SCMP: Actions of HK Diaoyu Activists ‘Harmed China’

SCMP reports: “Provocative moves by Hong Kong protesters strained ties between Beijing and Tokyo, says People’s Daily’s partner news website in Japan


“The head of People’s Daily’s Japan-based partner news website says the actions of the Hong Kong activists who landed on the disputed Diaoyu Islands have ‘harmed’ China by fuelling Sino-Japanese tensions.


“Han Xiaoqing, bureau chief for the Ri Zhong Xin Wen online paper, revealed this stance in an article titled ‘Hong Kong Diaoyu activists landed in the Diaoyus – Are they patriotic or harming the country?’


“The article, published on the website last week, was posted yesterday on the online version of Global Times (a state-run newspaper) before the post was blocked later in the day.”


“Han wrote that Beijing’s most urgent strategic goal was to build economic strength rather than to seize control of the Diaoyus, which are known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan.”


“‘These so-called Diaoyu protectors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland have time and again been arrested and detained on the islands … [This] sends a signal that is very unfavourable to China: Japan is effectively controlling the Diaoyus,’ she said.”

“Global Times initially said Han was People’s Daily’s Japan bureau chief, but it clarified last night that she was in charge of the partner publication.”

via – Actions of HK Diaoyu activists ‘harmed China’.