Chinese President Xi Jinping Calling for “Toilet Revolution”

China’s public toilets have long been notorious for their unhygienic conditions. President Xi Jinping has decided that this needs to change, and is calling (in Chinese) for a “toilet revolution” (厕所革命 cèsuǒ gémìng).
• Xinhua says China’s top leader has “personally spoken out on this seemingly petty issue” because it affects rural development and tourism, and offers the opportunity for innovative sanitary products to be designed in China.
•The idea of a “toilet revolution” was first used in state media in 2015.

China has worried about its toilets for at least a decade:
•In 2006, Chinese internet users were outraged when a Taiwanese model who had built a career as a TV presenter in the mainland criticized Chinese public toilets for their dirty conditions and lack of doors.
•Before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the city announced plans to construct “64 four-star, 197 three-star and 118 one-star toilets at all its major tourist attractions.”
•In 2008, the People’s Daily also noted plans for an “electronic guidance system for public lavatories.”
•In 2012, Beijing city authorities issued a set of guidelines for public toilets that stipulated that each toilet should contain no more than two flies.
•When the “toilet revolution” first launched in 2015, a model public toilet equipped with a TV as well as vending and ATM machines was displayed in Beijing.
•In 2016, Beijing authorities said they would build 100 toilets with free Wi-Fi access.

Source: SubChina “The toilet revolution”

Note: This is SubChina’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

5 Comments on “Chinese President Xi Jinping Calling for “Toilet Revolution””

  1. Btan says:

    Indians with superior civilisation will refuse to buy Chinese toilets. They prefer to drop their dung on the beach or on the roadside.


  2. Steve says:

    Soon China will have the most advanced innovative
    engineered toilet systems and designs in the world.
    Lots of export billions of $$$ in toilet cistern trade. Imagine Exports to India alone will surpass several billions. This will also invigorate US toilet house infrastructures.


  3. Simon says:

    Flush Trump down the loo


  4. alking1957 says:

    People should goto those national parks in usa like Yosemite, yellow stone park, etc and see how backwards and smelly they are. I’ll take the toilets in jiuzhaigou or zhangjiajie anytime over those.


    • Joseph says:

      Yosemite? A bit too far just to see some filthy toilets, isn’t it? Local pubs are a lot closer. I bet they still use rags to wipe like the old days, and they do not even wash the rags after use. Even Buckingham Palace only had toilets after the German Prince Albert made some ‘modifications’. Before that, sewage always flooded up during rains for centuries. Toilet paper is an old Chinese innovation that Western people only adopted recently. Many of them surprisingly are still not accustomed to use toilet paper even to this day, after 70 years since Western toilet paper was introduced, preferring the rags or not to wipe at all. They always say that it is not easy to educate Chinese people to do the right hygiene, that it may take generations, but not many people would zoom in Western people’s toilet practices, which were ‘assumed’ always hygienic. Ones who does would find that they are not dissimilar to low-educated Chinese, and that it is even harder to educate ‘ordinary’ Westerners to do the right hygienes. After all, we wash ourselves everyday, significantly more often than their every week. One survey indicates that a major cause of mobile phone damages among female users in most Western countries is water damage caused by mobile phone falling into toilet bowls. How on Earth does a mobile phone can get close to toilet bowl, even if they were using mobile phone while doing their ‘things’. They are not using their mobile phone to wipe, aren’t they?