Indo-China border tensions escalate as 50,000 Chinese troops are spotted near Ladakh

08 OCTOBER 2020 08:58 IST |

Tensions have been rising on the India-China border. Despite, attempts to de-escalate the friction, including the various agreements that have been made between the countries, China continues to be on the offensive.

Just before the Galwan face-off between the two nations, back in May, that led to a bloody massacre, Chinese troops had been amassing heavy artillery. Whilst the status quo remains the same at the North bank of Pangong Tso, there has been a noticeable addition in the Chinese reinforcements in the Depsang area. Almost 50,000 Chinese troops have increased since May.

The Depsang area now hosts an exceeding amount of Chinese troops, rocket launchers, tanks and other forms of artillery as the tensions between the nations continue.

Source: “Indo-China border tensions escalate as 50,000 Chinese troops are spotted nNote:

This is’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

7 Comments on “Indo-China border tensions escalate as 50,000 Chinese troops are spotted near Ladakh”

  1. johnleecan says:

    What??? The Indiots can count? No way!

    Do the Indiots still want to mention their embarrassing Galwan Valley ambush on unsuspecting Chinese soldiers? We all know what happened to the ambush. It was the Indiot soldiers and officers that performed a breathtaking blitzkrieg – that is, the Indiots fast and sudden retreat and shrieking like faggots, jumping off cliffs and running into ice cold freezing river into their pathetic deaths. With Modi finally admitting that the Chinese soldiers never trespassed into supposedly Indian territory, this has silenced the dumbfounded Indiots whose stinking mouths were still wide open due to shock 😲 for days and weeks. The Galwan Valley supposedly “massacre” was in fact “a mass Indiot suicides” and India became the laughing 😁 stock of the world. 😂🤣

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  2. Steve says:

    According to report, India has deployed 100,000 soldiers along the LAC. India’s overconfidence is greater than its own capabilities. An Indian gasbag said that the Indian military can easily push back the PLA across the LAC in 15 mins. This is typical Indian talk the cock n bull story. When the dogs of war is released, there is no turning back by the Chinese 50,000 PLA troops and PLAAF. Whoever fires the first bullet, there will be thousands of corpses. The first bullet may have already been fired with 100,000 / 50,000 soldiers deployed across the LAC.


    • Joseph says:

      That explains the need to deploy 50,000 troops. Based on experiences, it is enough for China to deploy 10,000 troops against 10,000 Indians, since the Indian would run, or jump to the ravines and cliffs anyway. The fact that China deploys 50,000 troops only means that China prefers to avoid conflict by scaring the Indian into early PTSD. What this article is trying to obscure is the number of Chinese mechanized artillery and attack helicopters against the India’s. There is no evidence that
      India even have adequate artillery, let alone infantry aerial support units such as armed drones and attack helicopters The Indian did try to show that they have lots and lots of trucks to carry infantry into the mountain, and out in retreat, considering the truck would not be bog down in traffic like in the 1962 war. The mountain roads are indeed infamous for being treacherous.


      • Steve says:

        Agree – China’s mechanised howitzers is one of the best weapons in the world, India zero. China’s bombers can be deployed, launching missiles at long range. Chinese light tanks are highly manoeuvrable superior to India’s heavy tanks, better armed drones and attack helicopters, etc, 1what is India thinking.?


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      In reply to Time to get it on not anybody else

      Your comment is deleted as it is irrelevant.


  3. Silly report. 50 thousand Chinese troops vs how many Indian troops deployed? 300 thousands.


  4. kommonsense says:

    Biased bulshit .Indiots start the ttrouble and now they cry because they see that they will be annihilated.


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