China Second to US in Getting Mini Atomic Spin Gyroscope Technology

Structure of a common gyroscope

Structure of a common gyroscope

Gyroscope of high accuracy, small size and cost is indispensable for positioning and navigation. Mini atomic spin gyroscope based on quantum precision measuring is a revolutionary new technology for such gyroscope.

Recently Beijing Automatic Control Equipment Research Institute has made breakthrough in such technology and thus make China the second country in the world in that technological area. It has reduced the technological gap between China and the US to seven years from ten.

With that technology, China has obtained new capability in seamless positioning navigation with no limit of space and time or reliance on satellite.

Source: Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology website “China has made breakthrough in mini atomic spin gyroscope technology: Only China and the US have such technology” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)