China Stupid if It Started a Border War with India

A man walks inside a conference room used for meetings between military commanders of China and India, at the Indian side of the Indo-China border at Bumla, in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, November 11, 2009. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi/File Photo

Reuters says in its report “India’s military steps up operational readiness on China border” yesterday that according to its sources, “India’s military has increased operational readiness along the eastern Indian border with China, sources said, as neither side shows any sign of backing off from a face-off in a remote Himalayan region near their disputed frontier.” However, the sources did not expect that the border tension would escalate into a border war.

That has been confirmed by Reuters’ other two sources, which told Reuters that “the military alert level had been raised as a matter of caution”.

India does not want to fight. It only wants to provoke China to attack it so that it can get more from the US.

China has become “iron buddy” of India’s major enemy Pakistan and is now building its China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that it regards as a priority project in China’s Silk Road economic belt and 21st century maritime Silk Road (Belt and Road) initiative.

The project aims at establishing China’s secure land access to the Middle East especially the oil and gas there, but is regarded by India as a great threat to India’s security as India is sandwiched between China and Pakistan.

India’s conspicuous absence at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s grand Belt and Road meeting gave China a clear signal.

India’s counter measure to deal with its encirclement by China and Pakistan on land is to encircle China and Pakistan on the Indian Ocean, for which it needs the US and Japan as its allies.

China is far from capable enough to deal with the combined navies of the US, Japan and India. It has to develop aerospace bombers to wipe out such navy and dominate the ocean. That takes time.

Even if China is strong enough, it shall not have enemy in its neighborhood. It has to win over Japan by making it believe that China will not retaliate Japanese invasion.

It shall also convince India that China want to be its friend.

China has even been able to turn its long-term enemy Russia into its close ally. Why shall China not be able to win over India?

In fact, India may get lots of benefit from its friendly relations with China. What can India get from the US? US protectionism will make India’s export of elite labor and cheap goods hard since the US is now making efforts to bring jobs back. Protectionism will keep on growing as the US keeps on declining.

True, India may obtain advanced weapons from the US to deal with China, but US weapons are so expensive!

Strategic Goal

A modern war is fought for achieving a political goal which we regard as the strategic goal of a war. A country is a loser in the war if it wins the war without attaining its strategic goal but it is the winner if it attains its strategic goal even though it loses the war.

From that we see Indian Prime Minister Modi’s shrewdness. He knows well that India army is no match to Chinese army but he provoked China to fight and win a war with India so that he may attain the goal of developing close alliance with the US and Japan to counter-encircle China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean.

China’s strategic goal must be resolution of its border dispute with India to turn India into its friend instead of enemy. China has been making great efforts in doing so. What can China attain even if it wins a border war with India now? It will turn India into its dead enemy if the war is a large-scale one like the countless border wars between France and Germany that gave rise to the two world wars.

France and Germany are finally wise enough to become allies in establishing the EU. Why shall China and India not learn from their wise examples?

Therefore, we can foresee no war but a few small-scale skirmishes in the border. After all the area of standoff is so small that cannot be the battleground for a war with some scale.

China and Russia have succeeded in attracting both India and Pakistan into their Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). China shall make great efforts in putting an end to the enmity between India and Pakistan and resolving border disputes with India within SCO with Russia’s help. That is the wise strategic goal China must attain but impossible through a war.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which is reblogged below:

India’s military steps up operational readiness on China border

Sanjeev Miglani August 11, 2017 / 8:36 PM

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s military has increased operational readiness along the eastern Indian border with China, sources said, as neither side shows any sign of backing off from a face-off in a remote Himalayan region near their disputed frontier.

Indian and Chinese troops have been embroiled in the seven-week confrontation on the Doklam plateau, claimed by both China and India’s tiny ally, Bhutan.

The sources, who were briefed on the deployment, said they did not expect the tensions, involving about 300 soldiers on each side standing a few hundred feet apart, to escalate into a conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbors, who fought a brief but bloody border war in 1962.

But the military alert level had been raised as a matter of caution, two sources in New Delhi and in the eastern state of Sikkim told Reuters on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

The crisis began in June when a Chinese construction crew was found to be trying to extend a road in the Doklam region that both China and the mountainous nation of Bhutan claim as theirs.

India, which has special ties with Bhutan, sent its troops to stop the construction, igniting anger in Beijing which said New Delhi had no business to intervene, and demanded a unilateral troop withdrawal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, though, has dug in its heels and said that the Chinese road activity in the region near the borders of India, Bhutan and China was a threat to the security of its own northeast region.

“The army has moved to a state that is called ‘no war, no peace’,” one of the sources said. Under the order issued to all troop formations in the eastern command a week ago, soldiers are supposed take up positions that are earmarked for them in the event of a war, the source said.

Each year, Indian troop formations deployed on the border go on such an “operational alert” usually in September and October. But this year the activity has been advanced in the eastern sector, the source in Sikkim, above which lies the area of the current standoff, said.

“Its out of caution. It has been done because of the situation,” the source said. But the source stressed there was no additional force deployment and that the area was well defended.

The move comes as diplomatic efforts to break the stalemate failed to make headway, other sources with close ties to the Modi government told Reuters earlier in the week.

China has repeatedly warned of an escalation if India did not order its troops back. The state-controlled Global Times which has kept a barrage of hostile commentary said this week that if Modi continued the present course in the border, Beijing would have to take “counter-measures”.

Ties between the neighbors have been souring over China’s military assistance to India’s arch rival Pakistan and its expanding presence in smaller nations in South Asia which New Delhi long regarded as its area of influence.

China has criticized the Modi government’s public embrace of the Dalai Lama and its decision to let the Tibetan spiritual leader, whom it regards as a “dangerous splittist”, to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh which China claims as its own.

China has also frowned at India’s expanding military ties with the United States as well as Japan.

Additional reporting by Zarir Hussain in GUWAHATI; Editing by Nick Macfie


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  2. Fre Okin says:

    Nope. China Don’t intentionally Look for pretext to pursue her economic interest. She Just Found Herself in a situation where everything comes together. Free trade, dignity, honor. If China is just a paper tiger, She Will Find herself looking at Okinawa 2.0 In Her Backyard with Everything bordering the Himalayas her enemy’s territory. Throw in Taiwan as well!

    Nepal is the last defense against Indian aggression. If Bhutan don’t join Nepal to be neutral and have diplomatic ties with China, then there is No Hope for China to have More Trade via the Tibet- Bay of Bengal route.

    Doklam issue is NOT just a small piece of land, road. It is about The Big Picture, Geopolitics, Economics and Security of course.

    Right now, India is trying to win over Myanmar with her BIMSTEC corridor. China will be just a useless bystander once this take off, Nepal, Bhutan will be Eaten Up by India and Myanmar later on as Myanmar is most vulnerable as well.

    India will Enlist the Japanese to help build the roads, railways and China will be out of the picture!

    “The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organisation involving a group of countries in South Asia and South East Asia. These are: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal.[2] The BIMSTEC states are among the countries dependent on the Bay of Bengal.”


  3. Tyler Reber says:

    It’s difficult to be certain how much of a governments actions derived from a governments desire for power or how much is inherited from the will of the people. In a case like India where the Indian people appear to have a animosity towards China, whether it’s from a past war, a Pakistan alliance or a long term propaganda campaign doesn’t matter, the actions taken by the Indian government seem difficult to measure and but are not absent of the will of the people.

    What we have seen in the past is India’s government efforts to get on board organizations and cooperation with China like the SCO, which suggests that the government has a general goal to improve relations, but like China, can’t let itself be embarrassed with a show of weakness which could anger the Indian people.

    Is this border dispute a dispute of a government or a dispute of the Indian people?


    • Fre Okin says:

      Just start from the premise India is a very backward country with a very high percentage of people making illogical reasoning, never answer but make diversions and due to history, Blindly nationalistic. This is why India elected Modi, a Hitler like charismatic leader and using religion, his party base to gain majority vote among the illiterate Dalits and other minorities. These people are not Thinking people but like cattles blindly following nationalism. Just for illustration, a typical democratic country have dissenting voices but ZERO in a country of 1.2 Billion, so something Very Wrong with their mindset!

      China of course is a closed society so a lot of nationalists there as well. However based on historical facts and law, India have zero legal claim to AP/S Tibet. This is the source of the Doklam dispute. India use Bhutan as buffer to prevent Chinese land invasion via Bhutan disputed border. The simple fact is India Annexed AP/S Tibet in 1987. Why annex if it is India’s? It is obviously illegally occupied, thus China won’t let her go easy.

      The recent downhill relations can be traced to Modi’s Loot East, stealing hydropower from AP/S Tibet, let Dalai Lama to Tawang, new bridge from Assam to AP/S Tibet so Indian tanks can reinforce AP/S Tibet more easily Plus India Brag putting Brahmos missiles there as well Annoying China further.


      • Steve says:

        Your reasonings are irrelevant to start a war. It is a domestic Indian matter due to their caste systems and illiteracy, where India has almost 300 million illiterate adults. China has a much bigger fish to fry than starting a war over a narrow piece of land against the Modi scumbags.


        • Fre Okin says:

          Nope. China won’t fire the first shot, so China won’t start a war. What is needed is creating an environment to Induce India to take the first shot Or Withdraw. Once India Start a war, Then China Should Nibble at the edge first, Just Inside the border to make Bhutan take action to kick out the Indians. As I said, Go Slow, Very Very Slow, Slow Burn, don’t go berserk and kill thousands that could go out of control.

          Remember back in the pre Sino Russia border settlement, China have hundreds of thousands, even millions of troops facing Russia. China need to play this angle to Tell India and Bhutan she may have to do this to get this issue resolved.

          Remember as I said, Bhutan is The Source of the problem, not India. Bhutan as a weak country have allow herself to become the Enabler of Indian presence in Doklam.

          For reference, PH same situation until Duterte come along and Go Neutral. Bhutan should follow PH, Sri Lanka examples.

          Since Bhutan IS the source of the problem, she have to Fix the problem and the solution is as I detailed in other comments.

          NEVER allow Bhutan to sit on the sideline and just be a Spectator. She is a Participant due to her Allowing Indian troops in Her Soil in the first place in this whole mess and have to Take Action to fix it.


    • Steve says:

      Its a dispute led by Modi’s Government. India has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world. China cannot bomb Modi’s govt. without bombing the people. War is wrong, China need to persevere with this border issue. Its easy for a superpower to use military means, but once the arrow leaves its bow it cannot be retrieved. Neither can a missile discriminate between right and wrong.


      • Tyler Reber says:

        Yes, but diffusing the situation will require a strong understanding of who and what you’re dealing with. How much compromise can the Indian government make before it’s embarrassed, How far can China’s actions go before the Indian people are angered enough to pressure the government to escalate the dispute.

        I don’t know the solution, maybe it will be something like sitting and waiting to do nothing and letting the tensions dissolve some on their own before headway can be made. Some impressive persons will think of the answer and I doubt a border skirmish will be made.

        On a side note, is it just soldiers on the border, or is there heavy equipment deployed and fighter jets skimming the border? If it’s just soldiers, Then I don’t think the Indian government is taking their dispute very seriously and isn’t looking for a full scale war. Maybe Chan Kai Yee is right, if a skirmish breaks out on the border, India will lose on purpose, sacrificing the troops to obtain it’s objectives of winning US and Japanese alliance.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    The Art of War 2.0

    Sun Tzu’s for the modern world means Defeat The Enemy Not Directly but Via Third Party and by Economic Pain, Social Instability. There is No Such Thing as defeat enemy without a single bullet fired. You Cannot win in modern war this way as enemy Already Know your game and String You Out for 1,000 years. So Very Stupid to be a Chicken. Dare To Fight But With Wisdom. Stupid Nationalists should not encourage government to go nuclear! THINK with your head and Stay Calm and Fight A Slow Proportional War to keep casualties down. The idea is to cause Implosion to the enemy’s society Much Like Vietnam War protests Force US to withdraw. This should be strategy for China. There Will be Indians who want to hang Modi/Doval even though much are blind nationalists now.

    In this particular situation, Bhutan is The Source of the problem, Not India. Get It Straight. Bhutan NEED to be given a Gunboat Diplomacy like what US did to Japan in the mid 1800’s. REALLY, China MUST ‘Go Rogue’. DO NOT FEAR international fallout. It will not be a major news. Diplomatic relation is NORMAL. Bhutan Need a PUSH from China. She is basically a Weak country Needing a spanking from China to do it Right, The Middle Way, Balance, the kind of stuff Buddha Teach.

    So what you have here is a Weak Buddhist nation Bhutan with no courage, like Dalai Lama, Weak Useless Buddhists, talk, follow Buddhism, Middle Way, Yet Castrated By India, Unbalanced, not Middle Way. They should follow Sri Lanka, fellow Buddhist country who is Neutral, Balanced, Middle Way to keep her country safe from big neighbors, be it India or China.

    The Art of War in this case is a Very Very Slow, Low Level Attack INSIDE Bhutan, initially Just Across The Border. DO NOT worry about a little casualty here and there as long as the score is quite even. The Goal is FORCE Bhutan to have Diplomatic Relation with China. THEN China Withdraw from Bhutan, from Doklam.

    Remember India Dictate Bhutan’s foreign policy and Bhutan is threatened by India in an unspoken manner Not to have diplomatic relation with China, So China MUST HELP Bhutan by Gunboat Diplomacy to Force Her To Get Out of the Indian Strangulation. Use Sri Lanka to help, she have same Buddhist background to Teach Bhutan to be Brave and exercise Middle Way.

    NOW what happen? India will NOW LOSE, her influence over Bhutan will be Cut Into Half.
    With diplomatic ties, China can Marginalise India, bring in high paying tourists to help her break from economic strangulation. Tourists going there $200 per day. She only want rich tourists since she is poor. China Must buy Bhutan’s hydropower to chop off India strangulation.

    Once the dust settled, Within A Year, Bhutan will pass Law to Force Indian troops to Get Out of her soil, No More Excuse to be there. China hopefully settle her border with Bhutan AND can then build Again in Doklam or nearby Without Indian interference.

    The solution to the Doklam standoff is via Bhutan, Not India! India is run by Modi/Doval= Hitler/Mussolini team. These people have dreams of India’s Hindustan power and because of this, they will not back down.

    The solution is to put pressure on Bhutan. Get Sri Lanka to help. As a fellow Buddhist country, Sri Lanka have much to offer Bhutan how to deal with big powers. Neutrality is the name of the game and Bhutan is the last country to learn this lesson. China should encourage Sri Lanka to help! DELEGATE delegate, delegate. Don’t try to do it all alone. Trump is a master of delegating jobs to others. China should learn from his skill!

    If Bhutan don’t act fast, China must put troops in many other places, not Doklam in the disputed areas to induce Indian troops to move into Bhutan and more pressure on Bhutan this way. China of course must promise Bhutan she will withdraw once Indian troops leave Doklam and also inside Bhutan.

    This crisis is a Golden Opportunity for China to Help Bhutan break the Indian strangulation and in the process help herself. So the road to a solution is A to B via C, not a straight line A to B. This is how things work in the real world China!

    BTW the useless Bum GT moderators failed to post many of my analysis. These Fools over there are either Illiterate or a mole working for India. I hope my thoughts get to the ears of the Chinese leadership for a radical analysis. I encourage readers to spread my ideas to the very top in Chinese language they can understand. Stop the silly old school thinking.


    • Basic rules says:

      Agreed most of the points. Except one major flaw. China attacking Bhutan or sending Chinese troops, will make India send more of its troops inside Bhutan and turning Bhutan into another Sikkim. The strategy should be to show the Bhutanese that they should fear India because Bhutan is already being treated like another Sikkim and a part of India. And China should help Bhutan in regaining its independence.

      The most effective way to help Bhutan establish bilateral relations with China and other major countries is through social media and media campaign. Bhutanese citizens should rise up for its independent foreign policy. Maybe, China should open to discussion on UN to help Bhutan establish bilateral relations with major countries too.


      • Fre Okin says:

        It is Intentional to Lure more Indian troops into Bhutan. As I said elsewhere, the more Indian troops The Better. Why? Bhutan will Feel Invaded By India And will Resent Indian presence. Tourism will flee from Bhutan.

        So this Art of War is designed to cause social instability inside Bhutan due to loss of tourism and Bhutanese resent of Indian presence in Such A Big Number.

        What is the Critical Mass to cause a Bhutanese Revolt against the Indians? Can’t tell. Probably 20,000 Indian troops will start to become Very Visible. 50,000 is best number spread all over Thimpu and border, especially Populated areas so Bhutanese will start to see Indian occupiers everywhere. Be Patient, wait out few months, watch Tourists Flee, Cancel Reservations, Then Bhutan will be forced to act! Sit back and watch the Implosion. Let the numbers do the Magic! Just Boil The Frog and don’t need to fight. Win by Saturation strategy.

        Right now at least a thousand Indian troops in Bhutan. They are supposed to leave after training Bhutanese army but stay on as Invasive Species taking care of their own interest, not Bhutan.

        I am sure Bhutanese are not stupid people. They Just Do Not Know How To Unshackle Themselves. China Must give them a Push to get them Over The Hump to enable Bhutan to be a truly free democratic country. I had posted in Bhutan’s FB PM and King Wangchuck pages telling them Bhutan will be like Okinawa, and Wangchuck will be The Last King of Bhutan in a decade or more if he don’t Take This Opportunity to Remove The Indian Pest.

        China MUST make sure she tell Bhutan she will only do a Pin Prick attack and get out of Bhutan Immediately as she don’t plan to Occupy Bhutan like the Indians do. China Must improve her Marketing Skill so she won’t be seen as an aggressor but a savior. This will help Bhutanese Understand China is coming in As A Liberator, yes People’s Liberation Army PLA liberating Bhutan. Isn’t this Fantastic, a Communist country Liberating a Democratic Bhutan from Indian strangulation!


  5. Steve says:

    Excellent commentary – I agree. It is clear that India are the provocateurs pushing China to fire the first shot. At the most China could do is blow up that bulldozer on China’s territorial line of control, but will it start off a border war with unlimited skirmishes similar to India and Pakistan.

    India’s military is no match for China. Within a week the Indian war machine would be severely depleted, India knows it, but why would India push for war of aggression into Doklam. China shares its territorial boundary with 14 nations. 12 of the 14 nations has settled the disputes with China except for Bhutan and India. Historically, the Indians played hardball with China on boundary demarcation until today because the Indians only want it their way.

    According to reports, if war breaks out, India will blockade and choke the Indian Ocean or Bay of Bengal towards the Malacca straits. 80% of China’s oil imports travel via Indian Ocean and Malacca straits. The Indian navy can easily prevent cargo liners travelling thru the Indian ocean
    from reaching China. Further, India has purchased 8 US Poseidon surveillance aircraft to track China’s submarines. With a distance of over 2,400km from the Indian ocean to home base, China will be heavily disadvantaged. All of PLANs’ supply ships will be sitting ducks. In this scenario, India will be well supported by it’s ‘silent’ partners US and Japan. This will be a dream come thru for the two scoundrels to sink China’s economy. It is impossible for China to fight the US, Japan and India naval forces. In fact, China’s PLAN will have huge problems leaving home base, notwithstanding the 7 engineered islands in the SCS will destroyed.

    China need to militarise those engineered islands to prevent choke points from the Malacca straits and SCS, continue to reform and strengthen its naval and airforce. China is not ready for war on multiple fronts. China’s economy is first and foremost. Without it, China will sink like a titanic. In the meantime, China should avoid war unless India decides to fire the first shot. Certainly, China has a lot more up it’s sleeves than fighting over Doklam, but neither should China raise the white flag.


  6. Simon says:

    No countries can tolerate what India is doing. Trespassing into a country’s territory is an act of war. If China don’t attack India and drive them out and enoirce some kind of no fly zone over Indian held territories other countries will not respect China. Who cares if India side with America. If so India will have to sever relations with Russia and their even closer military co operation. India is either with China or against and they are determine to be against.


    • Najee says:

      China should consider that India can interdict the vital Chinese energy lifelines from Africa and the middle east. Indian naval activity can disrupt Chinese sea lane traffic in the Indian Ocean,


  7. Jorge says:

    Not a question of smart or stupid.. A question of sovereignty for China.. A question of picking a fight for India for what it perceives as unfinished business since 62.


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      According to Sun Tzu’s teachings, a wise general does not fight a war provoked by his enemy. He fights at the time and place and against the enemy he chooses.

      There are lots of ways to maintain dignity other than war. For example, China uses water cannons to drive away the Philippines in Scarborough standoff, a fighter jet to crash and force down a US surveillance plane at Hainan Incident. etc


      • Fre Okin says:

        I want to say Sun Tzu’s theory will not work against backward Asians old world thinking. In fact these people don’t think for a Win Win outcome. Instead they behave very selfishly like what India is doing. In Their Backward World Thinking, they believe in ‘I Win, You Lose’ approach, so they are not an intelligent group of people or just plain nasty perhaps.

        This is why China Cannot afford the Sun Tzu’s old world concept when dealing with backward, narrow vision Asians like Vietnam, India, Japan. These old school governments are like cancers poisoning their population with their backward thinking. With such enemies, you need to wait 1000 years to subdue them! It make no sense dealing with them this way.

        So as I said, Dare to fight, Under Pretext to get them to attack first. Only when war start, then they understand China is Dead Serious. Make it a Controlled Burn and let there be Implosions, social unrest, economic damage to China’s enemies. Remember Enemy No 1 of China’s enemies are the governments of India, Japan, Vietnam. Their populace are all Brainwashed, like Little Red Guards during Mao’s time. Make it like a Guerrilla style warfare, like what Pakistan do to Kashmir. China should be able to withstand economic damage from Indian trade cutoff.

        If India want to take it further, of course, China should start finance separatist movements inside India. No need to be shy about it. Make India Unstable and Implode. This is the new art of war, Using Their population to overthrow their own government so hopefully a more reasonable one come into power. Just hope Indians become more educated about the border disputes and see they are wrong.

        Dignity, honor is not for sale, so China should dare to keep war options open otherwise the Himalayas route to Bay of Bengal will be forever strangled by India. Not just the countries there suffer, China influence will suffer like now due to lack of road from Tibet towards the Bay of Bengal, courtesy of Indian ‘sphere of influence’ strangulation of these countries, states.


        • alking1957 says:

          I agree with your assessment. The Indian thinking is simply too backwards, they have been colonized for over 100 years, during this time, a colonized mentality has set into the Indian psyche. They actually think that BECAUSE they had been colonized, they SHOULD BE better than the Chinese. They will feel admiration towards westerners, but cannot stand being “beaten” by other Asians, as that thought is simply too much to accept. Now that they have been independent for almost 70 years, the original British management structures are actually breaking down instead of strengthened, thus it has much worse corruption than China and many other countries. But their false pride and jealousy will be their undoing. Even if China does not fight them, they will eventually disintegrate, just takes longer. Either way, a nation of 1.3 – 1.4 Billion people disintegrating will be one of the worst disaster in human history….


          • Fre Okin says:

            China should Immediately stop cooperating with India, especially Infrastructure building. Remember China was very backward a couple of decades ago. Infrastructure is Key reason China make Exponential progress. Do not allow India to grow too strong.

            The Biggest Asset for China to use to use against India is Educating the Indian public, Shame Them and encourage them to be activists against their government evil human rights abuse. It is not easy but probably the only way to force a quick Implosion of the Indian Modi/Doval team.

            FEAR and Justice, Honor, Security, Freedom should be used to motivate Indians to be activists. People may not know, Indians are like cattles, ALL have to stand in silence in movie theaters to listen to their silly national anthem or be fined! Only a dictatorial country do that and India claim to be a democracy. So it is clear ALL Indians are Useless Bums, no backbone to push back against Government Abuse on them.

            Similarly I read Only One Indian activist against their Massive secret nuclear facility in Charllakere near Bengaluru. It is much bigger than NK and Iran and A hole Obama give India a pass! 99.999% sure India help NK recent ICBM advancement in exchange for raw uranium from NK. In other countries there will be Massive Protest but the Indian Cows are all very timid and do nothing. Useless backward people with No civic duty.

            For Bhutan, China ‘gunboat diplomacy’ should be Marketed as Liberation of the Bhutanese people. Yes, People Liberation Army PLA Liberating Bhutan from Indian tyranny. Who would have think a Communist country Liberating a Democratic country!

            Indians are generally good people but they are misled by their government, exactly the same as in Vietnam and Japan. They need to be insulted, shamed and educated to THINK and motivated to be activists. This is the only way to have peace with China. Right now, all these fools only think of China stopping their NSG application, no UN Permanent Seat, preventing Masood terrorist labelling and helping Pakistan. They cannot see The Reason why they don’t earn the cooperation from China, so Very Backward Cows!


        • Steve says:

          Sorry, I disagree … Sun Tzu and art of war strategies are very much alive within the 3 periods of time, that is, the Past, Present and into the infinite Future. We all know that Sun Tzu’s principles (not theory as it has being proven and used by both eastern and western military) is to win by stratagem without fighting. This is also relevant in starting a business or looking for a living environment for one’s family.

          It’s utterly incorrect to say that Sun Tzu’s principles (not theory) will not work against the backward Asian old world thinking. Take China as an example. Only 3 decades ago under President Yang Shangkun from 1988, China’s illiteracy rate was reduced to 20% from 80% since 1949. Who are we to say that Sun Tzu’s principles will not work against backward Asians old world thinking.? Within 3 decades China rose to the top podium and will soon overtake the US as no: 1 economic power and now leader in globalisation, whilst the US has retreated into protectionism. Even during the Presidency of Jiang Zemin, there were many of China’s business people not knowing what is a written contract. There were innumerable complains by overseas companies disgusted of written contracts with Chinese companies not honouring what they signed.

          To say that dignity and honour is not for sale is irrelevant. Politicians and business people compromise their self respect everyday. What was lacking was discipline within the rule of law. The top priority for China is it’s economy, alleviating peoples poverty and treating it’s population with benevolence, justice and righteousness. China’s objectives in the last 3 decades is to survive and prosper. China cannot ill afford to go to war (even skirmishes) over a small Doklam territory due to possible military escalation on both sides in such a way that it destroys it’s own market economy in the process because the art of war (at least by Indian standards) will extend to the Indian ocean where China has 80% of imported oil travelling via the Bay of Bengal to Malacca straits. India is not that stupid.

          China’s stratagem is wise in the ECS and SCS by using its little blue militias, fishermen, coastguard vessels and water cannon, without having to fire a single shot. What if China had sunk the PH warship in Scarborough shoal.? China has a bottom line, but jumping the gun or by gunboat diplomacy is not one of them.

          Further, China is wise by stratagem in establishing A2AD around coastal areas, highly developed its missile forces, naval and military. China is now leading the world in quantum technology, drones, R & D technologies and much much more. These are the real strategies that China is building to prevent war or invasion by foreign powers, without fighting.

          To instigate war or new art of war by guerrilla warfare only lead to greater warfare, enmity and it has no end. Look at the Palestinians/Israelis, Pakistanis/Indians, Korean peninsula, Russia and Nato, Middle East. Its highly irresponsible to instigate territorial war with India. Why play into the Indian hands (Modi/Doval). Chinese hands are much smarter.

          This is very UnChinese. China’s cultural civilisation is far superior than attacking an Indian nation with almost 300 million adult illiteracy and poor military.

          Time for a cup of Oolong tea.


          • Fre Okin says:

            Like they say in America, It’s All Economics Stupid!

            Nothing to do with being Chinese or not Chinese. The Question is whether you want to wait 1000 years to ‘win’ or to Change the course of events In Your Favor within a Reasonable Time Frame.

            Notice Okinawa history, Sikkim history. They are Fully Cooked, Cannot Get Out of Japanese and Indian strangulation anymore. They are So Economically Enslaved by these two countries, They Cannot hope to break free short of a bloody revolution.

            However as I said, The Objective is not to ‘win’ a war vs India. The Objective Is To Establish Free Trade Route to Break Free from Indian and US strangulation.

            Notice CPEC turn the Indian berserk. US depressed as China have an alternative trade route.

            ‘Liberating’ Bhutan is just a Bonus for them. This is not China’s intention. China Only want to have Unimpeded Trade Routes via Bay of Bengal, SO NEPAL come into play here. Nepal Desperately want to break free from Indian strangulation. That is why a senior Chinese official recently visited Nepal to find out how to get her to help to bring Bhutan on board to kick out the Indians. Of course Nepal cannot do so openly. There is about a quarter of Bhutanese of Nepalese descent and Bhutan could very well see social unrest if China play the Nepal card. There is Already agitation in Gorkhaland in northern W Bengal in Darjeeling area near Siliguri Corridor where thousands of Indian soldiers guard to prevent Chinese invasion via Doklam. That is why Doklam freak out the Indians.

            So using the Unimpeded Trade analogy with FON US conduct, it is clear China’s intention is like OBOR Without Indian Obstruction on the Bay of Bengal route.

            As I said, There Will Be No Massive Hot War if Indians don’t cause much casualties on the Chinese side and similarly the Chinese don’t do that to the Indian side.

            The Indian modus operandi is that silly Starring Contest like what they did with Pakistan for decades. China don’t need to put up with this Indian Blockade Nonsense.

            Again, I want to emphasize, this Art of War is Economic In Nature, Backed Up With Military Muscle. You Cannot improve the Economic deck reshuffling if you are not willing to Go To The Brink. If China continue to be Chicken, even that Indian cow will laugh at the Chinese Paper Tiger. This is Exactly like US prying open Japan in the mid 1800’s, a Necessary Gunboat Diplomacy to Force Trade To Open Up.

            So Keep The Pressure High, Let Bhutan (analogy Japan US gunboat diplomacy) suffer economically first, less tourists and she will be forced to have diplomatic relation with China and then China withdraw. (Note: Bhutan coerced by India not to have diplomatic ties) Now why China withdraw? It is a sign of goodwill to the Bhutanese, not out of consideration for the Indians.

            Then with a conducive atmosphere, China and Bhutan will have trade, Kill Off the Indian economic strangulation of Bhutan. A Grateful Bhutan will give China Favorable terms in the disputed areas AND China will have a motorable road up there in Doklam or nearby with zero Indian interference. Think of this as CPEC 2.0 from Tibet towards Bay of Bengal via Bhutan.

            The upshot is China Win, India Lose. If China don’t turn Bhutan into a boiling pot, Nothing happen and the Chinese will never increase their sphere of influence in the Himalayas. So see this Doklam as An Opportunity for China to increase her long term presence in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, NE Indian states and who knows, some like AP/S Tibet may be so thankful to China the natives there may want to Break Free from India. Yes, once they are Not a slave of India, they will have Options to secede or get more autonomy to favor China.

            Trade IS the strategy to Turn AP/S Tibet and other states, countries to favor China! This is Winning War Without Fighting IN AP/S Tibet. Doklam is The Place China must prevail per my approach to realise All her ‘sphere of influence’ trade routes dream.

            Economically speaking, the whole Himalayas is a goldmine for China to tap cheap labor and sell her products IF only the trade routes are created. Doklam stand in the way due to Bhutanese weakness.

            AP/S Tibet is Not necessarily a Chinese priority even though she Hide her real intention. China just keep the issue alive as a Bargaining Power.

            Again, I want to emphasize, Inaction will Forever Entomb the Himalayas states into Hindustan and China will have No influence over them. Strike while the iron is hot, but be patient and be daring to bare the Dragon’s teeth, Especially now India while strong is not that strong and won’t dare to go all out. Once she become Too Strong, it will be harder to kick her out!


            • Steve says:

              Your assessment is on the pretext of liberation of Bhutan via China’s communism for the sake of Chinese economy. Just like George Bush invaded Iraq on the pretext of democracy, WMD and looted the Iraqi oilfields for the sake of US economy. What super genocidal genius! You honestly believe China today is as stupid as George Bush yesterday.

              Your assessment is to promote the 3 evils of terrorism, separatism and extremism. I don’t think China and India favours your assessment.

              Bill Clinton was referring to the decline of US economy due to the world recession, when he said ‘it’s the economy Stupid.!’


      • Mesaluna97 says:

        Actually, if China does not go to war against India, then the U.S. will be more encouraged to give weapons to India.

        The U.S. will believe that it has nothing to lose because China will do nothing.


  8. alking1957 says:

    Imo, India is not worth befriending. It is an artificial country, only born because it was once a British colony. But it is a total mess and will become worse under Modi. All those suggestions by Indians and westerners about India being the next economic miracle are just delusions from wishful thinkng and the usual rose colored lens of “its a democracy”. Mark my words, it is only when, not if, the current India will be split up.
    Half of her population dont even have toilets, her girls and women frequently assaulted sexually when they have t go out of their homes to relieve themselves, her gdp per capital is now only one fifth of china’s, even though they started at about same level in 1949. Forget India, let her disintegrate on her own, they will never amount to anything. If pakistan is smart, it will continue to work with china closely, with the result that her econmy will eventually be far ahead of India….