Chinese Navy Will Grow Stronger than the US, What for?

In its article “How Does China’s Navy Compare to America’s?”. Newsweek quotes Admiral Phil Davidson, a nominee to lead U.S. Pacific Command and current head of the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command on the East Coast, as saying at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that China “is no longer a rising power but an arrived great power and peer competitor.”

According to retired Rear Admiral Terence Edward McKnight, projecting force is more difficult than fighting close to home, so that Newsweek says, “It may already be too late to challenge China in its home waters. For all its protests, the U.S. has been unable to stop or slow the construction of artificial islands in the sea, which have effectively fortified China’s disputed claims.”

Such fast development of Chinese Navy to safeguard its rights and interests it has claimed for centuries in the South China Sea is indispensable for China and in fact nothing to do for the US, but why does China compete with the US in the development of navy?

If it wants to protect its trade lifelines through the oceans, I said in my book “Space Era Strategy” that development of aerospace bombers is quite enough.

Why shall China have a navy stronger than the US?

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative for China’s economic expansion in the world makes that necessary as China has to protect its growing interests abroad. Historically, Silk Road only provided China with connections with Europe and the Middle East but Xi’s Silk Road now will stretch to the entire world including South America. (See my post “China’s Economic Expansion Welcome in Latin America” yesterday.)

Due to such economic expansion, China needs a navy stronger than the US to protect its interests all over the world as the US will challenge China in the high seas with its navy. Due to the Thucydides Trap mentality, the US will not allow China to grow stronger than it. Certainly it is possible that the US may not fall into the trap, but China has to be prepared. If its navy has grown much stronger than the US, the US simply dare not challenge China.

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6 Comments on “Chinese Navy Will Grow Stronger than the US, What for?”

  1. Steve says:

    China will develop the space era strategy of aerospace bombers and fully advance in the development of all types of warships including carriers, advance submarines, stealth warplanes,
    weaponry, etc. With China’s talented scientist, engineers and strategist, the design of all future warships including submarines, hypersonics, quantum technologies, etc will be much more advanced than the US. China should be wary of US hegemonic mentality that is divisive and untrustworthy. China has the backing of its superpower economic status and continue to pursue military supremacy for the purpose of active defence. China trade with over 124 countries and require at least 50 military outpost to police it’s trade routes.

    China should remember that the 1996 Taiwan crisis was a bitter blow to China’s military lacking in satellite technologies, when the US shut off the GPS, leaving China blindsided. 30 years ago, the idea of belt & road and island engineering in the SCS was just a pipe dream. This Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road is now the Brainchild of China’s phenomenal development. China need to safeguard it’s investments against warmongers especially the US and it’s ‘Mistress states like UK, Australia, France and Japan.’


  2. alking1957 says:

    The only reason for China to exceed the US in naval power would be if the Hegemon continues to bully other so called “regular” countries that have good relations to China in order to try to “isolate” China. Thus if the US is able to get rid of its zero sum mentality, it will be able to remain the number 1 military power. China would be glad to have someone be the leader so long as her own interests are not threatened. But so far there is no sgn that the US has a win win mentality.


    • Joseph says:

      I suppose the American has no more win win mentality. Even their media has started to speculate what role could the American play in ‘post-American’ Asia. Be it because of no money or no hope. American has largely thought that Asia has already been lost.


  3. Joseph says:

    It is obvious that the recent ‘show of force’ by the USS Theodore Roosevelt earlier turned into the show of farce with the Chinese showing off their battle fleet in front of American loaned ‘battlegroup’. Even if the Roosevelt is much stronger than the Liaoning, the American can no longer assemble a full fledged carrier battlegroup. I bet the American could not wait to go back to San Diego, especially with them taking risk flying their badly-needed ‘modern’ F/A-18s, since those planes only perform take off and landing, not a really proper military exercise. Who were they bluffing to? A couple of Filipino rogue generals? Surely the Filipinos were impressed since Phillipines has no fighter jet like those F/A-18s. Even the American only offered rusted cutters rather than rusted fighter jets. However, F/A-18 does not impress everyone else. Even Indonesia prefers Sukhoi rather than those junks. Even Malaysia had to be forced to purchase F/A-18s to preserve defence treaty that immediately went defunct after the F/A-18s purchase. The Malaysian was fortunate they only purchase half a squadron. China clear grows stronger than the American. And the American helps China a lot by getting lousy themselves. With American scheme on playing regional countries against each other is busted, no one in the region wants to have anything to do with the American and its Western cronies anymore. Even Australian ship can no longer sail across their ‘sphere of influence’ anymore without proper permission from the countries in the so called “sphere of influence’. It already makes Australian navy to be a green water navy as they no longer have anywhere for their power projection. Now even a bar drunken rants between drinking buddies in Vanuatu has caused so much anxiety about Chinese base, which would confine Australia in the middle of the Pacific, alone and penniless. Yes, this one was not a deliberate fake news, it was an innocent drunken news. In the near future, it is not only China that the American has to worry of getting stronger. Everyone in the region is getting stronger. They may not be as strong as China, but their common goal is to be stronger than America and any bullying Western countries. This way, Western colonialism can really be vanquished for good from the region. Yes, the tension is rising hot in the South China Sea, for Western powers. Soon just like Australia, the American navy would be reduced to green water navy, in the newly-confined America which will have no choice but to accept North American regional power only status.


    • Steve says:

      Yes and Australia ordered $50 billion worth of French DCNS Barracuda submarines besides spending billions on the flying turkeys F35A. The French submarines will serve Australia for decades. Looks like Australia are the kissing cousins of India. They are always trying to figure out where and how to buy their next fleet of warships and jet fighters. By the time they receive their shopping list, it’s outdated junk.

      This week a French military media said in just four years China has built a warship more advanced than the ENTIRE French navy. In Syria an Israeli F35 latest model was short down by an outdated Russian S200 missile with the help of China’s outdated stealth radar bought by Syria over 10 years ago. Also, the F22s confirmed by an American pilot that it’s avionics are outdated junk.


      • Joseph says:

        ‘Looks like Australia are the kissing cousins of India’? Cousins? Are you implying that they are equal? That would be too much. Australia is never cousin to India. Their relationship is more to the slave owner’s son and his father’s freed slave. Or more like Queen Victoria’s sons and Abdul’s sons. In Imperial China, it would be like minor prince with palace eunuch. Sometimes palace eunuch had more favor than a minor prince, and the minor prince often sucked up the eunuch to gain favor from the palace. But in the end a minor prince is still a prince and a eunuch is still a eunuch. They could never be cousins. Similarly with Australia and India. Australia may suck up to Indian for now because they need something from India, but in the end Australia would behave like prince-inheritor of the British and India would be just a British slave/eunuch. And it would be a shock to India. Wasn’t it the cause of Australia’s clash with Malaysia during Mahathir-Keating era?