Associations drift back to Huawei membership

Despite the US government blacklist, many industry associations are restoring membership with telecom giant

By Asia Times staff

Several global technology associations, including the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance, have put Huawei back on their member lists, The Paper ( reported.

As of Wednesday, SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, The Bluetooth Special Interest Group and the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association have all restored Huawei memberships, the report said.

The latter associations quietly updated their member lists on their official websites to include Huawei, it said.

These associations voluntarily suspended or restricted Huawei membership last Friday after the US government announced it would “blacklist” the Chinese telecom giant.

The associations claimed to be independent, however, as they moved fast to cut ties with Huawei after the US ban was announced, the report said.

Sources with knowledge of the matter explained that the associations would require some time to make clear the situation before they restore Huawei membership.

According to Huawei’s annual report, it has joined over 400 industry associations globally.

Source: Asia Times “Associations drift back to Huawei membership”

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  1. Huawei should just give these associations the middle finger, and push out its own high speed wifi, high speed blue tooth, etc. just leave them behind.