What May Be China’s Response to Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

Nikkei Asia describes US military deployment for possible military response to China’s response to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit in its report “U.S. deploys ships and planes near Taiwan as Pelosi eyes visit” yesterday.

However, China is not fully prepared for taking Taiwan by force now, especially a war with the US due to its military takeover of Taiwan; therefore, a war between China and the US is not likely.

Howeve, China has to respond strongly to the visit,


Unless, US military fire the first shot at PLA, PLA will not attack the US so that if the US does not fight, China certainly will not fight the US as the visit is not a military move on the US side.

However, China may take strong non-military measures to respond to the visit such as lowering its diplomatic relations with the US and counterattacks in the trade war launched by the US. Especially, price hikes to offset the reduction of tariff to keep US inflation high. Since American people are willing to pay the high prices due to the tariff hikes, they certainly are willing to pay the sane high prices due to the price hikes as offsets of the tariff reduction.

As Taiwan’s reception of Pelosi shows its intention to act as an independent country, military attack at Taiwan is much possible.

I believe air and missile raids of Taiwanese military bases are unavoidable.

As the US is not well prepared for a war with China, it will not respond by direct military involvement but by supply of weapons to Taiwan. That will add burdens to the US, that is already under heavy burdens in supporting its proxy war in Ukraine.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Nikkei Asia’s report, full text of which may be viewed at https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Indo-Pacific/U.S.-deploys-ships-and-planes-near-Taiwan-as-Pelosi-eyes-visit?mc_cid=7534a8754f&mc_eid=53c15ce542.

2 Comments on “What May Be China’s Response to Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit”

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  2. Steve says:

    US military under the name of technical advisers are working with Taiwan military, altho not openly displayed. If China unifies Taiwan by military force, the US navy will not open fire in retaliation because the US Navy has nowhere to retreat, it’s a small fleet of floating bathtubs waiting to be sunk by PLAN. US simply don’t have the firepower. Unless the Indian navy intervene with its newly commissioned faulty carrier the Vicunt …?


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