China Will Soon Complete Building Its First Floating Nuclear Reactor

SCMP says in its report “China close to completing first offshore nuclear reactor” today, “China’s first offshore nuclear reactor is set to be completed soon, engineers involved in the project said, bolstering Beijing’s maritime ambitions and stoking concerns about the potential use of atomic power in disputed island territories.

This blogger has some posts about China’s plan to build floating nuclear power plant for power supply on its artificial islands. He has also posted a design of China’s floating island with power supply from floating power station.

The report quotes Zhang Nailiang, engineer with the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, as saying that the technology was mature and the first demonstration project would be deployed soon at drilling platforms in northern China’s Bohai Sea.

As for when the floating nuclear power plant will be built and put into operation, the report says Zhang “declined to give an exact date, saying only that it would be ready well before 2020.”

This blogger said in his posts that China would develop tourism on its artificial islands but there must first be power supply there. The successful development of floating power plant will enable China to attain that goal.

Moreover, it makes possible for China to build floating island in the oceans for tourism and turn them into military bases in war.

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China Sets up Joint Venture to Build Floating Nuclear Reactor

Yongshu Reef (Fiery Cross Reef) airport needs lots of electric power along with other facilities on the artificial island. Photo: CCTV news

SCMP says in its report “Securing power in the South China Sea: Beijing’s plans for floating nuclear reactors get US$150 million boost”, “State-owned China National Nuclear Power announced on Thursday it was establishing the new company – with registered capital of one billion yuan (US$150 million) – in cooperation with Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power, Shanghai Guosheng Group, Jiangnan Shipyard and Shanghai Electric.”

As China’s major shipyard Jiangnan Shipyard is a party to the joint venture, there is speculation that the joint venture will build floating nuclear reactors for China’s artificial islands on the South China Sea.

SCMP says, “In a separate notice the state power giant said the new company will also seek to promote the development of nuclear-powered vessels.”

Floating power station is certainly nuclear-powered so that the notice proves the above speculation. However, the nuclear-powered vessels may well be nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and other powerful warships.

Anyway, the new joint venture with the huge investment proves that China is making great efforts to provide nuclear power for its warships, islands and exploitation of maritime resources, etc.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at