China Wise to Find Peaceful Solution to Border Standoff with India

In my post “China Stupid if It Started a Border War with India” on August 12, I said that China and Pakistan’s “Iron Buddy” relationship and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor regarded by China as a key project in China’s Silk Road economic belt initiative makes India fear that it is encircled by China and Pakistan, its long-term enemy.

To counter the encirclement, India wants to establish close ties with the US and Japan and hopefully the combined navies of the three nations may encircle China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean.

I said in my post:

A modern war is fought for achieving a political goal which we regard as the strategic goal of a war. A country is a loser in the war if it wins the war without attaining its strategic goal but it is the winner if it attains its strategic goal even though it loses the war.

From that we see Indian Prime Minister Modi’s shrewdness. He knows well that India army is no match to Chinese army but he provoked China to fight and win a war with India so that he may attain the goal of developing close alliance with the US and Japan to counter-encircle China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean.

China’s strategic goal must be resolution of its border dispute with India to turn India into its friend instead of enemy. China has been making great efforts in doing so. What can China attain even if it wins a border war with India now? It will turn India into its dead enemy if the war is a large-scale one like the countless border wars between France and Germany that gave rise to the two world wars.

Therefore, I said that China is stupid if it start a border war with India as China will get the opposite of its strategic goal while enable India to attain its strategic goal.

True enough, according to Reuters’ report “India and China agree to end border standoff”, the two nations have found solution to their border standoff and will both retreat.

India sent its troops to provoke China and China responded by sending troops there. Now India agrees to withdraw its troops so that China can withdraw hers.

Chinese leaders are wise enough to avoid military conflict with India in spite of India’s provocation.

The end of the standoff is obvious India’s failure in provoking China and China’s success in maintaining peaceful relations with India. That is very clearly shown in Reuters’ report, full text of which is reblogged below:

India and China agree to end border standoff

Sanjeev Miglani and Ben Blanchard August 28, 2017 / 2:56 PM / 11 hours ago

NEW DELHI/BEIJING (Reuters) – India and China have agreed to an “expeditious disengagement” of troops in a disputed border area where their soldiers have been locked in a stand-off for more than two months, India’s foreign ministry said on Monday.

The decision comes ahead of a summit of the BRICS nations – a grouping that also includes Brazil, Russia and South Africa – in China beginning on Sunday, which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend.

Indian and Chinese troops have been confronting each other at the Doklam plateau near the borders of India, its ally Bhutan, and China, in the most serious and prolonged standoff in decades along their disputed Himalayan border.

The Indian ministry said the two sides had agreed to defuse the crisis following diplomatic talks.

“In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam,” the ministry said in a statement.

“On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face-off site at Doklam has been agreed to and is on-going,” it said in a statement.

It did not offer more details of the terms of disengagement from the area which had raised fears of a wider conflict between the Asian giants who fought a brief border war in 1962.

China said Indian troops had withdrawn from the remote area in the eastern Himalayas. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Chinese troops would continue to patrol the Doklam region.

“China will continue to exercise sovereignty rights to protect territorial sovereignty in accordance with the rules of the historical boundary,” she said.

The Chinese defense ministry said troops would remain on a state of alert.

“We remind the Indian side to learn the lesson from this incident, earnestly respect the historical boundary and the basic principles of international law, meet China half way and jointly protect the peace and tranquillity of the border region,” spokesman Wu Qian said in a statement.

“The world is not peaceful, and peace needs to be safeguarded. The Chinese military has the confidence and the ability to protect the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” Wu added.


The trouble started in June when India sent troops to stop China building a road in the Doklam area, which is remote, uninhabited territory claimed by both China and Bhutan.

India said it sent its troops because Chinese military activity there was a threat to the security of its own northeast region.

But China has said India had no role to play in the area and insisted it withdraw unilaterally or face the prospect of an escalation. Chinese state media had warned India of a fate worse than its crushing defeat in the war in 1962.

Indian political commentator Shekhar Gupta said there was too much at stake for the two countries to fight over a small piece of territory.

“Hopefully, Doklam is a new chapter in India-China relations. Too much at stake for both big powers to let legacy real-estate issues linger,” he said in a Twitter post.

India and China have been unable to settle their 3,500-km (2,175-mile) frontier and large parts of territory are claimed by both sides.

Lin Minwang, an India expert and the deputy director of the Center for South Asia Studies at China’s Fudan University, said the detente would ensure a smooth BRICS meeting.

“Both sides should be happy. Modi is also happy. They can conduct a meeting smoothly and naturally. If there was still a stand-off, how could they meet?”


12 Comments on “China Wise to Find Peaceful Solution to Border Standoff with India”

  1. Steve says:

    India is aware that China was preparing for war. China PLAN has recently conducted major live fire naval exercises in the East Indian ocean, both surface warships and submarines to test combat readiness. This would have spooked the Indian naval chiefs. China need to guard the 80% oil import lines from the Indian ocean and Malacca Straits. In a major conflict with India, the Indian ocean would be a key field for China. An Indian naval blockade would be devastating to China. India considers the Indian ocean its own backyard, but lack fire power and naval capabilities.

    China PLA has carried out major live fire high profile exercises near its border with India in Tibet.
    No doubt, this would have spooked the Indian army and mountain rangers special forces.

    India and China has over 3,000km of disputed boundaries. By illegally occupying Doklam, the Indians have given China the green light to capture disputed territories, as a consequence of a territorial war with India.

    At the BRICS summit, India will be an outcast, not supported by fellow BRICS member states. According to reports, China maybe giving India an ultimatum in September to withdraw its troops, otherwise a military conflict with China, is inevitable. Modi and his gang of Alibaba thieves has no support and feared a shooting war with China.

    India is basically a walking corpse – no surrender no retreat, Get thumped by China’s military.


  2. travtrails says:

    Oops…India the weakling and China the mighty giant…comic book stuff


  3. johnleecan says:

    You see, India’s domestic news keeps on repeating that China trespassed into Indian territory. Indian government keeps on lying to its people so they can have their support. But the truth is, like Xinhua’s video of “7 sins of India”, the Indians trespassed into Chinese territory. The Indians even try to pour gasoline onto the flames by saying that the video was racist just to make Indians more angry.

    Re the news of withdrawal, when a reporter asked one government official(this Indian official was the one who said the withdrawal was simultaneous) who first withdrew, he refused to answer. That can only mean the Indians did. Even Indians news outlets and experts agree that there’s a big possibility that India was the one who first withdrew.

    Remember, Indians are holding a knife against Bhutan’s neck. So, most probably, most comments and interviews in Bhutan will not put India in a bad image. Remember when Bhutan was cozying up to China before, India stopped LPG and kerosene supply for one month to Bhutan. If you read blogs of Bhutanese, they hate the Indians.

    When talks about disputed territory between China and Bhutan was starting back then, India was meddling and interfering in the talks. China then demanded India not to interfere, so the Indians backed off. That time, many Bhutanese citizens were very grateful to China because it made them feel they are important and independent. But since the Indians threatened the Bhutan government to let them in on the details of their talks, it is this reason why up to now there’s no agreement between China and Bhutan because of India’s threats against Bhutan.

    China shouldn’t trust the Indian government. Indians are too envious of China. Their growing economy will not last decades like China’s. They can’t even make cheap toilets for their people. Since Indian men like to watch Indian women urinate and defecate in grassy areas so they can pounce on them and rape them. A nation who even had a guru that raped tens of women, was convicted, and tens of thousands of his followers went on a rampage because the guru’s lurid stories of rapes will be missed.


    • johnleecan says:

      I forgot to mention that when India is stating their side to the international audience, they are saying China invaded Bhutan’s territory and they were just there because Bhutan asked for their assistance. But in fact, Bhutan never mentioned they asked for Indian help. If India tells other nations China invaded Bhutan’s territory, why do they tell their domestic audience that China invaded India’s territory? These explains why Indians have Pinocchio’s nose.

      And isn’t India a proud English speaking country without a national language yet Indians reading different statements made by their government to the domestic and international audience can’t make their own “right and correct” conclusions? Are majority of Indians unschooled, uncivilized and narrow minded to be so stupid? I guess the obvious answer is a big YES!

      Indians think they will be the next economic miracle. They are always mentioning having the biggest democracy in the world and with their free speech unlike China. Well, this country that still uses the caste system and punishes, maim and even kill those who try to live and marry with another person from a lower caste. A country where a woman is killed every hour because her family failed to meet her husband and in-laws’ demands for higher dowry payments and gifts.

      So, one can deduce from this how majority of Indians view their brides. Money is more important because many Indian men are lazy and thinks that marrying a woman would be their ticket to buying something they had wanted for a long time. And if ever this money is spent unwisely, they will asked the bride to work hard to earn more money. Even to the extent of asking their wife or even daughters to prostitute themselves. Other men even sold their girl children to sex starved Indian men to earn money.


  4. Simon says:

    Forget what Reuter says. China did not retreat. Indias retreated. China says it has now re-established control over the area.


  5. Simon says:

    India blinked. Thedy must have got informatiuon China will launch an attack an dtake over India territory. Will China still go ahead and build the road in Dong Lang? I hope they do.


  6. Swant says:

    China showed great wisdom in deciding not to further anger India. India was prepared to ‘take it all the way’ and China decided to save face by taking the opportunity India offered to lower their voice and settle this matter peacefully.
    The relationship between China and India has now changed to where China can no longer bully India as before. China must now respect India as a peer. In spite of all the heated Chinese saber rattling, China has come to realize that India cannot be treated as you would handle the weak Philippines.


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      It was India deciding to retreat in order not to anger China now instead of vice versa. China does not bully India this time. It only tells India to retreat and India has finally obeyed.

      China shall never bully any one. Mao was wrong in fighting a border war with India but Chinese leaders now are wise, they do not want to bully any one. If they do, they are stupid.

      China has not bullied the Philippines either. It was the Philippines that first tried to drive China away and began the Scarborough standoff. It had to retreat as the US told it to do so.

      This time India began to provoke China and has to finally retreat just as stupid as the Philippines.


      • alking1957 says:

        The last border war was caused by Indians sending troops many kilometers into Chinese territory, before Mao decided to kick the Indian butts (more than successfully) . It was not Mao’s fault at all.


    • Chin Kwaai Lan says:

      Twisted logic.
      “India was prepared to ‘take it all the way’ ….”.
      How is this accomplished with a military way weaker than China’s? A recent Indian audit showed the inadequacy of Indian AirForce, and ammunitions and supply could only last for three weeks. Unless USA is willing to back India all way with weapons and munitions etc.
      Indian missiles lack accuracy.
      War mongering Indians threatened blockade of Indian Ocean to cripple China.
      China’s DF21 missiles (carrier killer) are very useful to flatten Andaman and Nicobar naval bases in the event of a blockade in the India Ocean. China can respond by blocking shipping of oil from M E to India from the Pakistani port of Gwadar.
      It’s wise of India to withdraw.


  7. Basic rules says:

    It is just a lull. China cannot appease India. China cannot be blind with India’s naked COUNTER CHINA policy and it’s open desire to be loyal bitch of US.. Being loyal bitch of US is a legacy of colonial british era and counter China policy also another DNA leftover from British colonial era.

    What India fear is China Russia alliance. The present climb down probably happen because of Russia telling India to solve the border issue before the Brics summit in Xiamen.


    • alking1957 says:

      Quite possible. Forget about india treaing china as friend, it will never happen so long as Modi is in power, he is a Hindu fanatic. Fanatics are by definition, devoid of comm sense.