Huawei Threatens to break Google’s Monopoly of Mapping Survice

Forbes says in its report “Huawei’s New Google Maps Rival ‘Launches In October’ As Battle Commences” on August 17, “According to Chinese media, Huawei is stepping up its rivalry with Google with plans to launch its own mapping service as soon as October.”

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei warned the U.S. this week, that if its hand is forced by a U.S. blacklist which denies access to Google’s full-fat Android operating system, then it will set out to break Google and Apple’s global dominance of the smartphone ecosystem. This would be a clear part of that strategy. “

I said in my previous posts that Chinese engineers and technicians will strike back hard if insulted and cited as an example of China’s development of AEW&C airplanes as advanced as American ones when the US forced Israel to cancel its sell of AEW&C airplanes to China.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Forbes’ article, full text of which can be viewed at

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  1. Kwai Laan says:

    Your four reasons thst Huawei won’t solve it’s problems come from this news article:

    One reader (Stephen Davies) of this article gave this comment:

    “An interest view, but very wrong. Perhaps do some research first before making comment.

    Harmony OS is 100% compatible with Android apps. Android is a Linux Operating system with customisation. Apps built for Android are Java based and common platform independant runtime language. Harmony OS is derived from the original open source Android platform (which was not created by Google) and supports Java natively as does Android.
    Whilst Harmony OS may not have direct access to play store, playal store is not the only app store out there. There are many other 3rd party alternatives.

    Huawei already has is own app gallary with many thousands of apps optimised for huawei devices.

    You make reference to os migration issues from one vendor to another. Having going from Nexus to Pixel to Moto and then 4 different generation of huawei devices and can assure you the cloning and migration feature of huawei just works perfectly.

    I have also migrated successfully from iOS to Android without issue although a little complex. I think you under estimate Huawei’s ability to make such a migration as simple for a user.

    Btw, the credit cards etc are not stored on the phone’s OS, it’s stored by your nominated cloud platform. I get my credit cards, users, passwords, etc that are setup in my Google account available on my Windows pc, huawei phone, Samsung tablet and my test iPhone. Not a problem.

    Oh, and despite the USA ban and claims of no more OS updates, I just got Android 9.1 update this week on my Huawei P10pro handset.

    So let’s stop with the #fakenews on Huawei and what it’s not going to do and actually report on reality.”

    Please do some research before you post.
    Don’t bash for the sake of bashing.


  2. Joe zhifu says:

    Winning trade wars is hard. Starting a trade war is a no brainer. Oops Trump is a no brainer.


  3. Steve says:

    Ren Zhengfei is starting to show Huawei’s trump cards to demolish and dominate google’s monopoly of mapping service, yet giving the US a second chance to back off its blacklisting of Huawei.

    Another Chinese Ingenuity … its endless.

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    • Software says:

      Huawei will need all the ‘chinese ingenuity” it can muster to overcome the tremendous headstart Google has over its attempts to establish its OS as a trusted alternative to Android. It should be remembered that Huawei has been building its own OS since 2012 without great success.
      Now it is facing how it can keep up with Android and iOS in terms of features. Plus, it has to ensure that there are regular security updates to patch any vulnerabilitie. Tough challenges indeed.


      • johnleecan says:

        “It should be remembered that Huawei has been building its own OS since 2012 without great success.” = false, untrue, a lie, a deliberate distortion of truth.

        In fact, Google requested back in 2012 to Huawei not to introduce its own OS and Huawei gave face to Google and politely agreed, just like what most Chinese do to their business partners or friends or relatives, etc. But this Google has now turn into a backstabber so Huawei has to come out and use its own OS.

        How can one explain Huawei coming out with its own Harmony OS just this month with its Honor Smart TV if it was not successful. And Huawei could possibly introduce its own OS on their smart phone later this year for the Chinese market and possibly on the global market by next year.

        The bigger a business company, the more tough challenges one will always encounter. It is stupid to think otherwise. Only simple minded and ignorant employees or individuals thinks it’s simple to run even a small 7-11 store.


        • OS says:

          Four reasons Huawei’s new Harmony OS won’t solve its problems:
          1. App shortage
          2. Lock in
          3. The trade ban goes beyond Android
          4. Impact on non-mobile business

          The United States has now dared China / Huawei to accept the challenge. Lets see how they respond.


      • Steve says:

        Same old Khan with different post names filled with jealousy.

        Your post is Irrelevant – Huawei and Ren Zhengfei has issued a stark warning to the US. Lets wait for US response and watch out for Huawei strategy.