Media Articles after Articles to Mobilize People’s Trade War with the US

SCMP’s report “Expect ‘deep structural change’ in ties between China and US, senior adviser says” today with the subtitle “State media commentary calling for ‘strategic confidence’ to deal with trade war pressure a clear sign Beijing expects fight to intensify, according to analysts” tells us Beijing’s determination to fight its trade war to the bitter end, but fail to indicate that CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily’s commentaries after commentaries and articles after articles aim at national mobilization of people to fight a people’s trade war with the US.

You could precisely found such commentaries and articles for mass mobilization at the beginning of Korean War, in which lots of civilians kept watching US warplanes’ destruction of the roads on hills at very cold nights to send signal to trucks to hide in caverns when US aircrafts came and lots of civilians on duty at night in caverns came out to repair road destructed and remove time bombs and obstacles dropped by US air force. CCP’s people’s war ensured the supplies for Chinese troops long away in the front to defeat much better equipped US troops.

Why did the most advanced and riches nation in the world was defeated by very poor and backward China? China had popular support that the US lacked.

Will the US repeat its failure due to sad lack of popular support? Let’s wait and see.

All analysis about economies etc. are irrelevant. As Mencius teaches us, popular support is the key factor in a war.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be viewed at

War against People v. People’s War in US-China Trade War

We learnt from Washington Post’s report “Trump makes bizarre claim that tariffs will help pay down the massive U.S. debt” that Trump is happy that by tariff hikes on Chinese exports to the US the US get some income for paying down its huge debt.

The report makes clear that the tariffs will be paid by US consumers instead of Chinese exporters. As most of Chinese exports to the US are cheep goods of daily necessity, the high tariffs will mostly be paid by people with lower income.

Trump has reduced tax to benefit the rich and now he is increasing tax on the poor. He has turned US democracy into a system that robs the poor to enrich the rich.

Therefore, his trade war is a war against American people.

On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is used to mobilize all the people in fighting a war, which it calls people’s war.

Due to Chinese people’s patriotism, people’s war enabled poorly equipped Chinese troops to defeat the most advanced troops of the United States in Korean War.

Even in peace time, such people’s war is quite powerful. Chinese people’s opposition to the deployment of THAAD in South Korea caused them to boycott South Korea goods and tourism.

Now, according to Reuters’ report “China state media attacks Trump on trade in unusually harsh terms” yesterday, CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily published an editorial to attack Trump in harsh terms for his trade war. That is a call to mobilize China’s people’s war against the US.

US tourism and education will suffer first. Chinese scientists and engineers will work hard to excel in technology due to their patriotism.

According to China’s sage Mencius, popular support is the most important factor in winning a war, Chinese media is publishing news and editorials to rally people’s support, while Trump is imposing tax burdens on American people to rouse American people’s opposition to his trade war.

It is now very clear who will win the war.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ and Washington Post’s reports, full text of which has been reblogged by him yesterday.