Maiden Flight of 3rd China-made C919 Large Airliner within This Year

China’s homegrown C919 large airliner. photo

During the two sessions of NPC and CPPCC, progress in the development of China’s homegrown C919 large airliners draws keen interest. NPC deputy Xiang Qiao told reporters that so far great progress has been made in key technology of the core parts of C919. Xiang is deputy chief designer of the state major special project of aviation engines and gas turbines and a member of Chinese Engineering Academy.

According to Xiang, China is closer to the goal of obtaining the ability to produce advanced aviation engines independently than ever before.

He pointed out that China’s goal is not so simple as to make a few types of engines but to lay sound foundation for scientific research and technology and establish close cooperation among various domestic collages and scientific research institutes to join force and superior resources to tackle key problems.

Another NPC deputy and member of the Academy, chief designer of C919 Wu Guanghui said that China had made two prototypes and tested them a total of 23 time. He disclosed that maiden flight of the third prototype of C919 is expected to be conducted at the end of this year. China plans to make three more prototypes for test flights to ensure that they meet over 1,000 requirements. There will also be two more prototypes for whole-plane static and stress tests.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily “C919 chief designer: Maiden flight of third homegrown large airliner expected at the end of this year” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)