Successful Maiden Flight of China’s Mass-produced CH-5 Drone

Maiden flight of China’s mass-produced CH-5 drone. Beijing Daily’s photo

In the afternoon of July 14, China successfully completed maiden flight of its mass-produced Caihong-5 (CH-5) drone at an airport in Hebei Province. It marks the beginning of formal mass production of CH-5 world-first-class advanced drones for both military and civilian purposes.

Since its first appearance in Zhuhai Airshow last year, CH-5 has undergone quite a few improvements. It is now a large reconnaissance-strike drone characterized with long range and duration and heavy fire power.

It has a wingspan of 21 meters with a maximum takeoff weight of 3,300 kg. It can carry a maximum load of 1,000 kg on its wings so that it can carry 8 AR-1 missiles. Its maximum range and duration are respectively 10,000 km and 60 hours with a ceiling of 7,600 m. It can stay in air for 30 hours even when it carries 8 AR-1 missiles.
With such wonderful functions, CH-5 can be used for 24-hour reconnaissance, monitoring, inspection, patrol, accurate positioning and strike of targets and assessment of the results of attack. It is, therefore, a real heavy sniper able to detect and immediately attack ground or sea targets within 2,000 km.

For civilian use, it is able to conduct resources exploration, marine ecology and environment protection, disaster monitoring and relief, inspection of activities in sea areas and islands, marine rights maintenance and law enforcement, etc.

Due to such wonderful functions and performance, users in lots of countries are interested in CH-5 even before the commencement of its mass production.

Source: Beijing Daily “Maiden flight of China’s mass-produced Caihong-5 drone: How advanced are its functions and performance?” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)