US Military Needs Weapons, Allies, Efficiency to Counter China’s Rise

In its report “US must be ready for military clash with China, Pentagon official Chad Sbragia says”, SCMP quotes Chad Sbragia, deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, as saying, “US needs to develop weapons, boost ties with allies and improve military efficiency to be ready against ‘formidable’ China”

Of the three tasks developing weapons, boosting ties with allies and improving military efficiency, developing weapons is first of all US military’s weak point. It lacks vision in having wasted lots of resources on useless Zumwalt destroyers, LCSs, etc. and now has to catch up with China in developing hypersonic weapons.

The second task is even more unrealistic, the report says, “Traditional partners have bridled over President Donald Trump’s aggressive use of tariffs, his decision to withdraw from multilateral agreements and his focus on ‘America First’ policies.”

US allies are more likely to focus on themselves first than America first.

US long-term ally the Philippines has told the US that it would end the Philippines-US Visiting Forces Agreement, a move to reduce its alliance with the US.

The US certainly needs to improve its military efficiency but without strict discipline how can it achieve that? The commanders in charge of the two destroyers that clashed with commercial ships have not been duly punished yet. Without strict discipline how can US military be efficient?

Can US military officers accept strict enforcement of discipline?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at

4 Comments on “US Military Needs Weapons, Allies, Efficiency to Counter China’s Rise”

  1. Martian says:

    For a country claiming to be the only super power, the one with only global power projection, it sure keeps hammering on needing allies in countering China. While the latter one never utters a single word in needing any ally in dealing with the US. Some super power the US turns out to be. It needed allies in Iraq and Afghanistan too, that sure is convincing the world of its super power status.


  2. Steve says:

    It’s an embarrassing statement by Sbragia, clearly exposing the Trump govt.and Pentagon political and military ineptitude against a formidable Socialism China with Chinese Characteristics. China’s Sun Tzu stratagem, the art of war is winning politically and militarily without firing a single shot.


  3. John Wilkes Booth says:

    Hmmm…so the country with over $700 billion in military expenditures is somehow worried about the rise of a country spending only $180 billion, huh? Based on this fact, I would eliminate the first 2 “needs” mentioned in this article as being extraneous and focus on the 3rd: efficiency. And to achieve efficiency, you need first need to eliminate waste.

    “Imagine the following scenario: The year is 1990, and you have been selected by the IRS to undergo an audit. Unfortunately, you are unable to provide adequate documentation tracking either your income or expenses. No worries, says the IRS, you can try again next year.”

    “Now, repeat this scenario every year through 2019, and you will have matched the financial track record of the Department of Defense.”

    “The department remains the sole federal agency that has not undergone a clean audit under the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990. On Nov. 15, 2019, the Pentagon released its fiscal year 2019 financial report and again failed its attempt at a clean audit.”

    “After the DOD’s most recent failure, it appears the agency is still years away from passing a clean audit. While it is highly unlikely that the IRS would allow private citizens to get away unpenalized with 30 years of financial ineptitude, legislators have long been more charitable to the Pentagon. They need to apply consistent pressure, or it may take another 30 years until the DOD finally gets its financial house in order.”

    So where should the US even start to begin trimming the fat off of this massive pig otherwise known as the US military industrial complex? My suggestion is to first eliminate all the useless government positions like, say, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for China, held by idiot Chad Sbragia.


  4. advantec333 says:

    No need China is for peace.

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