Chinese Defense Ministry: Filipino Marines’ Water, Food Supplies Will Not Be Cut Off

Photo of Filipino wrecked warship taken by a Chinese helicopter

Photo of Filipino wrecked warship taken by a Chinese helicopter

At a routine press conference of the Defense Ministry on May 30, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng gave replies to reporters’ questions.

Reporter: There has been media report that in early May, the Philippines sent a warship to Renai Shoal in an attempt to do some piling to strengthen the dilapidated landing warship that it wrecked at the Renai Shoal in 1999 and increase its military presence at Renai Shoal in case there is any opportunity. Later Chinese marine surveillance ships and warships went to patrol the sea area around the Renai Shoal. Would you please tell us how Filipino military actions at the Renai Shoal will be dealt with? Moreover, a Filipino official said today that the Chinese warships converged at the South China Sea area around the Renai Shoal will cut off Filipino military personnel’s supplies of water and food. Please confirm.

Geng Yansheng: China has undisputable sovereignty over the Nansha (Spratly) Islands and the sea areas near them. China is entirely justified to have its navy warships patrol the sea areas under its jurisdiction.

In 1999, on the excuse of stranding, the Philippines illegally wrecked a warship at the Renai Shoal of China’s Nansha Islands. China took up the matter with the Philippines sternly and demanded that the Philippines tow away the warship. However, the Philippines ignored China’s solemn stand and its own promise and attempted to intensify its illegal presence and illegally occupy the Renai Shoal. By so doing, it has seriously violated China’s sovereignty over its territory and the “Declaration on the Code of Conduct on the South China Sea”

It is necessary to make clear that Philippines side’s allegation has no support of fact at all. Chinese government’s and military’s determination and will to safeguard the country’s sovereignty over its territory is firm and unshakable. We are firmly against any act taken by a relevant party to complicate and worsen the situation.

Source: “Defense Ministry’s reply: China will not cut off Filipino marines’ supply of water and food at Renai Shoal” (translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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