Sino-Russian Rail Bridge for Connection to Russian Silk Road Belt

Soybean in the warehouse of a local trading company, April 1, 2019. /CGTN Photo

In my post “Russia-China Alliance Remains if US Threat Removed” yesterday, I said, “Chinese leaders are wise to launch their Belt and Road initiative (BRI) to seek win-win cooperation with other countries for mutual benefits. Russian leaders are wise to enjoy the benefit of BRI as Russia’s underdeveloped east and north lie precisely in Silk Road economic belt.”

In order to develop the areas, there has to be win-win cooperation between China and Russia in building infrastructures for connection. CGNT says in its report “First Sino-Russian rail bridge to boost connectivity and trade” today that the two nations have built their first cross-border railway bridge with annual throughput capacity of 21 million metric tons. The report can be viewed at

Through the bridge Russia will export iron ore, coal, limber, etc. to China while China will send consumer goods to Russia. Moreover, the report says, “(M)ore Sino-Russian cross-border infrastructure programs are expected to be completed soon, which will make northern China a corridor towards central Asia and Europe.”

According to the report, the Russian Jewish Autonomous Region is trying to attract more Chinese enterprises to their advanced development zones. The goods produced in and exported from the region to the US will certainly not be affected by the tariff hikes of US trade war with China.

Moreover, Russia has lots of virgin land in Siberia to be used for production of soybean and other crops to replace China’s imports from the US.

Russia will thus help China in resisting US trade war attacks and benefit itself.

I said in my previous posts “Russia-China Alliance, the Impossible Made Possible” that US containment of both Russia and China has made possible the Russia-China alliance that had been impossible due to the historical enmity between Russia and China. In my post “Russia-China Alliance Remains if US Threat Removed” yesterday, I said as the alliance of necessity between the two to resist US containment has turned out to be an alliance of mutual benefit, the alliance will not break if US threat has been removed. Now, US trade war has made the alliance even more mutually beneficial as due to the trade war, Russia can use its vast land to produce agricultural goods to replace China’s imports from the US. China’s demand for such imports will keep on growing as Chinese people grow increasingly rich along with China’s economic growth.

Russia will get the opportunity of development thanks to US trade war while the US will suffer. Who can the US blame? The one who starts a war must suffer the damages and pay the costs of the war. That is true for all wars. Trade war is no exception.

Article by Chan Kai Yee