SCMP: Web Rumours about Slain Fugitive Just Will Not Die

SCMP’s Mimi Lau in Guangzhou: “Police in Chongqing have been hard pressed to clarify mounting rumours surrounding their gunning down of suspected multiple killer and serial robber Zhou Kehua.


“Controversy about the case of Zhou, who was suspected of at least 10 murders during his eight years on the run, continues a week after Chongqing police shot him dead.


“For days, the city’s police have faced criticism from internet users for refusing to release full-frontal pictures that positively identify Zhou’s body. This has fuelled more rumours, the latest being that the man who died in the Chongqing alley in the early morning gun battle with two police officers was not Zhou.”


This once more shows people’s lack of trust in the authority.

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SCMP’s Mimi Lau reports from Guangzhou: “The fugitive who triggered one of the largest police manhunts in years would regularly exchange text messages and phone calls with his 20-year-old girlfriend about robberies he planned to stage.




“The detail was one of many to emerge yesterday about Zhou Kehua, who was suspected of killing at least 10 people in a robbery and shooting spree since 2004.




“One of the victims was a People’s Liberation Army guard, who was shot in 2009.




“The manhunt ended when Zhou was shot dead by police in Chongqing on Tuesday morning, according to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.




“Citing police sources, CCTV said Zhou, 42, would discuss plans with his girlfriend – who is now under police detention – before staging each robbery.




“Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po identified the girlfriend as Zhang Guiying, who was from Yibin, in Sichuan province, and now residing in Chongqing.




“On Monday, Zhou reportedly sent Zhang a text message saying last Friday’s robbery did not yield much money and he was plotting a second one for Tuesday,”




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via – Slain fugitive told lover about heists.

Cold-Blooded Serial Killer Cornered and killed –

Global Times’ Yang Jinghao reports from Chongqing: “Frenzied serial killer Zhou Kehua was shot dead by police in Chongqing Tuesday morning after a massive four-day manhunt. While local police celebrate the victory, many questions remain unanswered.


“The wanted fugitive was shot four times at 6:50 am at Tongjiaqiao in Shapingba district, in the western part of the city, according to the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB).


“Cash, two guns, and three ammunition cartridges including 62 bullets were found on Zhou.


“DNA and fingerprint tests have confirmed the identity of Zhou, and checks on the guns and cartridge cases also showed that the guns were the ones used in the previous killings in Chongqing, Jiangsu and Hunan provinces, said the bureau.


“The killer was spotted by plainclothes police Zhou Jin and Wang Xiaoyu as he was making a phone call at 6:40 am near Tongjiaqiao and was then followed.


“‘We were not 100 percent sure it was Zhou Kehua as he didn’t use a cellphone according to the information in our possession,” Zhou Jin told reporters afterwards.


“Zhou Kehua suddenly turned around toward the two policemen and muttered something to himself when they followed him into an alley, said Zhou Jin.


“We were ready to draw our guns after sensing danger, then Zhou Kehua began to shoot at us,” said Zhou Jin, adding that he hid himself behind a power pole and Wang stood against a wall.


“Zhou Kehua fired three shots toward them, causing no injuries, and the two officers let off two rounds each to ‘annihilate him.’”


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Cornered and killed –

SCMP: Serial Armed Robber Suspected in Chongqing Killing

SCMP reports: “Chongqing authorities put up a reward of 500,000 yuan ($78,500) to track down a serial armed robber suspected of gunning down three people outside a bank in the southwestern municipality yesterday.


“A woman was killed and a man severely injured after being shot in the neck in front of a Bank of China branch in Shapingba district at 9.30am. It is believed they were a couple and had just left the bank.


“A bank security guard was shot in the arm while trying to chase the killer, who snatched the woman’s handbag.


“‘The victims were lying on the street in blood,’ Gong Xiaolu, 26, who lives nearby, said. ‘I heard they withdrew only 20,000 yuan ($3,140) in cash. It was really scary.’


“Police identified the suspect as 42-year-old Zhou Kehua, a Chongqing native. They said Zhou was believed to have killed and injured a dozen people in Hunan, Jiangsu and Chongqing since 2004, and to have robbed them of a huge amount of money.”


“Some Chongqing residents commented ironically on microblogging websites, lamenting worsening public safety in the city once famous for its anti-crime campaign, led by disgraced former party chief Bo Xilai and former police chief Wang Lijun. One microblogger wrote: ‘I don’t care about politics. We Chongqing people only know that after they were gone, gangsters started coming back and the city is no longer safe.’”

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11 mysterious missing men killed by a serial killer, Yunnan police

According to SCMP’s Sterphen Chen’s report in Yunnan Province, Police confirmed the death of 11 young men mysteriously missing. The killer has been identified and Stephen Chen says, “The Central government says it plans to severely penalize local officials whose professional negligence left a 56-year-old suspect at large for several years.”

For details of the report, please visit SCMP at:

‘Murder’ mystery: Officials removed, SCMP

SCMP’s Stephen Chen reports: Two senior officials have been suspended in Jinning county, Kunming after a month-long probe into the mysterious disappearance of more than a dozen young people.

A person named Zhang is suspected to be a serial killer of the crime. For details, please visit SCMP at: