China and India Wise in Avoiding Border War

India must be praised that it withdrew its troops from Doklam on its own while Chinese border troops keep on their patrols there according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at the ministry’s routine press conference. Hua reiterated that Chinese border troops were continuing their patrols in the area.

Reuters says in its report “China says weather a factor in building roads along disputed India border” yesterday, “Neither country has offered explicit details of the terms of disengagement from the area which had raised fears of a wider conflict between the Asian giants who fought a brief border war in 1962.”

There has indeed been much speculation that the standoff there will lead to a war, but I predicted in my post that there would not be a war as Chinese leaders are not so stupid as to start a war with India (see my posts “China Stupid if It Started a Border War with India” on August 12 and “China Wise to Find Peaceful Solution to Border Standoff with India” yesterday).

However, there remains the question whether India wants to start a war with China to retaliate its defeat in 1962. The answer is clear to everyone. No, India dare not do so. Its defeat has made India living in constant fear of Chinese attack. That is why in spite of its lack of financial resources it has been conducting an arms race with China and kept on boasting its military strength to ease its own fear but scare no one.

Good neighborly relations may bring lots of benefits to both India and China; therefore, if China starts and wins one more war with India, it will only enhance India’s fear which remains so strong after decades of India’s defeat The war will make it even more difficult to restore the mutual trust between the two great nations that prevailed for years before India’s defeat.

The peaceful solution of the border standoff proves that both India and China have wise leaders now. India and Pakistan have both joined China- and Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which proves their desire for win-win cooperation within the organization. I believe through China and Russia’s efforts, India may overcome its fear of China and enmity against Pakistan and become China and Pakistan’s friends. After all win-win cooperation is much better than tension and war.

A very simple and clear example is the construction of oil and gas pipelines through Pakistan to enable India to have easy and safe access to oil and gas from the Middle East. If India maintains its high growth rate, it may become world’s top importer of oil and gas.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuter’s report, full text of which can be viewed at: