China Complete Assembling of First Homegrown Large Airliner Engine

Verification model of homegrown engine for large airliner. photo

According to a report at the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has recently completed in Shanghai the assembly of a verification engine of its first homegrown CJ-1000AX turbofan.

The engine consists of 35,000 parts, some of which are very difficult to make, for example the high hollow-rate wide chord fan of titanium alloy, the large thin aluminum alloy case for fan and the fuel nozzle for its combustion chamber made by 3D printing.

Breakthroughs have been made in tackling the technologies through cooperation with 24 entities.

The success making the verification engine lays foundation for verification tests of China’s civilian high bypass ratio engine for large airliners.

Source: “China Complete Assembling of First Homegrown Engine for Large Airliner” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


One Comment on “China Complete Assembling of First Homegrown Large Airliner Engine”

  1. Dr Wu Mao says:

    35,000 parts? That’s an awful lot of parts and costs. Maybe better to change the paradigm? Is combustion engine the only way to power an aeroplane? How about anti-gravity powered by electro-magnetic engines, navigated by magnetic north-south attraction and repulsion and pushes? Maybe you won’t need 35,000 parts and the ride may be smoother and safer. Like the existing maglev train lines. And the electric cars. Besides there are too many polluting contrails/chemtrails left by jet engines these days.