Successful first flight of China’s Fifth-Generation J-31 Fighter

The report today by entitled “Milestone! Warmly Congratulate the Successful First Flight of China’s AMF Fighter provides 14 photos of the aircraft and its accompanied J-11BS aircrafts.

Captions of the 14 photos

1. According to the information provided by staff of at the site, at 10.31amOctober 31, 2012, the AMF fifth-generation aircraft developed by AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation successfully carried out its first flight. China has thus become the second country in the world that carries simultaneously test flights of the prototypes of two types of fifth-generation aircrafts. Previously only the United States is simultaneously developing two fifth-generation aircrafts, F-22 and F-35

2.     According the information provided by the net friends of, at 10.32am today, the second type of China’s stealth AMF fighter took off. Accompanied by two J-11BS aircrafts, the AMF fighter flew around the airport.

3.     The same as photo 2.

4.     According the information provided by the net friends of, at 10.32am today, the second type of China’s stealth AMF fighter took off.

5.     The J-11BS aircrafts in charge of accompanying the AMF fighter on the day of the first flight.

6.     One of the J-11BS aircrafts in charge of accompanying the AMF fighter on the day of the first flight.

7.     One of the J-11BS aircrafts in charge of accompanying the AMF fighter on the day of the first flight.

8.     The same as Photo 2.

9.     AMF fifth-generation fighter.

At 10.38am, the AMF fifth-generation aircraft flew around the airport at low attitude. At 10.42am, the AMF fifth-generation fighter landed.

10.   AMF fifth-generation fighter.

On October 30, Lin Zuoming, chairman of the board, and Li Yuhai, deputy general manager of the AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation went to the speed test center of the company to inspect the work there. They listened to the report on the development of relevant key projects, enquired in detail into the progress of the construction of the new test manufacture center. They expressed solicitude and appreciation to the staff and workers in the test center for their important contributions in the work of research and development for the projects.

11, 12, 13 and 14.   AMF fifth-generation fighter.

Note: It is still unknown whether the new stealth aircraft will be named J-21 or J-31. It is referred to a AMF fighter in this report.

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Migrant workers use internet ‘press conferences’ to fight for back pay

SCMP reports: “Migrant workers pursuing bosses for back pay on the mainland have to be creative, given their low odds of success in petitions and lawsuits.

“Some have taken to prayer, some have arranged for their children to protest on the streets and – in the latest tactic – some have starred in mock government press conferences, with the videos posted on the internet.

“When Quan Wenhua was asked to appear in such a video five months ago to ask her former boss’ business partner to come up with her back pay, she did not expect to become famous. All she knew was that it might help her get the 20,000 yuan (US$3,140) she was owed.

“She is one of more than 100 workers who have been waiting for four years to be paid for their part in building a cemetery in Tianjin’s Hangu district in 2007 and 2008. Their employer, contractor Hei Jinhe, said he was unable to pay them because he had not received payment from the developers – the local funeral affairs administration and an associated company.

“In order to get the money, Hei took a friend’s advice and decided to make a video and put it on the internet in the hope of arousing public attention.”

“In the four-minute video, Quan, using the pseudonym Miao Cuihua, stammered out an imitation of a foreign-ministry spokesman’s speech, urging the Hangu Funeral Affairs Administration to pay 13.8 million yuan (US$2.16 million) to Hei – 3.5 million yuan (US$550,000) of which was owed to his workers.”

“To increase the heat on Hangu’s Civil Affairs Administration, which oversees the funeral bureau and on October 10 denied the accusations in the video, a friend of Hei’s arranged for Quan to show up at a real press conference in Beijing on October 19.”

“Hei was desperate after taking all reasonable measures available to him. A Tianjin court ruled in 2010 that the funeral affairs administration and its associated company should pay him 12 million yuan (US$1.88 million), but the verdict was ignored and petitions in Tianjin and Beijing proved fruitless.”

“Exposing the problem on the internet had helped, Hei said. The Tianjin court summoned him, the district Civil Affairs Bureau, the funeral affairs administration and its associated company for mediation last Wednesday. ‘The chief judge promised me that the case would definitely be solved soon,’ Hei said.

“Believing that her efforts might bear fruit this time, Quan went to her cousin’s home in Tianjin to wait for her money, instead of going home after the Beijing press conference.”

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Protests over industrial projects a challenge for mainland officials

SCMP reports: “Mainlanders are increasingly taking to the streets in protest over industrial development, a phenomenon analysts say is a serious challenge for local officials.

“In the latest case, big demonstrations in the Zhejiang city of Ningbo successfully halted a plan to expand a Sinopec petrochemical complex.”

“Amid widespread distrust of the city government’s pledge to halt a 55.8-billion-yuan (US$8.76 billion) expansion plan, Ningbo deputy mayor Chen Zhongchao spoke on Monday about the abandoned plan to increase production of toxic paraxylene, known as PX, which was the focus of public protests.

“Widely used in paint and plastics, PX can damage the central nervous system, liver and kidneys if inhaled in large quantities. Chronic exposure may be fatal.”

“The Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said about 200 protesters were injured by police during the rally. More than 70 were temporarily detained.”

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Billionaire company chief Xu Yusho held for alleged railway bribery

SCMP reports: “Invengo Information Technology president Xu Yusho, who is also a member of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, was taken into custody by Shenzhen authorities after a request from the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau in Henan province, prosecutors said late on Monday.

“Xu, 47, ranked in the top 500 of the Hurun Rich List in 2009, with 2.2 billion yuan (US$345 million) in assets.

“Invengo is one of two providers of radio frequency identification tags and readers for the Railways Ministry. The company derived more than half of its revenue from railway contracts in 2010.

“Prosecutors, who made the announcement on their official microblog, said the congress’ Standing Committee approved Xu’s detention on Wednesday.”

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Retired leader Li Peng seeks to show influence ahead of congress

SCMP reports: “Ex-premier and other retired leaders seek the limelight in pre-congress political jockeying

“Former premier Li Peng has thrust himself into the public eye before next week’s party congress by donating 3 million yuan (HK$3.7 million) to a scholarship for poor university students in Yanan, the Communist Party’s old revolutionary base in Shaanxi.

“The source of the money was the proceeds of books Li wrote in retirement, CCTV reported yesterday.

“Li’s public foray came just a few days after his successor, Zhu Rongji, and Vice-Premier Wang Qishan met the advisory board of Tsinghua University’s business school last Wednesday. Zhu is the school’s founding dean; Wang, a front runner for promotion to the Politburo Standing Committee, is an honorary board member.

“Retired leaders traditionally stay out of the limelight, except on politically symbolic events such as National Day. But Li, Zhu and former president Jiang Zemin have re-emerged several times in recent months.”

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Trial Flight of China’s Second Fifth-Generation Aircraft J-31 Soon

China Quickly Develops 2 Types of Fifth-Generalion Aircrafts

Recently, the photo of a  J-31 being fine-tuned for trial flight is posted on the Internet. Some sources say that first flight of J-31 fighter will be carried out in the near future. At present, all preparatory work has been completed. China will soon become a country that conducts trial flights of two types of fifth-generation aircrafts.

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Wen’s Son Authorized Refuting NYT, Further Actions Considered

According to Ming Pao, Lawyer Wang Weidong who represented Wen Jiabao’s family to refute New York Times (NYT) report on the family’s wealth revealed to Ming Pao that they issued the statement with Wen Jiabao’s son’s authorization. Some Beijing lawyers believe that the statement aims at expressing the family’s attitude and there is relatively low possibility of actual lawsuit against NYT.

Wang Weidong confirmed yesterday that he issued the statement after he was authorized by Wen Yunsong. He said that the two lawyers are still reading NYT’s long report. He said, “They have said many things” and that he may issue one more statement if necessary. At the question whether they will sue NYT, Wang said, “It is hard to tell,” and refused to reveal the details. When Wang was interviewed by Wall Street Journal, he also said that consideration is being made on further actions.

The other lawyer Bai Tao has so far given no response to Ming Pao’s e-mail queries.

Hong Lei, spokesman of Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed for the first time yesterday that Wen Jiabao’s family had issued a statement through their lawyers. He said that the Chinese Communist Party has led Chinese people to “obtain glorious achievements”, but there have always some influential people in the world who are unhappy to see China grow stronger and “try any means to smear China and Chinese leaders” in order to sow instability in China.

He said that such schemes were doomed to failure and the Party, government and people will “surmont any interference and steadfastly and bravely march forward on their road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Chinese official media published articles of counterattack against NYT. A signed article on listed NYT’s scandals over the past few years such as plagiary and trainee reporter passing for full-time reporter. The article also quoted an NYT’s loyal reader’s words pointing out that NYT was not trustworthy as it had become a propaganda tool of the government and some consortiums. However, they all said nothing at all about the report of Wen family’s wealth and NYT’s websites remain blocked.

In response to Chinese side’s denouncement, NYT said the day before yesterday that the report on Wen family’s wealth is an example of the paper’s quality investigative journalism and “We are standing by our story”.

There is rumor that foreign media in Beijing have received a very thick report from NYT, giving detailed information about Wen family including their names and investment that has even been certified by some audit institutions. However the reporters stationed in China from quite a few foreign media including Dong Fang of the Voice of America all said they have not received such reports.