Poor US Initiatives in Asia to Counter China’s Belt and Road

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s predecessor Rex Tillerson planned to use so-called Quad to contain China militarily, but India is not willing to confront China while Japan wants better access to China’s vast market. As a result, Tillerson’s Quad dream was broken.

Now, Reuters says in its report “Wary of China’s rise, Pompeo announces U.S. initiatives in emerging Asia”, “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced $113 million in new technology, energy and infrastructure initiatives in emerging Asia on Monday, at a time when China is pouring billions of dollars in investments into the region.”

What Pompeo wants? Experts believe that Pompeo wants to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative, but if the US invests in energy and infrastructure just as China’s Belt and Road has been doing. The US is joining China’s Belt and Road as China welcomes others to join it.

Others may use the energy and infrastructure built under the Belt and Road initiative while China can also use those US invests in Asia as Pompeo says he wants a “free and open” Asia.

China can use the energy and infrastructure to move its labor-intensive industries to the “free and open” Asia, but the US has no such industries to move there. It means that the US will make investment solely to facilitate China’s resistance against Trump’s tariff hikes on its exports.

What is Pompeo doing? It is really puzzling.

If the US wants to contain China, resumption of its participation in TPP will be much more effective.

Do you think the US may win the trade war with such commanders?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade/wary-of-chinas-rise-pompeo-announces-u-s-initiatives-in-emerging-asia-idUSKBN1KK0V5.

2 Comments on “Poor US Initiatives in Asia to Counter China’s Belt and Road”

  1. Steve says:

    The White house is suffering from a surge of anxiety and confusion. Is protectionist America 1st trying to globalise Asia to make America great again. This is one of the worst foreign policy from the White house. Since the era of Ronald Reagan, US corporations has been establishing foreign policies for the US govt., example in the Middle East, US petroleum companies and financial investment corporations are investing heavily under the protection of US military. The US will use national security as an excuse to invade sovereign nations under the pretext of terrorism and US interest in the region.

    Since the Indo-Pacific Quad Crap has fallen to the way side, the US is now establishing foreign policies in Asia with a ‘huge’ US govt. initiative of $113 million for infrastructures, energy, etc.? It’s not even enough to buy one of those overrated flying turkeys F35.

    The Trump administration is better off joining China led AIIB instead of wasting American greenbacks on an unintuitive US initiatives of $113 million. Pompeo is trying to link US economic power with it’s geo-strategic power play in Asia with just $113 million.?

    Is the US trying to follow China’s govt. led initiatives over three decades ago.? Chinese govt. establishes it’s own foreign policies and then inviting Chinese multi corporations to invest. I think it’s about time US impeach Trump and overhaul US policies and link to China’s global power to avoid total bankruptcy.


  2. Simon says:

    Universities in America is joining China’s OBOR. Clearly America is feeling left out and want a piece of the action. Clearly they are looking at in a couple of years time when Trump is no longer in office.