Release of Henan knife attack video stirs controversy

SCMP reports: “Police have released shocking security footage of the brutal attack on primary schoolchildren in Henan less than a week after the attack by a knife-wielding man left 23 pupils injured. The video has caused further outcry among China’s netizens, who blame the school for failing to protect the students. Some also question whether it’s appropriate for the government to release the video.

“The attack happened on Friday when the suspect, identified by the police as Min Yongjun, stormed into a primary school in Chenpeng village in central Henan and attacked the pupils.

“The video clip shows students fleeing after the knife-wielding man stormed in stabbing victims along the way.”

I am sorry I do not know how to download the footage. I can dub or interpret the footage into English but do not know how to incorporate the dubbing or interpretation into the footage and upload the footage in my post.

The full text and the footage can be found at SCMP website at:

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China: Knifeman in Henan attacks primary school children

SCMP reports: “A knife-wielding man attacked 22 children and a woman at a primary school in central China yesterday.

“Police detained the suspect, who attacked the children at the entrance of the Chenpeng village Primary School in Guangshan county, Henan, at 7.40am.

“All the injured were taken to local hospitals and at least two of them, one pupil and an 85-year-old woman, were in serious condition, Xinhua quoted local police as saying. The elderly woman and most of the injured children suffered head wounds, the agency said.

“The suspect was identified as Min Yingjun, a 36-year-old fellow villager. He was apprehended by police shortly after the attack, local authorities said. His motive was not clear.”

“Xinhua and the China News Service said Min was suffering from a mental disorder, quoting villagers and local officials.

“There have been several similar attacks in recent years.”

For details, please visit SCMP website at: