SCMP: Drones Part of Plan to Patrol Coastal Areas

SCMP reports: “Civilian maritime authority says 11 bases will be home to UAVs with high-definition cameras


“The civilian maritime authority has announced plans to set up a series of bases, from which it will conduct drone-surveillance flights along the Pacific coast of China.


“The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) would establish 11 sites in coastal provinces to store and launch unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with at least one drone located at each facility, said SOA division chief Yu Qingsong, according to Xinhua.”


“While details about the scale and schedule of the project were unclear, an SOA newspaper, China Ocean News, said on Monday that the drones would use high-definition cameras to monitor illegal land reclamation, sand dredging and other changes in the maritime environment.”

via – Drones part of plan to patrol coastal areas.

PLA ships seen testing drones in Pacific Ocean

According to SCMP: Chinese vessels staged drills with unmanned aerial vehicles, Japan‘s Defence Ministry says

It says more Chinese naval ships have been seen near Okinawa, with some staging drills involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) able to carry missiles and conduct surveillance that analysts say is crucial for China to expand its maritime power.

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