Trump Has Helped Set Up, Strengthen Russia-China-Iran Iron Triangle

US sanctions on Iran have certainly turned Iran to Russia and China that the US regards as its major strategic competitors. According to Foreign Affairs’s article “China and Russia Have Iran’s Back” on November 17, 2020, Iran regards China as a means to reduce the pressures of US sanctions and moreover as a source of financial, technological and military assistance.

The US has tried to use sanctions to block Iran’s export of oil and gas but China needs more than all Iran’s oil and gas so that, the article says “China has earmarked approximately $400 billion in investments to upgrade Iran’s oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and to improve the country’s overland transportation.”

In fact, there is a pipeline connecting Iran with Pakistan, which is now being expanded to China’s west for overland transportation of oil and gas to China. China has invested in Iran’s world largest natural gas field to help Iran extract natural gas and export it to China through pipeline.

Moreover, US sanctions have forced Iran to receive Chinese currency yuan for its exports of oil and gas to China. That helps internationalization of yuan and increase Iran’s and in addition, Russia’s imports from China as Iran will use yuan to buy Russian goods, especially Russian weapons.

Russia historically has much influence in the Middle East but the US has tried hard to drive Russia away. Russia has made great efforts to maintain its influence in Syria and Iran is helping Russia doing so. The article says, Iran’s “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has already been cooperating with Russian troops and auxiliaries in Syria.”

While the US has deployed an aircraft carrier battle group near Iran to threaten it, Russia is offering its advanced weapons to Iran to help it strengthen its defense and China is helping Iran expand its Jask Port and Chabahar’s airport for control of the Strait of Hormuz and build a regional eavesdropping post to intercept signals within a range of around 3,000 miles.

Trump’s pressures on Iran has facilitated the establishment and sttengthend the Russia-China-Iran iron triangle, a strong alliance against US hegemony in Asia and Middle East.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Foreign Affairs’ article, full text of which can be viewed at

10 Comments on “Trump Has Helped Set Up, Strengthen Russia-China-Iran Iron Triangle”

  1. Allen Lau says:

    Even Richard Nixon has got soul!

    Who will fight for the soul of the nation now?

    Not I says Trump.


  2. komonsense says:

    “China used microwave pulse weapon to force Indian soldiers off Himalayan hilltop”— national post

    Now, according to a report in the Times of London, a professor at a Beijing university has said that on Aug. 29, some months after the initial fighting began, China used microwave weaponry to win a strategic area.
    According to the Times report the professor, Jin Canrong, who is based at Renmin University in Beijing, said two contested hilltops were deliberately turned “into a microwave oven.”

    The international relations expert claimed the operation wasn’t made public at the time, for two reasons.

    “We didn’t publicise it because we solved the problem beautifully,” he said. “They (India) didn’t publicise it either because they lost so miserably


    • Joseph says:

      Were they cooked well done? Or they already jumped from the hill top while still medium rare? I imagine the Indian would try to match the Chinese with their own bonfire pulse weapon. Bonfire as an energy source does emit heat radiations including weak microwave radiation. Oh well, today there is no need microwave pulse to expel the Indian from the hilltops. It is either leave of frozen to death on the hilltops without even the need to jump to the freezing river. Apparently since their defeat in the 1962, the Indian still does not learn winter warfare.


    • Steve says:

      Just a thought – which meat is smelliest – Indian roast meat or dung meat.


    • Simon says:

      I bet those Indian soldiers turned into “chicken tikka masala”.


    • Simon says:

      The Indians use ethnic Tibetan branch of their army to take the hillside from Chinese patrol. These Tibetans are use to high altitude and was more able than ethnic Indian soldiers.


    • johnleecan says:

      I read about this last Nov 11 on Chinese media. Aside from the roast Indiots story, it says China’s large surface warships are also equipped with high power microwave anti-missile system. The Americunts were also quick to condemn China for roasting the Indiots just like before when they accused Cuba of using microwave directed weapons against US embassy personnel and also Russia of using said technology against CIA spies.

      But we can also find articles in American media that last June 2020, Trump officials planned to use or may have already used microwave directed energy weapons to disperse the crowd at White House. Americunts are real hypocrites with their typical double standards treatment against non-white. If they want to be righteous, Americunts should return America back to native Americans. Asstralians should return Australia back to the native aborigines. By then, the white man can talk about righteousness.

      Since we’re talking about the roasting of Indiots, there is a picture on Indiots and Americunts websites that shows a supposedly Indiot soldier battering a Chinese soldier. You can’t even make out what the picture really is because it’s very blurry and is shot extremely close. Who would shot an extremely close picture during an encounter? You can’t even see 20 percent of the the attacker and the one being attacked. Most probably, it’s just a picture of a soldier doing sit ups and another holding his legs. What the Indiots want to convey is that the Chinese were beaten but we all know what really happened. AT LEAST 20 of their Indiot soldiers committed suicide after intruding into Chinese territory to ambush unsuspecting Chinese soldiers. We may not know what made these Indiots run for their lives, screaming, crying and shrieking like gays, jumping off cliffs and running into ice cold freezing river into their pathetic deaths. But we surely know they are cowards, idiots, rapists, scammers and especially hated by all other Asians.

      Have you seen all those very popular and trending YouTube videos of Indiots scammers? I bet you would not even dare set foot on Indiots’ land with so many scammers following you everywhere you go, the danger of being gang rape(even if you’re a man), the smell of pee and poop and the danger of stepping on them poop with no water to wash. The Indiots will tell you to wash it off at their holy Ganges river where you’ll be introduce with more pee, poop, garbage, bacteria, viruses, dead carcasses, flesh eating bacteria, brain eating amoeba… Need we enumerate more? Yes, there’s also the horrible deadly air pollution that’s getting worse, horrible traffic, chaotic roads, people getting run over and squished everyday… What can people say, India is a well known Tourist Trap. Welcome to be scammed and rob in India. If you’re lucky, you might not get killed. Incredible India…


    • komonsense says:

      I think they should have waited for a second wave of indiots to appear and nuke’em again. They would never have been able to figure it out.
      Could’ve had 2 for the price of one.


  3. Steve says:

    Certainly, the convergence of this trilateral intitiative will eventually extend to a quadrilateral grouping with Pakistan. This is far more formidable than the dung beetles military quad initiative in the Indian ocean. A trilateral or quadrilateral initiative between China Russia Pakistan and Iran will be an economic belt and road initiative and military de facto alliance. All advanced weaponry can be sourced from Russia and China. The geopolitical economic and trade pacts are worth billions.

    Clearly, India will be left in the cowshed. There is no economic benefit to the Indian military quad initiative. All these quad nations are dependent on China’s economy and trade.


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