Bank sub-branch managers embezzleed US$8.7 million

Singtao Daiy says that Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) has concluded a mediation agreement with Huangpi Village, Luogang District and is going to pay the village 47 million yuan (US$8.7 million) as full compensation for the village’s loss caused by to the corruption of ABC Luogang Sub-branch’s manager Zhou Donghua and others.

The prosecutor in the District recently issued a circular on typical cases last year, which discloses that former ABC Luogang Sub-branch manager Zhou Donghua and former customer manager Tang Jianwei were suspected of embezzling land compensation fund about 60 million yuan (US$11.1 million). The two have now been formally prosecuted by Guangzhou prosecutor. At present, ABC has concluded a relevant mediation compensation agreement with Huangpi Village.

According to a report by “South Metropolitan” newspaper, the prosecutor accuses Zhou and Tang for abusing their power of office in the ABC to embezzle the land compensation funds deposited in ABC accounts by one village and three cooperatives amounting to 59.5 million yuan (US$11 million). In the case, 13 village and cooperative cadres were punished separately for taking bribes.


Beijing anti-graft team on trail of casino losses

Beijing has major Macau casinos in its sights as it seeks hard evidence of bribery and money laundering amid a snowballing investigation into Yang Kun, a senior banker in Agricultural Bank of China, and Wang Yaohui, chairman of the closely held property-to-resources conglomerate Zhonghui Guohua Industry Group.

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Bo’s father-in-law and close friend involved in banker’s case

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says in its comprehensive report that Yang Kun, the vice president of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) under investigation by the Central Disciplinary Commission, is said to have huge unaccountable assets and been involved in many cases. Besides the huge loan of 3 billion yuan (US$555 million) to Beijing commercial property project Solana, Yang is suspected to be close to Bo’s father-in-law Lieutenant General Gu Junshan, former deputy director of PLA Logistic Department, and involved in the case of Dalian Shide’s boss Xu Ming, who was closely related to former Chongqing Party boss Bo Xilai.

According to, Yang’s case is found quite complicated through about 10 days’ investigation and there is rumor of his involvements in Xu Ming’s and Gu Junshan’s cases, but no details are given in the report.

Defense Military’s website says Gu has “departed” from his post and some sources say that Gu, who was in charge of capital construction, was removes from his post on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year for economic irregularities.

Xu Ming, chairman of the board of directors of Dalian Shide Group, is said to have been taken away for investigation of his involvement in Bo Xilai’s case. Xu is closely related to Bo and his Shide Group rose when Bo was in charge of Dalian and Liaoning. Some people even regard Xu as the source of Bo’s money.

Sources say that Wang Yaohui’s Beijing commercial property project Sonala has been losing money for years since it went into operation in 2008 and needs lots of funds as it has a large area of land exceeding 11 hectares. Yang is perhaps involved in ABC’s provision of a 10-year property operation loan amounting to about 3 billion yuan.

Last April, rumor about the whereabouts of the loan raised great concern in the ABC and the relevant responsible person told Yang to recover the loan, but Yang delayed the recovery.

People in the banking industry say that the problem is not only the loan alone but also the incidental private transactions. It is said that a certain relative of Yang’s was taken away for investigation not long ago for business transactions with Sonala.

The above-mentioned sources say that since last February, Wang has been taken for investigation by relevant departments several times and found his enthusiasm in excessive gambling and once lost at least 3 billion yuan at a Macau casino. That perhaps triggered the investigation about Yang.

Yang, 54, has worked in the ABC for almost 30 years, was appointed a vice president in 2004 to be in charge of property lending for a long time. He often enjoys food and wine with his customers. High-level sources say that Yang “looks loyal and honest” but is in fact a person who fails to attend his proper duties, but loyal to his friends.

Major Chinese bank’s vice-president detained

According to China’s and Hong Kong’s SCMP, Yang Kun, executive vice-president of Agricultural Bank of China was brought away by the discipline inspection authority to “assist investigation”.

According to SCMP, that has been confirmed by the Bank’s filing yesterday to Hong Kong’s stock exchange.

Sources say one of his relative has also been brought away to receive investigation.

Yang’s case began with his involvement in a Beijing property entrepreneur’s gambling but sources say he is suspected to have lots of other problems.

Quite a few of those familiar with Yang are surprised at the news as Yang was a rising star with the prospects of rising to a top executive post in a major state-owned bank.