China’s Influence Rises while US’s Declines in Latin America

Washington Post shows its unhappiness at the rise of China’s influence in Latin America in its article “Trump soured relations in Latin America. China and Russia have welcomed the chaos” on April 20.

However, it is common sense that a country’s influence grows as it rises and reduces as it declines.

The US is declining as it is in chaos at home. It cannot prevent the entry of large number of immigrants and drugs or reduce crimes. even the crimes of indiscriminate massacre of innocent people, due to its poor governance. Frustrated, it wants Latin America to resolve its problems by pressuring them.

China, however, has a party that governs the country wonderfully. It has almost eliminated poverty throughout the nation. Its tight security measures have not only greatly reduced crimes but also prevented the terrorist attacks by the Muslim extremists trained and sent back by ISIS.

Throughout the world, China is conducting win-win cooperation with other nations including those in Latin America. The US has been trying hard to spread the lies about debt traps, spying, etc. but the lies cannot deceive Latin American nations as they have really been benefited by trade with and investment from China.

The article blames US President Trump for China’s successes and US failures in Latin America, but can any US administration put an end to immigration from poor American countries without building a wall or reduce drugs and crimes? US liberal democracy controlled by vested interests is the root cause for US decline. Only a thorough reform can stop the decline. Trump tries to recover US greatness but encounters lots of opposition. Trump’s “America first” hurts US relations with other countries but the US cannot afford provision of military protection or financial aids to keep good relations with them.

Can the writer of the article invent any alternatives to Trump’s approaches to put an end to US decline and improve US diplomacy?

China’s expansion of trade and investment in Latin America are win-win cooperation that benefits both China and Latin America. It certainly will enhance China’s influence there but that is not the goal of such cooperation. It will not be so stupid as to lose money in the trade and investment for geopolitical influence in remote Latin America. Russia will perhaps do so as a measure to counter US containment of it, but it is not rich enough to do so.

The article blames Trump for US failure but reflects US helplessness to revert its decline.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Washington Post’s article, full text of whci can be viewed at


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