Taiwan Plays into China’s Hands

China is wise to follow Deng Xiaoping’s instruction on giving priority to economic development. When it has attained the goal of building China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful by the middle of the century, there will be no problems of US containment, even less Taiwan independence.

The US lays its hope to make China unable to attain its ambitious goal mainly on:
1. China’s domestic disturbance caused mainly by dissents for Western democracy, press freedom, human rights, etc.

China counters that with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics on a New Year to infuse self-confidence in China’s path, system, theory and culture.

It regards Western, especially American efforts to spread Western democracy and values such as press freedom and human rights as measures to subvert Chinese government. It, therefore, adopts harsh measures to suppress dissents. 709 crackdown was a typical example.

2. Riots for independence in Tibet, Xinjiang, etc., especially the Islamic terrorist attacks that may give rise to panic throughout China.

That is why the US media supports Uygur separatists and describes Uygur terrorist attacks as something caused by Uygurs’ opposition to Chinese government’s restriction to their religious freedom.

Taiwan independence may trigger such Chinese ethnic minority’s riots so that China absolutely disallows that. The situation now is that Taiwanese government is entirely unable to openly advocate independence due to lack of US support. If China takes Taiwan by force, the US may be involved but the US does not have any vital interests in Taiwan to justify a war for Taiwan against China.

Though China is now strong enough to take Taiwan by force and though it is not likely that the US will fight a war with China for Taiwan, Chinese leaders shall be wise not to choose a military solution to the Taiwan issue as wise economic approaches are quite sufficient.

In addition, economic approaches work well due to the stupidity of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. Chinese air force has carried out lots of patrols around Taiwan to give the false impression that China is making preparations for taking Taiwan by force. According to Reuters’ report yesterday titled “Taiwan president warns China against military aggression”, Tsai believes that China is going to take Taiwan by force so that she warns China against military aggression.

What she says on the military tension precisely plays into China’s hands. She makes Taiwanese and foreign businessmen scared so that they dare not invest in Taiwan. Without injection of investments how can she reinvigorate Taiwan’s sagging economy?

Moreover, she is stupid to increase Taiwan’s purchases of weapons for possible resistance against Chinese troops. She simply lacks the common sense that Taiwan cannot afford an arms race with China. She is depriving Taiwan of its limited financial resources for improvement of its economy.

As a result she will be replaced by a pro-Beijing president. When that has happened, China will resume its preferential treatment to win over Taiwan. That is China’s carrot and stick approach. It will be much better than a military approach.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at https://www.reuters.com/article/us-taiwan-president/taiwan-president-warns-china-against-military-aggression-idUSKBN1EN0JU.


3 Comments on “Taiwan Plays into China’s Hands”

  1. Dr Wu Mao says:

    It is true that spending money on arms race takes away funds that could be used to develop and prosper the Taiwanese populace. Such truisms are evident in places like South Korea, Japan and the Sarawak state of Malaysia. When your military defence is provided by another larger entity, your people can focus on making a better living and actualizing their aspirations or dreams. Without this umbrella, power or the lust for power through the opportunity of military arms seeps into the minds and ambitions of the neocon- type psychopaths and sociopaths in any society.

    To therefore hear some strongmen says their states are peaceful and prosperous is because of them, is misleading. It is because the military is controlled by another, a powerful benign centre, that he is not allowed to abuse the military power for his own personal psychopathic/sociopathic ambitions.

    Taiwan would be even more prosperous and peaceful if it allows itself to become an autonomous state of China, not having to worry nor think about the huge expenses for military defence. And there will be less corruption and abuse of power. They can focus on their well being and culture. This applies equally well to Outer Mongolia too.

    As a digression, it is unfortunate, Muslim populated places tend to think only in terms of raw power. Look at Xinjiang and Tibet. One is wracked by extremism while the other prospered because it appreciated the benefits of autonomy.

    The CIA and Delhi funded ambitious power hungry “Dalai Lama” and his unthinking followers were on the wrong side of history and are now abused second class citizens of india, with arms twisted to publicly support india’s illegal annexation of Buddhist Tawang and South Tibet. What an ironic twist to their tale of their fight for independence. In their quest, they became the “ginger bread man” who was eaten alive by the sanctimonious hypocritical “helpful” indian “wolf” while “crossing the river”.

    Meanwhile Xinjiang’s Uigyurs conveniently forget they are not native to Xinjiang but migrants from the Tajikistan Pamirs since the Tang period. They could be justifiably repatriated if need be lest they fail to remember their origins again.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent commentary — Taiwan is the strategic gateway to the SouthEast, that is, the boundary between the ECS and SCS. The province of Taiwan is an important strategic value for the Motherland protecting vital sea lanes. As soon as unification is achieved, China can easily widen its scope of operations to encompass the entire China Sea and yellow sea. Once unified, the PRC can easily push eastwards 300 to 500km increasing the strategic depth at sea., Tsai understands the importance of Taiwan to China, but she is playing the bloody fool with her delusional independence party. She is truly a thorn to unification. By the end of 2018, Taiwan will be the poorest province in China. Her time as President is running out.