China and India Wise in Avoiding Border War

India must be praised that it withdrew its troops from Doklam on its own while Chinese border troops keep on their patrols there according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at the ministry’s routine press conference. Hua reiterated that Chinese border troops were continuing their patrols in the area.

Reuters says in its report “China says weather a factor in building roads along disputed India border” yesterday, “Neither country has offered explicit details of the terms of disengagement from the area which had raised fears of a wider conflict between the Asian giants who fought a brief border war in 1962.”

There has indeed been much speculation that the standoff there will lead to a war, but I predicted in my post that there would not be a war as Chinese leaders are not so stupid as to start a war with India (see my posts “China Stupid if It Started a Border War with India” on August 12 and “China Wise to Find Peaceful Solution to Border Standoff with India” yesterday).

However, there remains the question whether India wants to start a war with China to retaliate its defeat in 1962. The answer is clear to everyone. No, India dare not do so. Its defeat has made India living in constant fear of Chinese attack. That is why in spite of its lack of financial resources it has been conducting an arms race with China and kept on boasting its military strength to ease its own fear but scare no one.

Good neighborly relations may bring lots of benefits to both India and China; therefore, if China starts and wins one more war with India, it will only enhance India’s fear which remains so strong after decades of India’s defeat The war will make it even more difficult to restore the mutual trust between the two great nations that prevailed for years before India’s defeat.

The peaceful solution of the border standoff proves that both India and China have wise leaders now. India and Pakistan have both joined China- and Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which proves their desire for win-win cooperation within the organization. I believe through China and Russia’s efforts, India may overcome its fear of China and enmity against Pakistan and become China and Pakistan’s friends. After all win-win cooperation is much better than tension and war.

A very simple and clear example is the construction of oil and gas pipelines through Pakistan to enable India to have easy and safe access to oil and gas from the Middle East. If India maintains its high growth rate, it may become world’s top importer of oil and gas.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuter’s report, full text of which can be viewed at:


16 Comments on “China and India Wise in Avoiding Border War”

  1. Basic rules says:

    The author is completely ignorant of Indian think tanks and what they think about China. India want to literally rape China as loyal bitch of US in international diplomacy. If not possible, it will still rape China’s sisters and mothers aka Bhutan. Bhutan being a yellow Mongoloid country is perceived a sister of China.
    The Indian diplomats think India is superior to China because Indians are guru of Buddhism and yoga. The is status quo..

    Now, what is China’s response.. Will China be able to stop India from raping or gangraping its sisters. Follow and watch Indian narrative hence.. Ignorance of the author doesn’t stop Indians from their Indian narrative of raping Mongoloids.. Beware..


  2. Jorge says:

    This truce is valid up to conclusion of brics meeting. India been boiling and constipated since 1962..something will give out eventually.


    • Sibal says:

      China did not want to fight India on their home grounds of the Indian Ocean. The PLAN fighting in the Indian ocean would have no bases to repair damaged ships or easily re-supply their ships.

      Further, the Indian navy could have interrupted vital Chinese sea lanes and seriously damaged the Chinese economy. There are several major choke points the PLAN would have had to protect to ensure that their sealanes remained open.

      China saw all of this and decided to stop the building of this road and withdraw to where things were before the crisis. China played it smart as their soft underbelly had been exposed
      Major lessons were learned about China from this crisis. For one they are not as tough as they try to appear.


      • James says:

        There will a time and place for everything. Be patience.


      • Basic rules says:

        Chinese navy did live fire on Indian ocean and no complain from India.. China already show CHINESE navy capable of defending it’s interests even in Indian ocean.


      • Anonymous says:

        Your comments are one-sided and do not take into account what China will
        do. In response China can cripple oil supply from the Middle East from the Pakistani port of Gwadar. Super quiet submarines with air independent propulsion prowling the Indian Ocean will bottle up the Indian ports.
        There’s no need to fear a blockade in the Indian Ocean. China has stockpiled more than enough oil due to cheap supply in the past few years. There’s an overland route which is already in operation.
        Blockade means escalation of the conflict and India will be very sorry. China as the largest producer of missiles in the world will have ample to throw at India.


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  4. johnleecan says:

    The CPEC oil and gas pipelines was not meant to bring oil and gas to India. Why would China allow the pipelines to benefit India? Remember, Modi also snubbed the OBOR meeting.

    During the Dong Lang standoff, Indian military officials and news media are saying China will not start a war with India because India can cut off China’s energy route therefore, China is afraid. India also imposed anti dumping duties on 93 Chinese products during this time after politicians call for a boycott of Chinese products. No matter what India say or do, it won’t make much dent to China’s standing and image. China has been demonized by the west for so long and look where China is now.

    India was forced to withdrew because Modi was already in severe panic mode because if the standoff wasn’t resolved and he went ahead to the BRICS meeting in China, he would get a severe backlash from brainwashed Indians. Modi very much wanted and is dying to show up at the BRICS meeting.


    • Joseph says:

      The Mongol Genghis Khan also bypassed India on their way to conquer the Khwarezmid in the 13th century. He continued west to conquer Bagdad without even noticing India. If India was worth conquering, he would have done so. India was safe because it had nothing. In fact during 200 years Mongol rampage, they did not even take notice on India, until Babur the loser created secret harem there which was known as the White Moghul. Seven hundred years on, India is still not worth conquering. Ask the British. Nobody would bother to notice India unless they become a nuisance like in 1962. Why would anyone want to invest gas pipeline there out of profit? Only the American is stupid enough to look upon India hoping to suck dry Indian money, believing that Indian have large population that are as rich as the Chinese with savings under their pillows. But comparing India to China is an insult. After all, this is the emerging superpower that never emerge.


    • Sibal says:

      China was the loser in that China first triggered the crisis in Doklam by attempting to build a road and then was rebuffed by India standing up to their attempts. So as we look at the results today, China still does not have their road.
      China was stopped cold.


      • Basic rules says:

        Indian soldier were at most occupying upto 100 metres from. Border line and Indian outpost. So, what Road did India stop China from building? Road to Indian outpost.. Lol.

        Also, it was already an existing Road and China did repair them. Next step is for China to build Road to Bhutan as part of OBOR.

        And seeing BBC and other news, India climb down in Doklam or Donglang by withdrawing as demanded by China. China is still in Donglang and still patrol the place. Also, as per Chinese spokesperson Hua Chunying, China is building Road there.

        So, Indian withdrawal is Indian defeat.. Nothing change from. Chinese side..


      • Anonymous says:

        According to some sources, China has notified India twice about the road construction. It’s not China that triggered the standoff.
        Based on China’s past actions there’s more to road building in Doklam. The road building is a ploy to achieve geopolitical objectives. We have to wait for further developments like China- Bhutan relationship to know who wins. As a start, India’s hegemonic intentions have been exposed by this Doklam incident by acting as a protector of Bhutan and possible annexation in future. Sikkim has suffered this fate.

        Care to look at the map.
        There’s not much strategic advantage for China to gain by construction of the road.
        The agreed disengagement is made with vague announcement so that there’s room for so-called chest thumping especially on the Indian side.


  5. Steve says:

    Excellent commentary … India’s decision to retreat it’s troops should be respected and is praiseworthy. What’s the point of India facing a second defeat causing an environmental catastrophe and tragedy to the surrounding villages and townships. Both nations would have suffered an economic turmoil. A prolonged war will invite the silent scoundrels ( US & Japan ) to support the Indian military. It would be a dream for the scoundrels to try and crumble both Indian and Chinese economies. India’s conventional military is no match for China, but both countries are interdependent. Geopolitical equations are not an one sided affair. The geographical location of China vis-a-vis India answers everything.

    War is Not an option and India is obviously Not Stupid having to withdraw from Doklam. At the end of the day, it does make India looking tough pounding its hairy chest by intruding into Chinese territory. Sadly for India, the Modi gang ran out of gas. I strongly believe China would have given India an Ultimatum in September. By then, it’s too late for India to save face.

    Politically India, Pakistan and China should try to be All Weather friends via BRICS or trilateral diplomatic negotiations, bury their hatchets and move forward. The economic growth in this region of Asia would be unmatchable for decades.

    Meanwhile, Bhutan’s foreign diplomatic relations to this Doklam standoff is minimal, since the area belongs to China. Bhutan has no foreign diplomacy with any of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC. For Bhutan to establish any formal diplomatic relations with China, will also need diplomatic ties with the remaining four.

    Bhutan will establish economic bilateral negotiations with China.


  6. Simon says:

    The Donglang area was dispute between China and Bhutan. It has nothing to do with India.


  7. alking1957 says:

    Another indian leader might recognize win win opportunities, but not Modi


  8. Fre Okin says:

    ‘India must be praised that it withdrew its troops from Doklam on its own”

    Not true. Bhutan must have given India an ultimatum to withdraw or she establish diplomatic ties with China immediately, cutting off India’s economic strangulation immediately. India thus ‘beg’ China to end the standoff.

    China consider upcoming cold weather, BRIC meeting and decide to withdraw But stay Nearby. Further China have hinted next time if India move over again, she will use her intermediate range ballistic missile to blast off the road leading to Doklam to make sure the Indian rats don’t crawl over again.

    So China Win and as a benevolent victor, China always allow her enemy to save face. India should thank China for giving her a face saving way out!