China’s United Front and US Isolation Grow in Asia

Japan is America’s closest ally in Asia. Its Prime Minister Abe has made great efforts to help former US President Obama establish the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to contain China. However, Obama’s successor President Trump, though is trying hard to contain China with trade war now, scrapped TPP as soon as he was inaugurated in spite of Abe’s great efforts in trying to persuade Trump not to do so.

Moreover, Trump has been pressuring Japan to make trade concessions to the US in order to reduce US trade deficit with Japan.

He has thus pushed Japan into China’s arms. According to Reuters’ report “China, Japan to forge closer ties at ‘historic turning point’” on October 25, Abe is now making great efforts to improve relations with China that he previously tried hard to contain and will make efforts to make Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) a reality, which China takes the lead to form in order to counter Obama’s TPP.

There were also Reuters’ reports “Pakistan PM Khan, in search of loans, to visit China next week” and “Iran to boost oil supplies to China in October-November: Rosneft CEO” the same day on Pakistan seeking financial aids from China and Chinese purchase of Iran’s oil to help Iran deal with US sanctions.

However, the most disappointing Reuters’ news for the US on that day is “India aim to hold army drills in China by end of year”. Due to the border dispute between China and India, the US has tried hard to have India join its quad of the US, Japan, Australia and India to counter China. However, India refused to join the other three of the quad in their military drill. On the contrary has been planning to conduct military drill jointly with China that the US wants it to contain.

What India, Japan, Iran and Pakistan have been doing proves that the US is risking being entirely isolated in Asia while China is successful in forming a united front in Asia to counter US hegemony.

What diplomacies!

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Is the US Pushing Turkey into China’s Arms?

China’s Belt and Road international connection plan has already achieved connection to Iran through Pakistan and through Iran to the Middle East. If Turkey is included in China’s Belt and Road, China will have land connection with Europe through Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. That is why China’s top diplomat says that China supports Turkey’s efforts to safeguard stability according to Reuters’ report yesterday.

Turkey’s instability has been caused by the US and its European allies. It provides chance for China to take Turkey into its arms.

In my previous posts, I said that China is not rich and powerful enough to be world leader, but now the US is pursuing isolation and pushing its allied into China’s arms why shall China not take over?

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The US Pushing Iran into China and Russia’s Arms

While beginning a trade war with China and opposing US President Trump’s attempt of détente with Russia, according toe Reuters’ report “Iran should turn to Russia, China after Bolton nomination: senior MP” yesterday, the US is pushing Iran into China and Russia’s arms. According to the report, Iran believes that US appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser means tougher US stance towards Iran. To counter that Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, told ISNA news agency,“Americans are pushing for harder policies toward the Islamic Republic of Iran and we need to strengthen our view toward the East, especially China and Russia,”

Iran is a major power in the Middle East. India, one of US quad, has been trying hard to win over Iran, but the US is pushing Iran into China and Russia’s arms, leaving not only the US but also India isolated in Asia.

Russia’s Eurasia Union is trying hard to cooperate with China’s Belt and Road. China’s Belt and Road is very successful in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Japan has shown great interest in Belt and Road and wants to have ASEAN + 3 free trade arrangement earnestly. Now Iran has already had quite a few Belt and Road projects economically and is anxious to join China and Russia in countering the US politically. As a result, India will try hard to mend fence with China. It seems that an Asian Union will soon be a reality thanks for US pursuit of isolation.

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