Why Is Iran So Keen on Joining the SCO?

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What Happened: Iran became an observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – originally comprised of China, Russia, and 4 Central Asian republics – back in 2005. In the 16 years since, Tehran has consistently pushed for an upgrade to full membership, particularly after the SCO underwent its first expansion, adding India and Pakistan, in 2017. Now, with new political leadership in Tehran, and China and Russia both expanding their partnerships with Iran, the chances of full membership look better than ever.

Our Focus: “Iran has always tried to use its ties with China and Russia as leverage against the Western capitals, receiving diplomatic support, an economic lifeline, and defense equipment from Moscow and Beijing. Tehran’s strategy worked to some extent and, for example, helped it survive crippling sanctions,” writes Fardin Eftekhari is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Regional Studies at the University of Tehran, for The Diplomat. “Still, Iran managed to not deviate sharply from its basic slogan in the foreign policy area, ‘neither East nor West.’ However, it seems that the Islamic Republic is changing course by replacing symbolic acts with concrete policies.”

What Comes Next: Closer ties between Iran and both China and Russia are built on Tehran’s waning interest in diplomatic engagement with the West. But, as Eftekhari notes, it’s questionable whether SCO membership will actually have any concrete impact on Iran’s diplomacy. However much Tehran touts a “turn to the East,” its focus will very much remain on its rivals in the Middle East – states that China, in particular, is not keen to antagonize. Still, if Iran does get its long-awaited promotion to full member, it would be another sign of a deepening China-Iran-Russia axis.

Source: The Diplomat “Why Is Iran So Keen on Joining the SCO?”

Note: This is The Diplomat’s article I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean whether I agree or disagree with the article’s views.

15 Comments on “Why Is Iran So Keen on Joining the SCO?”

  1. komonsense says:

    Tsai in hot water for allegedly forging doctoral dissertation, credentials of UK’s LSE
    By Global Times
    Published: Sep 10, 2021 01:23 AM

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  2. Simon says:

    America also keen on joining SCO too but was told they cant because the purpose of SCO is against America and its allies.


  3. komonsense says:

    Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan-Pakistan,now Iran . They all either dumped India and leaned towards China, or are targeting India.
    India wastes billions on war toys and creates enemies on their own, whilst half the cuntry has no toilets nor running water, men are defecating alfresco on every street corner whilst the women emerge at 2am (and gets raped) and the whole cuntry is ravaged by diseases caused by being a sanitation-free place where ppl use their hands instead of toilet paper, worship cow dung and pee, in the neverending tropical heat .
    Their treachery and cowardice is only matched by their stupidity.
    There just i.s.n.t. any other way to describe their insanely foolish perpetual -going -the -wrong -route- actions and painting themselves into a corner.
    They have truly surrounded themselves with enemies, and think that the americunts will save them. Need I say more?? The USN did a fonop against them last month, with no warning.

    They backed Satan for 20 yrs in Afghanistan. The Bible says that the price of sin is death. With all the tens of thousands of excellent American war toys the Taliban inherited, I’m sure they’ll put them to good use, with indiots as target practice.

    The PLA should set up a special unit with the Taliban; provide them with strategic info on the indiots’ whereabouts, using drones and what not, and let them have a field day. Do not stop till every last despicable indiot is dead .

    They need to pay for the four ambushed PLA soldiers. They must be wetting themselves, now knowing that they are the common enemy of a force that outlasted the white vermin and a country that can provide all the Taliban needs to annihilate them .

    China should name that unit with reference to the gwadhar valley ambush . This will strike severe fear in them. The indiots must be made to know that they will be made to pay many times over.


    • komonsense says:

      The wages ( not price) of sin is death.

      I cannot see a better use for China’s excellent facial recognition apparatus than in Afghanistan, programmed to screen out indiots……

      Even if the deceitful indiots try to blend in by donning turbans, it still won’t work. They’ll all have to pretend to be women and burka themselves from head to foot if they want to go out. Just like the SAS reconnaissance unit had to resort to recently, in order to make it back to the airport, thru the roadside checkpoints. They hired taxis, dressed and cowered like women ,saying that they were on their way to the capital celebrate the Taliban’s victory.
      It seems that the English and the indiots have much in common– deceitfulness, cowardice, and treachery.

      I think that there’s more than an inkling of truth to what some claim that the indiots are actually Aryans…..


  4. Steve says:

    Why is Iran so keen on joining the SCO.?

    Answer: Desperation, needs recognition, 2 existing Superpowers China and Russia and 5 out of 8 SCO States are Muslim ‘stan’ states. About 10 more states acceding to full and dialogue memberships.


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