China Launches 1st Type 075 LHD for PLAN

China’s first amphibious assault ship, a Landing Helicopter Dock known as Type 075, was launched in Shanghai today.

Xavier Vavasseur 25 Sep 2019

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Chinese Navy), the customer of the vessel, said in a statement that after a brief ceremony starting at 9:20 am at a CSSC’s Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard, waters began to be pumped into a dry dock in which the ship’s hull was built.

Participants at the ceremony – officials from the central and Shanghai governments, officers from the Central Military Commission’s Equipment Development Department and the PLA Navy, executives of the State-owned conglomerate China State Shipbuilding Corp as well as the vessel’s designers and construction workers – applauded as they watched the launch process, the statement said, without providing more details about the event.

China Launched its 1st Type 075 LHD this morning.

According to the PLAN, the new class of ship was domestically developed and constructed. It will have a strong capability to carry out amphibious combat and other tasks.

The Chinese navy added that in the next phase, engineers will start outfitting and fine-tuning the vessel’s equipment and then conduct mooring tests and sea trials.

Type 075 compared to similar vessels

The Chinese Navy officially started in 2011 development work on the Type 075, a helicopter carrier project displacing more than 30,000 tonnes. Its aim is likely to increase the “vertical” amphibious assault capability with the very mountainous East Coast of Taiwan in mind.

As for its specifications, rumors speak of “36,000 tons of displacement”, “capacity of 28 helicopters”, “diesel engine with the 9,000 kW 16PC2-6B” and “four CIWS including two HQ-10 and two H/PJ-11”.

While the Type 075 appears to slightly smaller than the U.S. Navy’s LHA, it is larger compared to French or Spanish/Australian LHD equivalents. It is actually pretty close in size to Italy’s future Trieste LHD.

The first Type 075 was constructed in record time (this has become the norm nowadays, for Chinese shipbuilding: extremely fast construction pace that no one can match). A second vessel of the class is already under construction while a larger version is rumored to be planned.

A second Type 075 vessel is already under construction (on the right)

When fully operational, the new Type 075 LHD will bolster the PLAN’s amphibious capabilities, which today rely on the Type 071 LPD design.

Source: Naval News “China Launches 1st Type 075 LHD for PLAN”

Note: This is Naval News’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

9 Comments on “China Launches 1st Type 075 LHD for PLAN”

  1. Simon says:

    The Type 075 is the answer to Japan’s Izumo class of carriers. China should field VTOL stealth fighters to turn Type 075 into small aircraft carriers.


    • Steve says:

      China has not stopped researching into vtol


      • LL RR says:

        In other words China will not have V/Stol aircraft anytime soon. Japan is now basing V22 Osprey from their small aircraft carrier. China should try if they are able to develop aircraft in that class.


        • Steve says:

          Osprey on small carrier class ? U have nothing better to write.? Ospreys are not an offensive weapon, an attack helicopter will easily shoot down this transport craft. Jack McCain son of John McCain calls the V22 Osprey an awful piece of junk. Its a hovering coffin yet to be perfected. Go checkout how many crashes and how many people have died. Maybe India should get some alongside their flying coffins.


          • Tom says:

            When you do not have the knowledge to build advanced technology aircraft such as the V-22 Osprey what else can you do but criticize those who can. Remember: The PLAN has no VSTOL aircraft of any kind to deploy on this new Type 075 LHD. None. Nada. This new ship is like a toothless old dog that is all bark and no bite.


            • Kwai Laan says:

              Before you go on an anti China rant it’s best to update your information about China’s military development.
              Unmanned aerial vehicle is the future of aerial warfare.
              China has developed VTOL drones. From a well<known Western publication:

              "An image released by Chinese media shows what appears to be a Sea Cavalry SD-40 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being deployed with the People’s Liberation’s Army Navy (PLAN): a development that suggests the platform is either being trialled by or has already entered service with the Chinese navy."
              It's good that you visited this website to get an alternate view.


            • komonsense says:

              well well well, if it isn’t the cowardly constant name changing anti-china mutilated muslim moron troll LL RR that subsists in new zealand’s low rent districts

              your repetitive toothless old dog that is all bark and no bite is obviously a freudian slip referring to you traumatic mutilation at age 8 , by a strange man, whilst sitting naked in front of everyone, whilst horny females,feigning concern, looked on.

              it appears that your forced mutilation has had a negative lifelong impact on your peabrain, as your mutilated appendage has been drying out since that day, resulting in your present withered ,dehydrated stump.

              so sad….


        • Kwai Laan says:

          Please see below for reply to Tom about China’s development of VTOL drones.
          Stealth drones will be on display in the coming China National Day Parade on 1st October.