China Turbine Blade Breakthrough Enables Use of Electromagnetic Catapult

According to its report “China makes turbine blade breakthrough that could give Type 055 guided-missile destroyers an edge” the day before yesterday with Russian help, China has achieved “Milestone” advance in turbine blade development to “give Type 055 guided-missile destroyer an edge”.

The blade is the core component of powerful gas turbines. With such powerful turbines the destroyers may be equipped with super efficient integrated electric propulsion systems (IEPS) that would allow it to operate high-energy, hi-tech weapons such as laser guns and rail guns much more powerful than conventional weapons.

If such blade is used in the gas turbines of China’s new aircraft carriers, there will be sufficient energy for electromagnetic catapults.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s reports, full text of which can be viewed at

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  1. Foxhound says:

    Sincerely Chan I do have difficulties to follow you regarding the Railgun, and the breakthrough relative to the chinese’s blades. If the Railgun does need enough electric power don’t you think that US could afford such technologies ? However they gave up the project, for their US Navy destroyers, meanwhile they were the pioneers. Russia as US can afford to miniaturize nuclear power plant enough to be embedded inside an airplane since the 50’s. A power plant that provide enough energies even for laser. However the only power that exhibited its naval railgun is China, neither US nor Russia. In the SMCP’s article there is something that is not logical. Does the Railgun needs only blades able to high speeds ? If so why are Russians not ahead in Railguns ? Iam not expert in this area. If you do have clues please let us know.
    Thx for your article.


    • Kwai Laan Chin says:

      According to the following report

      “China is believed to have acquired a key technology enabling the development of the electromagnetic weapon after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 when it bought out the British firm Dynex Semiconductor. This led to the production of insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) chips which are vital for modern energy conversion systems.

      Combining this with new integrated electrical propulsion systems in warships enables the use of electromagnetic catapults to launch fighters from carriers without the need for powerful nuclear powerplants.”

      “Military technology expert Wang Ping at the Institute of Electrical Engineering under the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing told Chinese media the new system meant electricity-hungry launch systems and weapons could now be used on any conventionally powered vessel.”

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    • NSKZ says:

      Russia has the Peresvet system which is the only combat laser system in service as far as I am aware suggesting that it has access to these blades also. I image that Russia does not have railguns because it lacks the material science required to produce railguns that don’t break down after a couple of shots, same as with the US.

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