China’s first deep-water oil platform ready to set off for South China Sea

By Cao Bing

12:16, 18-Jan-2021

China’s first domestically-built, semi-submersible deep-water oil production unit has been completed after 21 months of construction.

The platform is now ready to set off to the country’s first deep-water gas field in the South China Sea.

The gas field, called Lingshui 17-2, is 150 kilometers off the city of Sanya in south China’s Hainan Province and lies at a depth of 1,500 meters. Both these facts pose new challenges and uncertainties.

The general director of the project, You Xuegang from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), said special designs have been used to help the platform better adapt to the environment.

This platform weighs in at an impressive 50,000 tonnes, and its deck is as large as two standard football pitches. With a tank at the bottom and four pillars, the main body weighs 110,000 tonnes, which is equal to three medium-sized aircraft carriers, making it the heaviest of its kind in China.

There are two parts sitting above water. The upper module is used for work and it’s also a living area. And the four pillars are used to store oil.

“The four pillars are used for oil storage. This is the first of its kind in the world. It can store a maximum of 20,000 cubic meters of oil for 10 days, allowing extra time for delivery vessels to carry the oil back on land 150 kilometers away,” said You.

The platform is also designed to resist oxidation and the toughest typhoon, and should be able to work in the field for at least 30 years without needing to return to dry dock.

Building such a huge platform was obviously no easy task, especially given the challenges such as a severe cold snap, limited time and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But managers say none of those were allowed to get in the way of completing the project and meeting all important quality standards.

“The China Classification Society (CCS) carried out a strict quality checking process for the project. Take the weld for example. It is a full 60 kilometers in length, and we checked all of it centimeter by centimeter and it’s all very well done. Only in this way can we achieve smooth operation of the project,” said Li Jun, CCS project manager.

The platform was assembled in Yantai, east China’s Shandong Province, but it can’t possibly travel all by itself.

Three vessels will be used to tow the platform, dragging it along the waterway like three horses and a carriage. There will also be another vessel at its rear, pushing it along the way.

It’ll take a month-long voyage for the platform to arrive in Hainan. Organizers say the trip is environmentally friendly with zero emissions reached.

It’s expected to begin operation in June, providing 3 billion cubic meters of gas for households in Hainan Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area every year.

“The project is a test for our design level, our shipbuilding level, as well as deep-water project management,” said You.

He added despite difficulties and challenges ahead, there is no doubt that China has taken a solid first step towards deep-water oil exploration.

Source: CGTN “China’s first deep-water oil platform ready to set off for South China Sea”

Note: This is CGTN’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

14 Comments on “China’s first deep-water oil platform ready to set off for South China Sea”

  1. komonsense says:

    Also in People’s Daily: —Fullsize replica of Chinese junk launched.
    Was unaware that they had watertight compartments — an innovation still used today. It reminds me of what a British scholar said that half of all inventions that power modern society were invented by the Chinese.


    • Joseph says:

      A British scholar?when was that? A British scholar only appeared less than 200 years ago. If you study Islam thoroughly you would find in the Koran that the Moslem prophet Muhammad suggested that one should study as high as possible like the Chinese, and go to China itself to study if possible for China was the centre of unimaginable knowledge and innovations. The Moslem prophet Muhammad lived around 700AD at the time of Tang Dynasty. During 700AD, that British scholar would have been ape-like dressless wildman wearing only tattoos and rugged body paints, not unlike their interpretation of Timbuktu people. They were only Anglo with no Saxon, with no idea what knowledge really was. It would be another 300 years until the Vikings invaded, making them the clothed Anglo Saxon that was familiar as the Britons we know today.
      To say that half of all inventions that power modern society were invented by the Chinese was a gross understatement, for the other half of all inventions that power modern society are still being invented by the Chinese, in West. Now that the other half is moving back to China, the Westerners can only respond with ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. Literally since they have comfortably embraced feminism with all the dysfunctionality and no redeemable value as demonstrated by Nanci Pelosi.


      • komonsense says:

        Did u answer my questions regarding the Manchurians a few blogs ago?


      • Steve says:

        True – Since ancient times, Chinese ingenuity and inventions are like an old dynamite, highly potent, dangerous and unpredictable.


        • Joseph says:

          China today is only falling on hard time. As history suggested, everytime China fell and rose again, it arises greater than before. No other civilization really rose again after they fell. The Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Roman, the Ancient Greece, they were now all, well, ancient. While China has Ancient China, and Modern China. Britain and America are well on the way to become, Ancient Britain and Ancient America. It is only fitting for young and childish civilizations that never want to learn to grow up. Their spark is only shortlived.


          • Steve says:

            A few years ago, a disciple asked Venerable Master Chin Kong, now 94 years old – ‘with the integration of human civilisation that in future there will be just Eastern civilisation and Western civilisation.’ The old master said there will be 3 not 2 – Eastern, Western and Chinese civilisation. The Chinese stands on it’s own merits. It has it’s own writings, language, religion, culture, philosophy, medicines, calculations, food …… etc, long lists. Other civilisations usurped by western/eastern culture, but not traditional chinese culture. China has the 3 major roots of Confucianism, Taoism & Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. All other religions are not external to this 3 roots. The Master says only Traditional Chinese Culture and Mahayana Buddhism can save the human race, but can the world accept it ? Only an Autocratic govt. is relevant for China, democracy will rot China.

            Given the opportunity, we have to try to transcend our world of woe. We are in a chemical ending age.


  2. komonsense says:

    In People’s Daily:. “China’s GDP exceeds 100 trillion yuan for the first time.”

    I lost track of all the achievements listed. Head’s still spinning. One thing that stood out was that not only was poverty eradicated, it was done 10 yrs ahead of schedule.

    Definitily worth reading.


  3. […] Source: Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements – China’s first deep-water oil platform re… […]


  4. komonsense says:

    The US has a broken political system & is about to be usurped by China – what Europeans really think about America is telling


    • komonsense says:

      The above us an article from
      This is the best part in it: The polling reveals that Europeans think the US political system is broken, that China will soon be more powerful than the US, and that they want to stay neutral in any future conflict between Washington & Moscow or Beijing.

      The world should rejoice, as the stronger China is, the safer the world will be. The opposite is true of America, as history, from its genocidal founding, to today, has proven

      Liked by 1 person

    • Steve says:

      Put simply – Multi party democracies are highly divisive, it encourages liars, rascals, scoundrels and scumbags to manifest under the pretext of freedom of speech and criticism. Irresponsible speech and behaviour is a trendy trash thing in western democracies especially in US, Australia & UK.

      No reason for China to usurp or encroach US style democracy. There are no democrats, republicans or liberals in China, the US democracy will just decline and fade away into satan’s dark abyss.

      America – the beacon of democracy is now the fried BACON of Democracy – breakfast anyone.? Portland is now rioting.


  5. Steve says:

    Chinese Ingenuity is awe-inspiring …..

    10 february 2021, China’s spacecraft entering Mars orbit. 2021 year of the Chinese OX will be a spectacular year for Chinese achievements in shipbuilding, aviation, space exploration, infrastructures including Megalev trains at speed of over 600km/hr. …………


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