China World Be Stupid to Fight for World Leadership with the US

Bloomberg published a stupid article “China’s Military Seeks New Islands to Conquer” on February 22 by its opinion columnist James Stavridis who Bloomberg holds in high esteem as he is a retired U.S. Navy admiral, former military commander of NATO and dean emeritus of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is also an operating executive consultant at the Carlyle Group and chairs the board of counselors at McLarty Associates.

However the writer’s quite impressive past and present positions, especially his previous high military ranks do not mean that that his opinions are wise; therefore, Bloomberg has to attach a disclaimer to the end of the article: This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.

First the title of the article is stupid. China has not conquered any island. Perhaps, the writer means the artificial islands China has built in the South China Sea but the artificial islands are built on the reefs China has already had control. Even if the reefs had been conquered by China, China would only have conquered some reefs instead of islands as the artificial islands simply did not exist when China had conquered the reefs

The article mentioned five island chains hinting that China has ambition to conquer any of them but without the least evidence to prove its allegations.

It cannot but conclude with the stupid self-contradiction in its last paragraph. “None of this means the U.S. is locked into an inevitable war with China, despite some foreign-policy mandarins’ predictions to the contrary.” … “But in today’s world, both the U.S. and China have broader global ambitions and larger international trade empires to defend.”

US global ambition for world hegemony is clear to all. If China has the same broader ambition, the two countries might well be locked into an inevitable war contrary to what the writer states.

Fortunately, China is not so stupid as to seek replacement of the US as world hegemon. That is why in fact China is not locked into an inevitable war with the US.

The US itself has found its world leadership (in fact world hegemony) too heavy a burden so that US President Trump has been demanding US allies to increase military spending for their defense to reduce US military expenditures. It is also the reason why Trump has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and threatened trade war with its allies as the US finds that its allies exploit US economic leadership to benefit themselves at US expense. Trump is now pursuing isolationism but lots of US elite like the writer of the article still pursue US world hegemony. As a result, they fear that China will rise to replace the US and have spoken and written a lot about their fear of China. The Bloomberg article is a typical example.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Bloomberg’s article, full text of which can be viewed at


5 Comments on “China World Be Stupid to Fight for World Leadership with the US”

  1. Bloomberg, CNN, NYT, Wapo, Wallstreet Journal, Guardian, Financial Times, etc, etc, are all propaganda mouth pieces of the Degenerate West. Thats all there is to it.


  2. Simon says:

    I bet this James Stavridis is also a business associate of big defence companies applying for funds from the American government.


  3. Steve says:

    ‘China’s military seeks new islands to conquer’

    The writer is a fake news story composer. His intention is to mislead readers by fabricating non existing evidence that China’s assets in the SCS are obtained thru conquest. In other words the ‘inhabitants’ of those islands were conquered by China thru military force. The only inhabitants on those reefs are sea shells and sea creatures.

    If China wish to “conquer the five island chains,” All the marine inhabitants and sea shells would welcome China’s construction from reefs to islands. The underwater seaworld has gone that much bigger, lots more fun for the marine sea creatures and mammals. China will continue to engineer any unsinkable reef(s) within it’s jurisdiction, no need for ‘conquest.’

    China is a geostrategic economic global powerhouse. Is US in the equation.?


  4. Joe zhifu says:

    China just dont need USA to make trouble for it. Never again will China be bullied again. The West continue their plundering habit and shown by UK (a has been Super power ) wanting to show China that UK is back with their aircraft carrier. Go back and dream of the past and leave the future to Asians who has seen peace for several decades.


    • Simon says:

      The British aircraft carriers was built using massive cranes custom made in China. Without Chinese help the British would not be able to build the carriers. Now they want to show off in front of China. What damn cheek!