Philippines says it and China reaffirm strong relations

By Reuters Staff OCTOBER 10, 202011:15 PMUPDATED 10 HOURS AGO

MANILA (Reuters) – The foreign ministers of Philippines and China reaffirmed their countries’ strong relations on Saturday, Manila’s foreign ministry said, amid bilateral tensions over the South China Sea.

China, which has for years been locked in maritime disputes with other coastal states in the South China Sea, has in recent months held exercises in disputed parts of the strategic waterway, at a time when other claimants are battling coronavirus outbreaks.

“Both sides reaffirmed the continuing vitality of relations despite the constraints imposed by COVID-19,” the Philippines’ foreign ministry said in a statement following talks in Yunnan between Teodoro Locsin and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

Locsin and Wang engaged in a “candid and in-depth exchange on regional security concerns”, the ministry said. The statement did not mention any discussion about the South China Sea, believed to be rich in energy reserves and marine resources.

The ministers “pledged to forge ahead with sustained policy dialogues, as well as economic and infrastructure cooperation projects,” it said.

Reporting by Neil Jerome Morales; editing by John Stonestreet

Source: Reuters “Philippines says it and China reaffirm strong relations”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

4 Comments on “Philippines says it and China reaffirm strong relations”

  1. Joseph says:

    Didn’t the Reuters just report about Philippines insisting on the illegal PCA ruling that the Western countries never obey? So what is the reason for the backflip? Reuters creates lots and lots of imaginary countries that all of them are confrontational to China, so what makes them to step out to the real world? Imaginary or not, it is undeniable that the more these ‘staunch’ pro-American officials engaging more Chinese officials, the more they realize how pleasant and gentleman they are, compared to how rude and scoundrel the American are to them, since the American consider them only their minions. Obviously Locsin is relearning how does it feel to be a gentleman and making deal in equal manner, after a decade of being told what to do by the American officials who treat him more like a servant rather than equal. Similarly we have an interesting case in Indonesia. The Indonesian pro-American opposition leader Prabowo, always accused the Indonesian government for ‘colluding’ with China. With the American-administered media behind him, he would always invent absurd claims the way the equally obese Mike Pompeo never shut up. But the Indonesian president Jokowi took a surprising decision to promote him to be a security minister, so he can talk to China himself about his claims. At first we did not understand and thought that the American had managed to somehow ‘buy’ Jokowi. But seeing how awkward Prabowo was dealing with the Chinese, since as an official he had to present the fact and not the fakes. But even so, the Chinese officials did not treat him with contempt but with respect as equal official that he was said to be embarrassed himself. Before long, he did the unthinkable. He suddenly shut up. Now his American-administered media is accusing him in ‘colluding’ with China. The American always want China to submit to whatever they bark at China, and for the countries to adopt American claim as they own. But the Chinese always prefer bilateral talks and negotiations where they can present their case in civilized manner. It is obviously visible why the American is dreaded to China’s bilateral negotiations instead of the American preferred uncivilized long distance spats. In the long distance spats, there is no chance to understand the issue, let alone resolving it. Beside, with such open spats, the American can monitor and incite the negotiations, to make it worse, like they do on the two Koreas. But in closed bilateral negotiations, what they talk would be confidential with the American might not be let aware of what they were talking about. In the end it is always easy to smear people without seeing each other faces. This is why Mike Pompeo never actually engages any Chinese officials face to face after his strings of mouth farthings. Despite his bravado, he is just one big obese coward.


  2. johnleecan says:

    Philippines is anti-China and always pro-America. There’s nothing that will change their attitudes. Even if the Americunts invade and occupy the Philippines, these people will even rejoice and celebrate. That’s a fact. The only reason why the Americunts refuse to make Philippines an American state is they are afraid the Philippines will one day choose a President of their own ethnicity and that is unacceptable to them.

    With the Philippine population always more than 25 percent of American total population, they do have a reason to be concerned. What more with the Philippines population increasing like rabbits and majority of them are poor and have received only primary or secondary education in lousy public schools, it will be a nightmare.

    Philippines is just using China to milk some more money. Philippines is a very corrupt country and their citizens know about it. That’s why they follow their leaders, that is, government steals, people also steals. Everywhere you go, you have to be on alert. Even something as cheap as a ballpen will be stolen. What more for other things? A lazy country where four people is needed to do a job a single Chinese worker can do.


  3. Steve says:

    China should build a PLAN naval base in Huangyan island on one end and establish shared fisheries wharf on the other end with PH. Huangyan islsnd is a strategic location and gateway to the Pacific ocean. US has been talking of bombing the island, China will bomb Guam.


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