        I have also being exposing India as Enabling NK fast ICBM development and I back this up with facts. Google ‘India help North Korea satellite technology’ and read more. There is a Uranium Connection for the ICBM advancement BUT you cannot see on the surface. You have to INFER from the Indo NK connection. Very little trade, so it is Uranium India is after. This kind of thing Western press don’t want to report and they keep telling lies to make China look bad and continue pressuring China when the real culprit is India.

        Twitter and Facebook are the Best platform to create an Arab Spring against these bad actors, so even though China ban these platforms, they could be Special Exemptions for them to use against her enemies. No useless flamings, but Information Warfare to Educate the Global Public. Persistent messaging, Dig Out The Dirt of all their bad behaviors. They can Copy what I had researched, that is fine with me. Wikipedia Search give Instant information nuggets to use against the enemy, Plus Dictionary two words Search can Fix spellings, meanings to make a Reasonable Presentation that is intelligible to all. I can do this in a Flash taking no more than three minutes for an average comment with Speed Reading.

        Not only that, Go to the Power Center websites, top news sites, even govt sites of the enemies, not some Useless sites with no audience. Facebook and Twitter are American Properties and the enemies Cannot do anything about it Provide no vulgar postings, no spamming with same message repeatedly and deliberate lies. Reframe message a bit different to avoid being caught as spamming. Back up with Facts to avoid being banned.

        What we have now is Everything coming out from China is Bad, Bad, Bad. No amount of Chinese soft power, explanations can sway global public opinion to favor China Because the public generally perceive China as a bully, Plus being a Communist system, this Automatically give Bad Actors like Rotten Indian, Japanese ‘democracies’ an Automatic Advantage over China.

        ONLY when China can SHOW the world in English language, Long Campaign, Short Half Page Repeat Facts, Not Propaganda, of the Very Very Bad Things these fake democracies do, THEN Relatively Speaking, the global public opinion will see China is Not That Bad After All.

        That is why I keep exposing Japanese Draconian laws that lock up people with no legal representation, up to 23 days to Break Their Spirit, lose jobs, social shame, No better than Chinese system. This is Not how democracy work FOR the people and Japan do that.

        Similarly I expose Indian fake democracy with Massive human rights abuses. So China, Get Competent English Writers to Expose these Third World Fake Democracies and YOU will look Much Better than them!


      • Fre Okin says:

        As I said in other comment, China is ‘damaged goods’ in the eyes of the Western world, particularly in US, No Matter what China write. No, Chinese professionals, business people CANNOT help due to Too Much geopolitical competition between China and US plus trade friction and democracy, human rights issues of course. The ONLY thing China can do is to SHOW to the American public is she is Not That Bad Compared with dumpster third world democracies in India, Japan in particular. So Beat Up India for Crossing into Myanmar, for Parking her soldiers in Bhutan, Beat Up Japan for discrimination, Human Rights abuse of the Okinawans everytime some US media like the NYTimes make a big deal about Liu Xiabao who I see as a Giant Idiot with no practical idea whenever US put a spotlight on Chinese human rights abuse. This will give China an Opportunity to highlight the human rights abuses of her allies.


    • Steve says:

      My commentary above was a reply to your commentary. I filled in the wrong box…sorry