China Building Six Kinds of World-Class Submarine Simultaneously

Recently, the website of US World Politics Review published an article titled “China’s Naval Modernization: The Implications of Seapower”, stating that China is speeding up its navy modernization to build an increasingly strong force on the sea. According to the article, China is building six different classes of submarine with world first-class technologies.

It is worth noticing that China has very advanced noise reduction technology for its conventional submarines to enable its conventional submarine fleet to rank among the best in the world

It is said that China’s 039B submarine is the type of Chinese navy’s submarine commissioned most recently. The submarine is capable of long-distance detection, tracking and attack with integrated control of its various kinds of weapons under centralized command throughout a battle. In addition, that new type of submarine generates much lower noise so that it can remain hidden while detecting and striking its targets.

The article says that at first China reduced the number of its warships to improve their quality. However, now Chinese navy is growing in both size and quality. It is expected that by 2020 there will be tremendous growth in Chinese navy both in number and quality.

According to the article, one of China’s greatest advantages in recent years is its ability to allocate lots of resources to its projects for national security, infrastructure and research and developments of technology. State leaders are facing unprecedented fierce competition for resources. They have to satisfy the demand for the production of missiles and space and electronic products in addition to that for production of most advanced defense products by Chinese shipyards that are making various kinds of modern submarines and warships.

Source: “US media: PLA is building six classes of submarines with first class technology in the world” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)