Ignore North Korea’s Bluffing and Treat It with Contempt

About 30 years ago, my daughter got a beautiful Tibetan terrier but had no idea that the small dog was a bellicose dog. He would challenge to a fight any other dog he met no matter how big the other dog was. I liked his bravery, but did not want to see him fighting; therefore, I used to hold him up when he went near another dog. However, when he met a really big dog such as a German shepherd dog, I did not hold him up because every time he met a dog so big, the big dog just held him in contempt and ignored his fierce barking as if he had not existed.

North Korea is poor and weak. It is unable even to feed its troops let alone its people. When it challenges the United States, it is like my tiny dog challenging a lion. However, it was not held in contempt but regarded as a real threat. US media naturally exaggerated the threat due to its thirst for sensational news. Why shall American politicians also feel seriously threatened and regard North Korea as one of their priorities. Is America a lion with a weak heart?

They say that it is because North Korea has a small number of atomic bombs and some carrier missiles. Atomic bomb is the technology of the 1940s. Any country with the limited resources similar to what North Korea has can produce it now nearly 70 years after it was invented. America shall not be taken in by North Korea’s nuclear blackmail. It shall know very clearly that North Korea’s Kim regime is now on the verge of collapse.

In its New Year report, North Korea’s Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) said, “The food problem is a burning issue in building a thriving country” and urged various Party organizations to “resolve that problem to prove their loyalty.”

Obviously exacerbation of this decade-old “food problem” to a burning extent reveals those organizations’ failure to “prove their loyalty” to the regime.

The lack of loyalty is further revealed in KCNC’s quote of the New Year editorial jointly carried by three North Korean newspapers that “The whole party, the entire army and all the people should possess a firm conviction that they will become human bulwarks and human shields in defending Kim Jong-un,” Kim Join-il’s successor. Certainly, North Korean people do not possess such a firm conviction, or they would not be urged to have such loyalty.

A dynasty that cannot feed its people of course has a pressing need for the loyalty of its people, but how can it get such loyalty. Its trick is to create tension to fool its people that they are under the threat of invasion from America and South Korea so that the people need the protection of the regime. American media and politicians’ response to North Korea’s bluffing gave Kim Jong-il spotlight and thus make him a star worshiped by North Korean communists. What they shall do is precisely the contrary: ignore the bluffing and treat North Korea with contempt as if it did not exist.

They must be clearly aware that America has the capability to destroy North Korea thoroughly if North Korea dares to use its atomic bombs to attack any country; therefore, the Kim regime dare not really use the bombs. As for conventional weapons, North Korea lags far behind even China. Kim Jong-il visited China several times for supply of weapons but failed to get what he wanted. North Korea can be defeated within a week by South Korea with the help of American advanced air force and navy if it invades South Korea with conventional weapons. China will not be so foolish as to help North Korea again as Mao, the warlike tyrant, died long ago. Remember, Mao sent troops into Korea in spite of the opposition of all other Chinese leaders.