Xi Rejects Duterts’s Arbitration Claim but Willing to Maintain Amity with Him

ABS-CBN News says in its report “Xi rejects Philippines’ arbitral win in South China Sea” yesterday”, “Chinese President Xi Jinping rejected the Philippines’ legal victory against China on the South China Sea after President Rodrigo Duterte raised the arbitral ruling during their bilateral meeting in Beijing Thursday.”

However, the report quotes Philippine Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo as saying in a statement “Both President Duterte and President Xi agreed that while their variant positions will have to remain, their differences however need not derail nor diminish the amity between the two countries.” Moreover, it is still possible for the two countries to jointly explore and exploit the energy resources in the disputed waters according to the statement.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on ABS-CBN News’ report, full text of which can be viewed at https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/08/30/19/xi-rejects-philippines-arbitral-win-in-south-china-sea.

9 Comments on “Xi Rejects Duterts’s Arbitration Claim but Willing to Maintain Amity with Him”

  1. Joseph says:

    Funny that American ABS-CBN would mention that Xi Jinping would reject something that Duterte never mentions at all. I believe it also mention thay Duterte would complain about Chinese aircraft carrier ‘violating’ Filipino territory when Duterte himself had said that there’s no evidence that the Chinese carrier was even there at all. I believe what Duterte is demanding from Xi Jinping are more investments to Phillipines agriculture sectors from China as well as more Chinese experts on agricultural sectors as well. What Xi Jinping proposes is a joint exploration of the disputed area with only includes diplomats and experts who have experiences on the affiliated sectors and free from possible provocateurs elements. The way that Western media twisted the facts reminds me how they twisted similar events about Indonesia’s Jokowi visit to China. I believe the Western media reported how Jokowi ‘complained’ about the Western-claimed Chinese nine dash line, while the truth was that Indonesian did not care about the nine dash line and the SCS fiasco as Indonesia was a non claimant. Similar to Duterte, what Jokowi demanded from China was more investments and expert assistances. And they would not be good negotiators if they brought up some Western-incited nonsense while seeking China’s good graces. There’s no stopping the Western media to write their nonsense, of course, but only idiots in the West, including Western policy makers, would believe them. It is common now in Indonesia for Western-affiliated media, including CNN Indonesia and BBC Indonesia, to be jeered and ridiculed online for their obvious nonsenses about China.

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  2. Simon says:

    The ruling is not legal and have no UN mandate. Even if it had UN mandate China can ignore let alone one that is not. Many countries have ignore UN arbitration an dhardl;y any cpuntries upheld one that is’nt so why is anyone surprise Xi rejected it. Duterte was cheeky to even raise it and should be punished by rejecting any joint exploration. If he tries it again China should kick their fishermen out of Huangyan Dao.


  3. komonsense says:

    in the same way that the despicable western media made up stories and skewed all its reporting on the hk protests, they did the same with the tribunal ruling. it was all planned and paid for by the americunts–they needed to cheat to “win”–set up a kangaroo court to issue a bogus judgement , then the western media will use it to smear china.

    why have the western media not been kicked out of china???

    if this ruling was legitimate, then why is no one enforcing it, and why has the un not said a word??

    the only thing that the un said about this “court” was that it was in the same building as them, and had zero connections with it.

    this is how the cowardly americunts fight–by cheating. thomas jefferson made 400 treaties with the indians, and broke all of them.


    • Steve says:

      Only way to enforce the PCA ruling is by military enforcement. In other words the PH declare war on China. This will never happen, only one Chinese destroyer will annihilate the entire PH navy.


    • Peter says:

      Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), need at least two voluntary parties, but the so-called Court Ruling has only One-Voluntary-Party, that is the Philippines, and this was already illegal Court Rulings. The Western Countries always talk about the ‘rule of Law’ but in fact, the West only understand and implement the ‘Rule of the Jungle’.


  4. Steve says:

    Due to the arbitral ruling, the relationship between China and Philippines will be an Amity Affliction for years if not decades, unless Philippines is willing to put aside or scrap the arbitral ruling. This is difficult for any FIlipino President. Filipinos should look into history the thousands of Chinese immigrants that benefited Philippines thru hard work and forge ahead in joint ventures with China in SCS seabed exploration, economy, education, military, infrastructures and geopolitical diplomacy. President Duterte should lay the ground whilst he is still in office.


    • johnleecan says:

      There’s no way Philippine people will put aside or even scrap the all Philippine paid expenses arbitration court farce. Philippine people will almost always choose American ass over Chinese generosity anytime of the day, even how disgusting and revolting American ass is. Any Filipino who do otherwise are labelled as traitors. Filipinos will never ever admit they benefitted from Chinese people. However, they will say or mention it just to get something they wish and/or wanted. Most Philippine people are ungratefulness to Chinese people.

      Duterte is forced to mention the arbitration farce else he will be labelled as a traitor by the Philippine people.


      • Steve says:

        Agree – Duterte had to bring up the arbitral ruling to President Xi to please his Filipinos. Just a formality or prepared diplomacy topics for the world to see.

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      • Joseph says:

        I do not see anything that Duterte even brought up the PCA ruling other than some footnote in every Western media article. We should be able to see the difference between what really happens and what the article suggest or want to happen.
        Duterte may be labeled a traitor by Western media, but I do not believe the Filipino would agree. Not the way the Filipino would regard Aquino as the traitor anyway.