PH thanks UK, France, Germany for rejecting China’s claim over South China Sea

By: Krissy Aguilar – Reporter / @KAguilarINQ / 05:50 PM September 18, 2020

Map showing the disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), including the Spratlys Islands and Scarborough Shoal. AFP FILE

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang on Friday expressed gratitude to the United Kingdom, France, and Germany for rejecting China’s South China Sea claims before the United Nations.

Nagpapasalamat po kami sa mga bansang ito dahil hindi naman po mabubura iyong panalo natin sa arbitral tribunal na iyan na nagsasabi na wala pong legal na basehan iyong kini-claim ng China,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said in an online briefing.

(We are thankful for these countries because our victory in the arbitral tribunal that says China’s claim has no legal basis won’t be expunged.)

Despite this, Roque opposed anew calls to bring the sea row to the UN General Assembly saying the 2016 arbitral win is already “the victory” and “itself the act of being assertive.”

Alam kasi ninyo hindi naiintidihan ng marami na iyong desisyon itself is the victory, iyong pagkakaroon ng desisyon itself is the act of being assertive dahil kung hindi naman natin pinursue iyong desisyon na iyan, iyong kasong iyan hindi magkakaroon ng desisyon,” Roque said.

Black propaganda po iyan na mayroon pa tayong ibang dapat gawin, iyong sinasabi nila na dapat gawin sa UN General Assembly, puwede po iyan pero let’s be realistic. Hindi po natin mase-sway ang 197 member ng UN kung ang kalaban po natin ay Tsina dahil alam naman natin limited ang ating kakayahan,” he added.

(It’s black propaganda to say that we have to do other things, what they say that we should bring it to the UN General Assembly, that’s possible but let’s be realistic. We cannot sway 197 members of the UN if we are up against China because we know we have limited ability.)

China has consistently refused to acknowledge the 2016 ruling of the UN-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague UN has that invalidated Beijing’s nine-dash line claim, which encompasses even the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. (This reblogger’s note: UN has announced that the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is not a UN agency to deny the said court is UN-backed. If it was a UN-backed court, the Philippines might apply to the UN Security Council for imposition of the court’s arbitration decision.)

China’s reclamation activities and militarization in the heavily contested area have also raised concerns about the peace and stability in the strategic waterway.

Source: “PH thanks UK, France, Germany for rejecting China’s claim over South China Sea”

Note: This is’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

10 Comments on “PH thanks UK, France, Germany for rejecting China’s claim over South China Sea”

  1. johnleecan says:

    The Philippines said, “It’s black propaganda to say that we have to do other things, what they say that we should bring it to the UN General Assembly, that’s possible but let’s be realistic. We cannot sway 197 members of the UN if we are up against China because we know we have limited ability.”

    So the Philippine government meant that they are right and that if it were to be given to the UN General Assembly to decide who is really right, the majority of the 197 UN members would favor China even if the Philippines is right. That is exactly accusing the majority of the UN General Assembly member nations of being dishonest, corrupt and immoral.

    So why is the Philippines still a member of UN? Yeah we know, they like to show other people how they’re pitiful😭 and bullied😭 so as to get as much help without lifting a finger if they can get away with it because that’s Filipino mentality. Shameful but what can people do if they got thick faces?


  2. Joseph says:

    So what is this article about? Britons trying to speak Filipino? Filipino language students in the UK practicing Filipino language, I suppose. Does it even intelligible to Filipino at all? It is very similar to the attempt by Australian students learning Indonesian in Canberra Australia, trying to make provocative propaganda, impersonating Indonesian naval officers trying to incite Indonesian sentiment against China. But the fact that they only learned Indonesia language and didn’t actually speak the language, makes the articles to be confusing and comical, especially since Indonesia passive and active sentences are very different to English. And we do know how to speak Indonesian. Well, Indonesian language is not at all actually a Hollywood-invented language like Star Trek Klingon. The fact that English is a very simple language makes English speaking people to have difficulties learning other languages, including European languages. I do not pretend to understand Filipino, but given the fact that the article is trying to present Filipino to make it look ‘authentic’ Phillipines local, is a very desperate attempt to gain credibility, just like the ruling of the illegal Permanent Court of Arbitration trying to gain credibility in Asia. So it is appropriate to respond with Filipino phrase that was well known in the region because it was made famous by Phillipines president Duterte in addressing Obama, Putang Ina. It does not really matter if the Westerners want to use whore or prostitute in the place of Son of a bitch, they know the meaning, as do we.


  3. komonsense says:

    China should challenge the smiley limey to a war. It’s long overdue that the UK’s weakness be exposed

    the nonwhites around the world would cry tears of joy.

    except for the indoors, who needs a master to govern them.

    a stupid a race as the limeys are despicable


  4. Simon says:

    China should reject British claims over Gibralter and side with Spain. Likewise the Falkland Island should also no longer be Britsh and Chinese navy should sail through the area and notify Argentina on a port call. China should establish bilateral relations with Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.
    Similarly China should reject French claims and favour Madascar, Mauritius, Suriname, etc, as the rightful owner and support and fund an independent tribunal and appoint a Chinese judge to oversee the disputed cases with France. China should reject German claims to Dollart Bay and recognise it as Netherland. Chinese cargos that transit through Dollart Bay must only need to notify Dutch authority.


  5. Steve says:

    The International court of justice under the UN assembly ordered the UK to return Chagos islands including Diego Garcia back to Mauritius by 2019. The UK and US received a thrashing from the ICJ, losing on all counts of questionnaires. Insofar, the scoundrels (UK/US) refused. Did UK joined in to reject China’s claims to the SCS.? What a pathetic scoundrel. The PCA is not a UN agency and China has every right to reject the 2016 arbitral ruling.


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