Mercury-laced milk goods, one more food scandal – Yili recalls mercury-laced milk goods

SCMP says, “Dairy giant the Yili Group yesterday recalled some baby formula products after ‘abnormal’ levels of mercury were found.


“The firm said it issued the recall after the national food-safety watchdog made the discovery in its All Excellent line of milk powder on Tuesday.


“The recall was made despite the lack of national standards on mercury content in milk powder, the firm said.”

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SCMP: Spacemen’s diet, bitter reminder of food safety problems – Spacemen’s diet hard to stomach

Reports of the care that goes into the food astronauts aboard the Shenzhou IX will eat is a bitter reminder to many of authorities’ neglect of general food safety


While there are plenty of unknowns involved in being launched into space, at least astronauts can take comfort in knowing the food is among the best their nation has to offer.


According to a mainland media report, authorities control almost every detail of the food supply for astronauts. Each manned space flight costs billions of yuan and having an astronaut falling ill because of a stomach bug could have severe consequences on the mission.

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Official: Lack of integrity, root cause of food hazards

Ming Pao reports that Liu Peizhi, deputy director of the State Council Food Safety Office, says that lack of integrity is the root cause for food hazards and that it is necessary to enhance integrity in the society and build up a democratic legal system.

He says, failure to eliminate incidents of bad food such as melamine, Beta-adrenergic agonist and “gutter” oil in spite of repeated banning efforts reveals that lack of integrity is the root cause of food hazards.

He believes that enterprises’ integrity is the internal guarantee for achieving food safety while supervision by the society is the external restraint to enhance integrity in enterprises. Integrity and self-discipline are the foundation for the healthy development of an enterprise as well as the internal cause in ensuring food safety. Only when enterprises comply with discipline and law, operate with integrity and impose strict discipline on themselves can food safety be guaranteed.

However, under the circumstances where food industry grows rapidly, foundation for food safety is weak and the inspection and regulatory system has to be further improved and perfected, the costs of insincerity and dishonesty are relatively too low and the gains from violation of law are relatively too high. It is difficult to avoid that some enterprises that lack sense of responsibility and awareness of the law may be seduced by high profits, become willing to take chance and disregard moral principles in pursuing profits, Therefore, in order to ensure food safety, the mechanism of external restraint must be perfected, supervision and regulation must be continuously strengthened, and the whole society must be mobilized to participate in doing so as to converge the strength of all the various parties.

CCTV popular culinary show rouses anger at food scandals

SCMP’s Raymond Li says, “A new documentary series on Chinese cuisine airing on CCTV has set food lovers abuzz over the nation’s rich culinary history, while inadvertently raising a new level of disgust over the seemingly endless food safety scandals.”

While being proud of China’s culinary tradition, netizens express disgust with CCTV’s failure to also highlight public concerns over tainted food.

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Harmful Addictive Food Additive on sale in Nanjing, China

Jiangsu Satellite TV reports that there is a pork additive on sale in Nanjing called “King of Kings of Pork Seasoning” that gives stewed pork a special flavor, but is addictive like poppy.

A chef told the reporter the additive was banned by law and he never ate pork seasoned with such additive, but the boss of the store selling it argued that the additive was up to the standards and he could produce the document of approval for it.

According to Prof. Mo Baoqing of Nanjing Medical University, the food additive is a very complicated mixture of synthetic chemicals so far not governed by national food safety standards or the standards on use of food additives. It is entirely possible for the additive to be addictive as it contains lots of salt, gourmet powder and other seasoning chemicals. He frankly said that long-term use of synthetic food additive is certainly harmful to health.

Be on your guard when you have a plate of very delicious pork with a special flavor at a Chinese restaurant. – Coca-Cola apology for contaminated drinks – Coca-Cola apology as drinks canned

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