Terror under Tiger Moms and Wolf Dads

According to today’s Hong Kong English newspaper SCMP, two 12-year old girls committed suicide in Fujian Province, China. One of them did so because she had “lost a remote control for a rolling shutter door at her house and was afraid of being punished”. Obviously, she lived under the terror of the punishment by a tiger mom or wolf dad or both. The other girl, her close friend, did so as she did not want her friend to die alone. Perhaps, she knew the terror of punishment and did not lead a happy life. Otherwise, she would not have torn herself away from her loving parents and happiness.

Tiger mothers and wolf fathers, please, please, please, give your children a happy childhood! At least, do not let your children live in terror!

Ambitious or Abusive Father?

It was snowing. A boy 4-year old in nothing but underpants was shivering in a cold street. The freezing temperature was especially severe due to the high humidity. “Run,” he was urged by a stern voice. He began to run but soon stopped. “Do push-ups,” was a further order. The boy put his small hands on the snow, started to do push-ups but he soon fell on the snow.

A passerby ran over, held up the boy, wrapped the boy in his coat and brought the boy into the nearest store to keep him warm. He was followed by some other passersby and a young man. The young man said, “Give me back my son.” “Are you really his father? How could you treat your son so cruelly?” asked the passerby.

“I am his father. I can do whatever I want to him. Mind your own business.” The young man tried to hit the passerby with his fist but was stopped by another passerby. They called the police and accused him of abusing his son.

It was found that the boy’s mother died a few months ago and his father was the only relative to take care of him. However, being a drug addict, the father hated his son and often beat him. That nude exercise in the snow was his new way to abuse his son.

Social workers later found loving foster parents for the boy, but it took years to cure the trauma caused by his sufferings. The boy used to have nightmare of running in underpants in the snow, drowning in icy water, etc. His foster mother had to sleep by his side to wake him and hold him in her arms when he had such a nightmare. Having lived in a loving family for quite a few years, he seemed to have been cured from the trauma and grew up into a normal teenager.

Now there is a Chinese ambitious loving father who gives himself the title of eagle father. He applied the abusive father’s method to make his son a super boy. What has he achieved? Has he imbued his son with courage, fortitude or unflinching willpower? No, the child has been made to fear that experience and never wants to endure such hardship again. Perhaps, he will have nightmares similar to the abused boy.