China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Dominates in Supersonic Combat

Zhang Hao, leader pilot of the fighter jet echelon led by J-20s in the parade. Photo from CCTV footage

Global Times says in its report “Official media’s ‘official revelation’ of J-20’s detailed parameters? Military experts: Misreading” today that there has been a recent article in a WeChat account under PLA Daily titled “Leader pilot of fighter jets echelon: J-20 dominates in supersonic combat” that reveals the specifications and performance of China’s J-20 stealth fighter jet:

Wingspan: 12.8 meters
Height: 4.45 meters
Empty weight: 17,000 kg
Max. takeoff weight: 37,000 kg
Engines: two WS-15s
Max. speed: 3062.7 km/hour (Mach 2.5)
Range: 6,000 km

The article quotes Zhang Hao, leader pilot of the fighter jet echelon led by J-20s in the parade, as saying in an interview, “(J-20) not bad subsonic too, but once at supersonic speed, it dominates.”

It says that due to its stealth and high speed and maneuverability, J-20 has won 10 to 0 in lots of drills where it competes with non-stealth fighters.

It seems that the speed Mach 2.5 is true as WS-15 is regarded as the best engines for fighter jets. There has been report that China has developed a new and better material for aircraft engine.

Some Chinese military experts do not believe that the above is China’s official disclosure of J-20’s specifications and performance as such details must be China’s top secret. Even the US that advocates transparency, does not make official disclosure of the details of its top fighter F22.

However, this blogger believes that since China’s J-20 is the best, revealing its great capabilities will be a strong deterrence to those who intend to attack China. China’s enemy may develop better fighter jets to defeat J-20 in the future, but China is also developing a next generation of fighter jet much better than J-20. China must have the self-confidence that it is able to develop the best weapons in the world.

Source: Global Times “Official media’s ‘official revelation’ of J-20’s detailed parameters? Military experts: Misreading” and “Pilot: J-20 especially strong in maneuverability: It dominates in supersonic air combat” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the reports in Chinese)


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  2. Fre Okin says:

    It is probably fair to say this J20 stealth fighter will be most useful for the border with India at Arunachal Pradesh/S Tibet and Vietnam. India have an air station in northern West Bengal nearby hosting the Rafaels. Against Indian Rafael jets, J20 will most likely finish them off either air to air or take out their airbases nearby. I hope the Chinese have tested them extensively in the high Himalayas altitude. Vietnamese jets probably no contest. So it is a good fighter jet to tame these two enemies.

    “The Indian Air Force (IAF) has finalised plans to host the first squadron of Rafale fighter jets, which are also capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

    According to reports, the first 18 Rafales will be stationed at the Hasimara airbase in Bengal from late-2019. The decision is said to be a part of the overall policy to gradually build nuclear as well as conventional deterrence against China.

    Hasimara is an important air base of the Eastern Command in northern West Bengal, located close to China, Bangladesh and Bhutan border and set up after the India-China war of 1962.

    It is only kilometres away from the India-Bhutan border. Nestled amid tea gardens and forests, it is known as the ‘Gateway to Bhutan’.”


    • Simon says:

      Only second rate militaries and some developing countries opted to buy Rafael. India wanted off the shelf Rafael from France because they don’t have the know how were all the bits and pieces go to make it work. The problem with buying foreign fighter jets is you don’t have the infrastructure to build your own, build spares and the technological know how to support these aircraft, these limit the amount of hours pilots get to train and operate. We saw what happen to Iraq when their best foreign imported fighter jets simply did not saw action, the same will happen to India.


  3. […] “China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Dominates in Supersonic Combat” […]


  4. Tyler Reber says:

    I’ve been waiting for this information. The current specifications for Russia’s mig-35 are based on a flier written back in 2008 which mirrored the mig-29k specs, but consistently shown as severe understatements from media report. It will be exciting to compare the 3 most modern jets of 3 super powers.

    But this still secrets are kept in J-20 spec release. 6000km is an interesting number as its very well rounded. It’s also almost double the range of the f-22 ferry range. I would assume that 6000 thousand is also a ferry range. would art of war round 6000 down or up?

    The f-22 combat radius is 529 miles. I have seen combat radius’ divided in two, so I don’t why f-22 is divided by nearly 4.

    It’s also 1.700 kg lighter than the f22 despite being slightly bigger. Is that fruition of 3d printing?

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    • Steve says:

      Also, F22 raptor top speed is 2410, China’s J20 is 3062.7 km/hr. I think the airframe materials used in J20 is better than the F22, which was introduced in 2005.

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    • Tyler Reber says:

      If I imagine some snoody Indian man glorifying his fighter jet with untruthful data, he would give a very specific number like 3647km range to give himself scientific credit and know how, yet a number that’s superior yet not totally fictitious when compared to U.S. jets. Interestingly, China didn’t do that. China said 6000 km, a completely fictitious number when compared. Yet, a rounded number like that suggests that the Chinese aren’t trying to hide fact that they are hiding the truth in their release.

      It’s as if they are faking a lie and it makes me feel not so confident to speculate if it’s more or less. However, the Chinese have historically fooled the US into understating their capability. I’m sure whatever the US thinks will be less than truth.

      6000 km could be coincident, It could be the interviewee giving a generalization to eliminate trivial talk.


  5. Foxhound says:

    To chankaiyee2
    At this step, could we assess that the J-20’s engines are definitely WS-15 ? If so, is the WS-15 operational ?



  6. Simon says:

    America does not want to disclos ethe capability of thier F22 because most likely it is not near as impressive as it want others to believe. Thier F35 is a lemon and that was suppose to be more advance technologically than the F22


    • Steve says:

      I believe so too … unlike the F15s/16s, it was used extensively in Iraq war and elsewhere, but the F22s was only used in bombing Libya where there are hardly any anti aircraft guns or missiles to cause any havoc to the F22s. Even the Chinese pilots witnessing the F22s over the ECS said there is nothing special about the F22s.

      It would be interesting to know the results of Russian Vs Chinese planes in this year’s air dart competition that has just started.

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      • Foxhound says:

        To Steve :

        It would be interesting to know the results of Russian Vs Chinese planes

        I heard a couple of years ago:
        In the late of 2000’s, a simulated air combat involving Su-35 and american fighters F-22, F/A-18 Super Hornet and F-35 was conducted at US Air Force in Hcikam (Hawaii air base). It gave the following result : in 20 air battles against the Su-35, the US won 1 victory.
        The question I wonder whether the chinese fighters like J-10 C -with its indigenous WS-10 G – and J-11D are comparable or better than russian SU-35 and Mig-35.
        If U have clues, please post. If Iam wrong, please tell me.


        • Steve says:

          Sorry, I don’t have clues, but this air dart competition 2017 would be very interesting. Chinese pilots are confident of a strong showing against the Russians. If the Chinese pilots with the J10B/C, J11s, J16s, etc performs well with distinctions against the Russians, it should worry the US and Japanese pilots across the ECS. The Russian SU 35s are better than the US fighter jets. In Syria, the US did not fly the F22, they are worried of the Russian SU35.

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          • Foxhound says:

            … but this air dart competition 2017 would be very interesting…

            When and where will this Aird Dart take place ?
            Others clues, China does not need to compete directly against Russia’s air plane, as it has the SU-35. In my view there were many exercises involving the new and very amazing J-11 D against the chinese SU-35. If U have any clues please….. 😉


            • Steve says:

              Taking place in China, from July 30 to August 12. Please Check website for scheduled time slots and which Chinese plane Vs which Russian plane. The proper name is Aviadarts event of the international Army games 2017. Russian airforce fleet has already arrived in NorthEast China. It’s Russia Vs China.

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  7. Steve says:

    China’s aviation experts has said that J-20 is to be regarded as a transition in progress for future generation fighter jets. With such superior specifications and performances of the J-20, it is clear indication that China will produce much better next generation of fighter jets.

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